“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Chicago, Los Angeles Police Departments Have Been Using ‘Stingrays On Steroids’ For Over A Decade | Techdirt

Parallel construction is an affront to justice and a soul kiss to the idea of law enforcement untethered by law or morality, lying to even itself about its mission and its reasons for acting.”



*sigh* someone slim jimmied my xar again, and broke the lock. Umpteenth time in as many years, over four cars, three cities.

Sometimes, it takes immorality to unmask more sinister immorality. Like the Hiroshima bomb scenario, America was once good at it.

But not anymore. In fact, America has become what it warned us about. Baby killers, with gulags.

I might have mentioned that everywhere I go, odd things happen- did I mention that?

I must live in a “parallel universe”- a place where I personally have been asked to accept bullying at every physical and emotional level.

Why? Why, why….well for starters, cops tried to frame me for crimes I never committed. I walked into and out of courts innocent- didn’t need high powered lawyers.

Then, they conspired to entrap and kill me with paperwork- and they shot me in the back with a Taser.

I sued and won.

And, my nose for news has led me back to the dirt they do, always. I have stories that are minths and even years ahead of mainstream press.

This is the reward for the innocent in America: your innocence will incur the wrath of cowardly secret fraternities- the new Klan is multi racial, but still headed by cops and politicians.

I have a question for you: did you sign a contract to live in a Panopticon? Neither did I.

Do you feel more safe?

Either way- the problem is not “if you stared into the abyss, and  abyss stared back…” but rather,  “when the abyss surrounds you in places you thought were safe, free or protected- how do you get out?

My answer has been for these last years- to throw shit, dirt, rusty nails with stricnine tips, and verbal mind bombs at there narrative of power as it leers into my life, and leeches sustenance from “my” narrative.

As they drain even the most remote cavity of my privacy with hidden schemes, and cop-porn dreams of the rape of souls.

That’s a double edged sword isn’t it, boys and girls….how does your soul feel now? But soul draining is a crossroads indeed.

This way, I am on record resisting their many intrusions, and creating a record that it did occur- I protesteth much.

And also, hoping they leave a bit scarred, too.

Wrestling with pigs is messy business-they are legion, and their illegality, brutality, and banality, finally, front page news.

I am but one. Wrestling with their demons- those demons that they are, or have tried to force feed me has taken a toll.

But none of them get to live in ” my” mind rent free.

That’s why I don’t need to parallel construct anything.


I trust that a decent judge might figure it out- the newspapers will now have a new ” frame” of reference, and failing that, a good jury can at least suffer for a few months what I have endured for over a decade.

And maybe you too.


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We’re all so meta that the NSA targets our intellectual detritus.


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