“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

The Bitch is back- in style, with D.N.B from Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey, UFC women’s bantamweight champion, has a flawless 12-0-0 record, after her last win over Corriea, and she could kick my ass anytime, so I won’t call her a bitch anytime soon.


And, she has a new clothing line, based on her slogan Don’t be a do Nothing Bitch.

Out of respect for her chops- and how hard she has worked to be herself in a sea of Do Nothing Bitches, she stands out, and actually fights for her right to party


But some women have trouble with the word bitch- particularly late model, white feminists who never had to actually fight a physical fight for anything- real, actual bitches like Deborah Tannen, of the Georgetown University Word Police:

Deborah Tannen, the Georgetown linguistics professor who once famously compared “bitch” to the four-letter c-word* as the worst things to call a woman, agrees.

“It’s negative, it has always has been negative, and I resist the idea of using it even in that kind of empowering way,” she says. “And a guy calling a woman a bitch … it’s hard to imagine it ever being a positive thing.”

Tannens first big hit came out around the time feminist social engineers were retrofitting America for neo-Victorian white female privilege:

You Just Don’t Understand: 
Women and Men in Conversation

Whatever it was attempting to do- cause an impasse’ in the war between the sexes? Further womens narrative privilege?

Never mind equal rights- these women took the soapbox, beat men over the head with it, and then called the cops and claimed the guy tried to rape them.

The narrative worked- on some. On white privileged women.

But other women- particularly lower income white, black, brown- weren’t living the academic life of privileged narratives, and in fact, many knew violence first hand- from the women who raised them.

Instead of fighting bogeymen in the form of VAWA, and other institutional privileged narratives, other women were fighting women.

Factually, in the era of white feminism, more children were likely to be hurt by females than males; actual incidences of domestic violence remained fairly even- women are as violent as men.

And men were locked up in gulags, with 2.3 million men per year forced to live in close quarters- petty thieves and pot smokers locked in the same cell as serial rapists and gang capo’s.

So- these privileged white female narratives that so shaped the courts, the laws, and public discourse- that built the prison system to house men- WERE the domestic violence that was perpetrated in America.

Then along came Rowdy girls….


Ronda Rousey kicks chicks asses for a living, while Deborah Tannen clings to the Ivory Tower, by her lily white fingertips.

I would love to see Tannen-v- Rousey.

I would bring a copy of Tannen’s book where she blames violence on boys, and toss it in the ring like a rotten apple:

The Argument Culture:
Stopping America’s War of Words

Or, maybe just bet on women like Rousey to do what white feminism wouldn’t do- to become personally responsible for ones own violence, instead of jousting at bogeymen, and calling cops when your violence, and privilege fails you.

But Rousey will kick your ass- and is likely smart enough to stay away from monsters in the first place.


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