“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

The mind virus: memes and mind control.

If you have learned only one thing in this class so far, it is__________ (what is the first thing that comes into your mind?)

How did you learn that thing– what mechanism of learning put that idea in your head? THis thing, is a meme- a memetic device; a tool of mind control.

Here is an idea that got stuck in my head, from last class:

Remember this guy? Here, below, is an internet meme that makes a mockery of MANY social issues:



Well, “Hide yo wife, and hide yo kids,”, because if any idea stuck in your head from last week, your brain got broke into, and the idea is the intruder.

That intruder, is a mechanism called a memetic device, and the idea itself is like a bacteria that grew in your head-like a seed.

And, if you talked about that idea, or expressed that idea to someone else, it is like a transferrable virus.

This is modern mind control, every day CIA stuff, black ops, and trance formation. You have been mind raped, and the seed of the meme has taken root.

Mind control is the holy grail of all mad scientists, Nazi’s, religious cults, and corrupt governments. For the last two millennia, religion was the primary tool of social control, until it was replaced with mass media.

The ability to control what and how people think is one part of the ultimate goal of mass media, but the ability to create the idea, and then to implant the idea into peoples minds is the most tantalizing of all-to use people as objects-as vessels that hold knowledge, and as tools to do the work of these mind controllers- that is the real idea.

In any serious study of pop culture, one cannot dismiss the main criticism of its many products: pop culture and pop profiteers are inarguably, overwhelmingly and dis-proportionately Jewish.

Edward Bernays, a Jewish man, and also a relative of Sigmund Freud, was the godfather of modern mind control. He didn’t invent pop culture, but he did provide the architechture, and describe the machinery of cultural control via mass mediums.

His goal, as a philosopher, and as a writer, was to manipulate entire nations of people, in a new era where religion was losing its power to control.

Bernays and others essentially created the new religion: mass media.

Corporocrats work together with religions, and other dogmas, like communism, and seek social control just like religions, and derive financial benefits from turning us into tool boxes that hold their messages.

However, in corporatocracy, the role of religion is often hidden. While some say that Jews own and control all western media, others argue that this is only part true.

Wherever you go in western culture, those who are in control of the messaging and propaganda delivery systems are overwhelmingly, and nearly without exception, Jewish, pro-Jewish, and sometimes, Christians of one flavor or the other.

And no one who is worth listening to would deny that Hollywood itself is a Jewish racket.

Arguably, the racism, and the stereotyping-the othering-of people that is a staple of all Hollywood fare would be intolerable if the same gross and demeaning images were of Jews.

And, few can disagree that some of the worst racist stereotypes in the history of film come from comedian Adam Sandler, one of the least funny corporocrats that Jewish nepotism ever produced.

Adam Sandler himself is a stereotype: the self absorbed racist Jewish mensch.

So, in the example above with the gay sounding black man- what idea did mass media and corporatocracy implant in your mind?

(You are a winner if you said “Corporatocracy, working closely with religions, wants me to believe that rapists are everywhere, and that I need protection from rapists, rather than protection from religion, and corporate corruption of social narratives. Extra bonus points if you are able to articulate why, exactly, so many Hollywood moguls love gay black men).

What is the main idea that Hollywood and other corporatocrats want in your mind about black men?

Is this meme racist, or just ignorant?

Is this meme racist, or just ignorant? Is this man in the meme African, or Aboriginal?

What is the idea that Mr. Dodson wants you to have in your mind?(Extra points if you know who Mr. Dodson is)

Assignment: describe the process wherein you had an ORIGINAL idea. Then, describe what you did with that idea. Do original ideas become popular?

Are ANY ideas actually original? Why, or why not?


mind control
holy grail
mad scientist
black english
mind rape
broke into
Jewish- Christian/ judeo christian

Links for further study:

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