“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

The Great American Liberty Garage Sale! Golems cheap as dirt!

I remember the first time police agents tried to frame me into a crime.


The time was 1998, and it was horrific in every way. Never mind that “framing” is a long discussion, or that plain old fashioned police work based in profiles hadn’t affected my life previously, as it does so many others- because they affected me worse than most profiles.

You don’t have to believe me- the facts will reveal themselves in time, and due process.

What matters in this leg of the story is this: I had a witness.

And that witness is still alive today. And, that witness was every bit as stunned, amazed, frightened, and horrified as I was.

We knew it was a police frame job because the squad car was sitting right around the corner when a police informant tried to plant evidence of a horrible nature into my hands. Not horrible in and of itself- but horrible because they had imbued it with stigma, narrative violence, and unspoken horror.

The squad cars have often camped outside my homes since, often, on film. At some points, the uniformed officers stride up to my camera, and peer in- as if this will terrify me, somehow more than bullets- or more than NOT telling this story.

And, of course, after more than a half decade since I was shot in the back- yes, I can say I am often terrified; but more appropriately, I think, is that the proper verb would be ” terrorized.”

All of those little video clips and cellphone snaps, security camera .jpegs on hard drives, SD cards, flash drives- clips of strangers in my homes, on my internet, in my cars; those footprints under my windowsills in the snow- yes, terrorized would be appropriate usage here.

Fast forwards to a nearly twenty years later? Their framing of a narrative had incurred many witnesses.And not all of these witnesses will be found credible; some will be deemed hostile; others will be blatant schills for police state narratives.

But, of those that remain- a story will emerge from the soot of “my” life, and it will point a finger- a finger more accurate than GPS- at institutional conspiracies of violence, those, directed at narrative itself. My oppositional and defiant stance against an emergent police state.

This is what I will one day refer to as ” the Bogeyman versus the Golem: clash of Titans.”

Which, I am still writing. But I will let you guess who is who in the narratives.


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We’re all so meta that the NSA targets our intellectual detritus.


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