“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Popular conspiracy: Elisa Lam, tuberculosis, and LAM ELISA- the girl who died in a Los Angeles water tank.

” A conspiracy exists any time two businessmen or public officials shake hands.”
Anonymous proverb

“The biggest news stories are stolen, subverted, or blackmailed before they are ever in the news. “

In the case of Elisa Lam, even Asian porn stars have an opinion. Who better to negotiate narratives of violence against women than an Asian porn star like Tila Tequila?

Elisa Lam, after all, was quite attractive- and could have done “more” to make money, had she chosen too- which, for me at least invalidates certain official smears about her character after she died.

And, the official narrative of her demise carries the odor of discrediting stigma: “mental illness, possible drug user under the influence of club drugs; Asian person playing Asian elevator game,” and more.

As if, somehow in official narratives, discrediting those we do not understand is routine procedure- and a very effective way to sideline a story.

But she could have been something more in her life, says the narrative, and she wasn’t and that’s why the story is just- strange.

Conspiracy theories take hold because official narratives are full of lies, half truths, and cover-ups. On rare occasions, official stories are just ignorant- not only ignorant of the facts- but also, oblivious to how “the people” view the narrative.

The one thing that all these theories have in common is that they begin where the official sources and the official narratives end: when these narratives are proven to be mere propaganda, CYA, or mere lazy ignorance on the part of those who are paid to be smarter, stronger, and better than “us”.

Or, when those who create narratives are not practicing full disclosure.

I suspect that an official narrative- some intelligence agency malfeasance- was stalking Elisa Lam, and, possibly, taking advantage of her. I will get to that shortly- but Tila Tequila might be on ti something because it is true that agents and agencies are recruiting Asian girls.

Ask any DHS, or FBI- orCIA spook: Asian girls who can be blackmailed are hot “property.” Just ask Tessy when the time comes*….but:

The best known example of official bullshit is the one bullet theory– that President John F. Kennedy was killed with a single .22 calibre bullet that ripped off part of his head, and then, bounced in, and out of his body many more times, killing him.

That sure is a bullet with bite. A
.22 calibre bullet is literally as wide as the 2 number 2’s in the .22 here, without the decimal point.

So, simply put, conspiracy theories arise in the vacuum that is created when truth-control and the “official story” become more important than the facts themselves.

Today, these theories often arise because once respected governments have been revealed to be practicing mind control online, or worse, targeting unnoficial narratives with whole platoons of miltary operatives who work around the clock sowing disinformation.

In what could be an unprecedented assault on free speech never seen before, everyine develops their own theory.image

And I have a theory too: there exists today in the world hidden groups who do hidden things. And much of that is despicable. As it has always been.

Does that sound crazy? I don’t think so.

And in my theory, there exists today the possibility that agents of social control are working with agencies to cause a great sense of fear, and distrust in people.

And, that certain people get used and abused in horrible ways, and some die and are killed when they get too close to uncomfortable state truths.image

Does that sound crazy?  I don’t think so either.

And, we know from historical evidence that those terrible groups, and the terrorizing people within them seek to isolate individuals whose narratives contest or challenge their narcissistic sense of power, and control; that when coercion, discrediting, and blackmail fail- isolate the individual, and-

It is not disputed anywhere that Elisa Lam was very isolated, and that when she was found, a ‘discrediting narrative’ was deployed in the media.

But first let’s look at the last moments of others who challenged official narrative:

How about this story a Rolling Stone journalist who took down a general: a Michael Hastings, a world reknowned journalist, died in a fiery crash in Los Angeles, in April of 2014,  right after he texted his friends this message:

“Subject: FBI Investigation, re: NSA

Hey (redacted names) — the Feds are interviewing my “close friends and associates.” Perhaps if the authorities arrive “BuzzFeed GQ,” er HQ, may be wise to immediately request legal counsel before any conversations or interviews about our news-gathering practices or related journalism issues.

Also: I’m onto a big story, and need to go off the rada[r] for a bit.

