“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

A Black AND White issue: police killings in America are making purple people a reality.

The Police Are Killing a Lot of White People Also…

There is no small irony in the fact that police brutality is a black and white narrative- or that it is out of control in America- or that they are trying to polarize the issue of systemic corruption in police agencies across this great land.

From the Daily KOS:

This will blow your mind.

Go to this website and do a search.

Any search, any state.

Then read and scroll down the pages.

All the entries list race and many have pictures.  

If you think police shootings are just a black problem, you have another thing coming.



Police have been killing and torturing people here as long as there have been police. And, the culture of policing is corrupt to it’s core-there are no “rogue cops” in an institution of systemic secrecy, brutality, racism, and police unions that corrupt the process.

I bet if cops unions were demolished the same way that truckers unions, vegetable pickers unions, and others were destroyed- I bet workers who actually work for a living might get their unions back. Maybe we could humanize the police psychology.

Purple People: Kelly Thomas went from

Purple People:
Kelly Thomas went from “white” to shades of purple after he was beaten to death with kicks, baton strikes, fists, and more violence by police.

Remember Kelly Thomas*, son of a police oficer, who was literally beaten to death over a period of time lasting nearly ten minutes- beaten to death by cops for the crime of mental illness? It was caught on camera- and the cops walked.

So-every time I hear someone say ” I don’t care if a person is black, white, red, or purple…” I look at it a different way.

But the problem comes when this issue of “privileged narrative” enters the scene-through government, media, official source journalists, and others who hold the power of the ‘narrative’ above our heads as a tool of social control.

And, in America, post civil rights era, Black voices have become-rightfully so- a privileged narrative. Yet sadly, their spokespersons and representatives forget how many white voices spoke for them to get them here in the first place.

When I first encountered the racism of police institutions, it was because I was chained-at each and every juncture of the jail system-to the biggest, angriest black man on the cellblock, each time I was brought in on one fraudulent charge or another over thirty five years. And it only gets worse, this institutional racism, every time we adopt their tools of discourse.

Building a middle class is easy-dole out some privilege and watch the hungry buy in. But building a middle class that is worth participating in? Sometimes, we need to overlook our own privilege, and racism.

  • It is also important to note that as I wrote this, I tried to upload over five photos of Kelly Thomas, from five separate sources- and got errors that I have never seen before in WordPress, or in Google. Along with institutional racism, there is also a pre-screening of  American/ internet dialogues that affects writers and activists.

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