“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

First, they came for my electronics….

And. I said ” It’s about time!”

Because by then, I was so tired- so exhausted by the effort of entrapping them, as they try to entrap me- as they try to entrap you, your sons, daughters, brothers, wives and others- I was so tired of Five Eyes entrapment schemes that I- even I- a peace activist- would shoot these people in their faces with black market guns.

Fast and Furious guns- I knew where to get them back before cops were eating their own brains over it; Dark Net guns- any guns at all will suffice to shoot them in their faces with-but these entrapment scheming police state cheerleaders are simply not worth a single bullet.

Which is why I write.

So- they can have my electronics, because their electronic prints are all over that shit- I don’t even have an actual electronic signature because I ceased to exist on June 18th, 2008- but they do exist, a foul sweaty odor, covered in aftershave or old lady soap smells-and its/ their presence is like a rabbit in a dirty old hat.

When it jumps out, I throw deep magic at it- and let the bunny droppings fall where they may. Deep magic is all I can comprehend, due to the time constraints on ordinary human life.

It doesn’t matter where the turds roll- because the turds all carry their DNA, which is long overdue for genetic reconfiguration.

Those guys the other day in the helicopter?

Most of them want to kill themselves, when they stand up like real men and women- when they stand up against the everyday blackmail that they are under- and look in that mirror. Maybe they even wanted to jump out, and plunge through my roof like meteors. They were so clearly charged up, sparks flew from their night- peering goggles.

The guys who came every now and again to inhabit the silver grey van that sat outside my apartment- the one with the sun shade and the local parking permit- in red- on the drivers side rear bumper?

When they look in that mirror every morning- 4:53 a.m. just like Melissa does- they say ” take the service weapon, load it, and click.”

CLICK. Their heads say ” click.” That voice in their head says “Click. It’s just a click.”


JUST DO IT, bro. For the sake of the future, bro- or sis’- whatever you are engendered.

Or live beyond that click in a different way today! Dont let them do this, to you-“us the people”!

Bro- Sis- find a place to save yourself- because if you do it, THEY WIN.

THEY tell your kids, about “you”. THEY tell the world about ” YOU”.

And its this weird, pre- packaged repetition of “you” who is just another one of them….

And you and I both know what they say is pure, unfiltered, absolute crap, designed to make ” you” go away- to keep what you know isolated from publuc view. Like you never had an opinion, or a contradictory fact that makes the thin blue line look like a cowards lair.

Designed to make ” you” look like you had a mental breakdown- but really, it is designed to make you disappear into their continuing, law breaking narrative of phony heroics- without YOU ever really saying what’s on your mind to anyone- without you making any actual difference.

Without YOU walking over that line, and just getting it off your chest….

Sister- bro- don’t let it go down like this- call me, I will cover it for you- I have friends in high places. Call anyone- there are social networks outside of their corrupt narrative.

And, I- you, us, the people- anyone-will rebuild you, with help from my friends in high, and low places. Because getting low- getting down on your knees is what you need to do.

So do it in a place outside the power/ control/ coverup narrative.

And do it for yourself and no one else.

I will help make you an Eagle again- flying high and free. Because America is the land of second chances. And you a bird with broken wings….


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We’re all so meta that the NSA targets our intellectual detritus.


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