All the best, and hope to see you all soon”

The many many examples in American history of conspiracies that turned out to be real- the CIA dosing people with LSD, the Tuskeegee experiments on black men; inteligence agency collusion with psychiatrists  to torture and rape children, and perpetrate mind control on unsuspecting citizens- these are just the tip of the iceberg of the illegal, unethical and immoral activities of the US governments las 65 years.

And many years before the death of Michael Hastings in California, the untimely death of another journalist, Gary Webb, who revealed Ronald Reagan’s government racketeering via the CIA, in the form of  money laundering, gun running, and drug dealing in South Central Los Angeles . Webb was stalked, slandered and harassed in a secret whisper campaign after he published his notorious and vindicated “Dark Alliance” -as we later found out- he was telling the truth.

Perhaps California is where journalists come to die of ‘accidental homicide’- I would have to research that. But we do know with certainty that it is  a state renowned for cults, and heavy intelligence agency saturation- as well as so-called “investigations’ by law enforcement that are off the books and off the record.

So- there is much evidence that official narratives target unofficial truths and also, target those who discover their methods, or can reveal them. People like activists, journalists, or those who fit certain mental, physical, or ethnic profiles are highly targeted.

Whistle blowers, and potential whistle blowers are harassed ad nauseum.

One of the most famous  cases where a person was said to be mentally ill-and who acted strangely on film just before cropping up dead in a dumpster was  the strange unsolved homicide of John Wheeler the third was the Washington gadfly who campaigned tirelessly for the Viet Nam Veterans memorial.

Wheeler was also very close to the secrets of government- and worked close enough to the NSA et al that he could well have known about the un-American practice of the surveillance of American citizens that has become the new normal. Wheeler was directly involved in IT at the Department of Defense via the Mitre Corporation.

Most recently, former marine and police anti-corruption activist John Lang, of Fresno California is said to have stabbed himself in the back and set his house on fire while fire trucks sat literally a block away. Before he died, he collected footage of what appears to be a mysterious form of harassment: targeted energy in the form of an infrared or other camera directed at his house.

Well, Elisa Lam died around the time an outbreak of a particularly virulent strain of tuberculosis hit Los Angeles, within blocks of where she died- the test that indicates this strain of TB is called the LAM- ELISA. In discrediting narratives- and in unethical law enforcement, like the intelligence community at large – the practice of ‘cover your ass’ can often take extreme turns.

In fact, the outbreak of tuberculosis that conveniently carried her name occurred as she was floating, dead, ten stories above L.A. in a water tank. And the news reported the outbreak 2 days after she was found. Surely, THAT altered the Google search algorithm- and threw more than one investigator a curve ball.

Yes- its easy to see how conspiracy theories thrive- wouldn’t you agree? Coincidence is coincidence when it happens once or twice: but for some, it is an everyday thing.

So, with all that said, let me tell you about an experience I had in 2006- one of many odd occurrences from that era where strange people, places, and things filled my rather dull life.

I was followed across America as I traveled in a Greyhound bus, with a computer in my hands, full of secret stuff; followed by a team of people taking notes, and signalling to each other in peculiar ways.

One of them even started a discussion with me about how he learned “to beat a lie detector in order to pass the FBI’s entrance examination.” I got the feeling he was a potential recruit- not yet an agent. And he was so tall he was hard to miss- he turned up everywhere I went.

And, I saw the same faces in Denver that I saw in Utah; the same faces in Utah that I saw in San Francisco, and so on. I am a trained journalist, and these details are important. In fact- these details are well documented techniques of intelligence agency surveillance.

The bus was followed by a convoy of vehicles- red, gray/ silver/ white and blue. All SUV’s. They were pacing the bus across country.

And years after that, I saw the faces again, in different places, but without the color coding cars per se.

Crazy, yeah? Maybe. Except for one thing: I photographed these people, and, later, those photos disappeared in a black bag job.

Other things disappeared to over the ensuing years- like the hard drive on the Compaq computer that contained state secrets. Things disappeared, and reappeared from my cars homes and other places frequently, and so on.

And, some two years afterwards, an acquaintance of mine killed herself- in San Francisco. And we know from the 1950’s forward that SF is a hotbed of intelligence community and its schemes.

Her name was Rena Vettleson, who I vaguely knew from college-a blind girl who said that ‘ people were following her,’ and “moving stuff around” in her apartment in Minnesota. She wrote a blog about it.  That blogs comment section was later taken over by what appears to be Chinese advertisers- or intelligence agencies.

I won’t provide any more details about my personal story for various reasons- obviously I don’t want you to think I am, well, crazy. But I also am afraid- quite afraid every day, of “accidental homicide,” like Gary Webb- who shot himself in the head- twice- in order to ‘commit suicide.’

The discrediting narrative is perhaps the most powerful tool in the intelligence agency and law enforcement bag of dirty tricks.

So- my opinion of the Lam case- and I don’t Speak easy** when I discuss it-in fact, I am proceeding with great caution- is that she was stalked by an organized group, and possibly murdered, or forced to suicide. The latter is extremely unlikely however.

The strange case of Elisa Lam, and a tuberculosis outbreak in Los Angeles in 2013.image


Elisa acted strangely before she disappeared too ( like Jack Wheeler), and was later found dead in a water tank at the top of the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles after acting ‘strangely’ on film. The Cecil is the same hotel where Elizabeth Short-the Black Dahlia stayed before she died, and also once housed serial killers and more.

There are many strange coincidences in her story,  and even movies that were made before her death that have striking similarities to the way she died- if one considers these useless similarities as anything other than hypothetical internet conjecture: mere chatter.

There are many other conspiracy and supernatural theories about this case. So, here they all are– and it is one of the most titilating, tragic, dark stories I have read in awhile- but let me first say that supernatural occurences are total b.s., unlike conspiracies, which I know actually exist.

One of the least discussed elements of her case is that governments and intelligence agencies are often involved in cults, or use cults as chatter to distract legitimate investigators. There are elements of her case that invoke a need to be aware of this fact.

Elisa Lam’s implausible death was not a suicide. Nothing about her behavior, or her mental state, or the fact that she did odd things before her death indicate the mind of a suicidal person.

And, due to a lack of clinical acceptance of alternative explanations, and common misunderstandings of a bi-polar mind, she does not appear to be having a psychotic break- especially in light of the fact that psychosis is misunderstood by most laypersons and many professionals as well.

Some of what she did reminds me of what I did when people followed me around- you act, in order to ascertain your options- and you act strange, when confronted by strangers, who do and say strange things to you.

The “elevator game” aspect of her case has rational explanations as well, and most of her behaviors can be explained by shifting the paradigm away from mental illness, or drugs.
-official narratives always inject the discrediting memetic of drug abuse into stories– andinto a paradigm of mind manipulation- otherwise known as ” bullying on steroids”.

What I will suggest, and what her behavior DOES suggest, is that she was under the influence of something more powerful than drugs or alcohol: she was being stalked by organized stalkers, and possibly agencies, who use people as human chess pieces- and she could have been murdered by “mind control.”

Yes- now we’re in crazyland, certainly, yeah?


The U.K. intelligence agencies are exploiting people online with impunity; Guantanamo Bay is little more than a long term experiment using human subjects.

And we all now know our phones are wiretapped- that agencies watch our internet in real time- only crazy people talk about that stuff, right?

Had you asked me fifteen years ago if something like this exists, I would have laughed at you- I once believed that such things were the ramblings of crazy people too. Factually hard to prove, and easily discredited because- conspiracy!

But Elisa’s fearful, odd behavior can be explained by seeing it as role playing with a master manipulator, or a group of them; her strange hand gestures those of a girl who senses her possible fate, and plays along, trying to negotiate her safety while trying to stall what is becoming inevitable to her.

She is desperately trying to rationalize a question in her mind : is this really happening- calm down- ( stretches fingers, tries to play into a romance scenario with hand gestures)- she complies.

Sadly- complies, because she had been defeated at her last chance of outwitting her aggressor, who had predicted her choices: the elevator- a machine of precise mechanical logic-“failed” her.

The elevator buttons?

Attempts to throw off a pursuer who wouldn’t know what floor she had gone to, versus playing the elevator game?

A ruse, planted in her mind by someone who had manipulated her mind. Mass shooters encounter bullying, or online manipulations, though seldom do we get a look at their hard drives, which I suspect are chock full of leads to psycholigical operatives lobbing mind bombs from JTRIG and its associates.

We know now as certain that the agencies are amorally playing an accountability game, and consider their own citizens fair game- if we the people can’t prove it happened here, or that they did it, its a win for them, each time a discrediting narrative is allowed to pollute the waters…..

They are playing the ” manipulate and lie to people” game, with no accountability; no checks or balances.

And they are suspending our belief that ethics ever existed in their schema. I am certain that psychological forensics could prove that many of these strange cases of shooters and suicides exhibit the hallmark of psycholigical manipulation- signs of ” splitting,” and mental trauma.

But nothing- nothing explains it better to me than why the elevator- in that moment- refused to close; and then closed with finality much too late-except one thing: high technology; not inneficiency or outdated technology- and, most likely, conspiracy.

How is that, you ask? It works this way- the way that police states everywhere work: one person- a master manipulator- works with others who are heirarchical, to accomplish a “shared” purpose.

So, in real time, it looks like this: a CIA/MI6 operative flashes an FBI/GCHQ badge at a security guard, who is a cop, or wants to be one ( security guards are most often suck ups to power). And- other agencies do these things too: I am not hanging ours out to dry alone. Israel is notoriously deploying mind control techniques, China and Russia too.

Most likely not on our soil- but definitely on our internet. Only the US, UK, and Israel get a free pass in America.

So- lets run the play:

The security guard works to run official narratives, and keep official secrets, or just gets played, but cooperates with authority.

The master manipulator- through technology, or connection to those who have access to elevator controls, argues exigency, appeals to authority, runs a discrediting narrative, cuts a deal, or just pushes a switch.

End of story- the elevator failure effectively disrupted Elisa Lam’s sense of order, or her trust in ‘real’ machinery- disrupted her so severely that she ” split” the difference, and capitulated to the control of her assailant.

On one hand, half- heartedly trying to trust that its just a game or part of her training- on the other, knowing in her heart that she had lost.

Arbitrary power can have that effect on the powerless, the compromised, and the manipulated.

Elisa Lam was certainly that, in the moments- maybe even days or weeks that followed: there is no way of knowing if she died that day, or several, or even weeks after.

She died, isolated, away from insight. The occult was possibly involved. That’s all we know right now. And LA had a TB outbreak that shares her name right afterwards.

Coincidence, strikes again.

And it is everywhere these days- celebrities get stalked- Jacob Applebaum the “most dangerous man on the internet” is followed everywhere he goes, Tor developers, whistleblowers of all kinds get stalked at the highest levels. And few are bold enough to talk about it; even fewer know it is happening or what it looks like.

So- would I be wrong to suggest that if it happens to well connected people with solid support networks- is it crazy to suggest that it happens to many more- who have no idea what it is thats happening to them?

Who think its “all in their heads?”

America is under the influence of intelligence cult narratives that have the common people killing themselves, or others, and possibly, being killed as well when “soft force” intimidation fails- when people like Elisa or Wheeler, or me resist compliance with illegal, coercive, unethical or inhumane treatment by those who act with impunity.

So-when Neo escapes the Matrix- or shatters the hidden intelligence agency/law enforcement’glass cage’ that they put around these hidden ‘investigations’ and harassment-it’s game over. They’re the illusion now. And black budgets can expect a punch in the pants- and you, there, perhaps an investigator/organized stalker reading this- a black bag over your black ops.

Further Notes: in re: asterisks * You may have noticed that I have two places in the writing above where I have placed asterisks. This is because each placement was designed linguistically to entice or elicit certain responses from certain and specific types of readers. This is not evident in the writing itself, but at a later time, I will demonstrate my need to have used this simple memetic device- that it has meaning beyond an asterisk.


One comment on “Popular conspiracy: Elisa Lam, tuberculosis, and LAM ELISA- the girl who died in a Los Angeles water tank.

  1. Orangeman
    March 24, 2016

    Most are in the U.S., yes some are BAP, others are Belgium, Canada, France, UK, Portugal,Austria,Norway etc

    Yes, it is also viral, no not all hits are from the viral feed. When you told me of the trend, it was 8-11 from same IPs


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