“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Well, I sure am getting popular in the Five Eyes countries.

See what happens when you talk to a journalist?

I wrote to a guy who used to write news- the ” official source” kind of news.

Next day- my obscure blog goes from less than one hit per day, to over a hundred this morning alone- and I fear that might not be good- because I asked for source privilege…..see how that works?

The little guy always gets swapped up for more “credible narratives.”

discredit,’ promote ‘distrust,’ ‘dissuade,’ ‘deceive,’ ‘disrupt,’ ‘delay,’ ‘deny,’ ‘denigrate/degrade,’ and ‘deter

It’s why the founding fathers greatly feared the tyranny of the masses- anecdotal individual evidence has a great pull against organized criminal narratives of homicide, oppression, blackmail and fear; and why journalistic credibility is at an all time low in the west- we might as well be China, or the USSR- most American’s knowledge or love of the Constitution is at an all-time low.

The fifth estate is what has ruined the first amendment. More specifically- corporotocracy in exclusive control, and ownership of narratives is what has ruined the fifth estate.

And I’m not saying this journalist swapped me- I’m saying that on one end or the other, our conversation was “switched,” and, like bad boys getting “paddled” other things intrude upon us–the narrative takes on new meaning once corrupted by uninvited third parties.

My trusty WordPress stat counter followed the whole thing in real time. I watched the hits come in.

Every story that journalist read on my blog, had three others reading it afterwards.

So, a laypersons written word and collateral conversations that proceed from it, is more powerfull than any gun, or sword, hands down. It is what rallies most to war- particularly the war-like. Killers kill over words.

Words- more beautiful than sunsets, more true than a life long love- because the written word lends sustenance, like water to the flowers of our lives- for generations to come, they bloom for others.

And, words live on beyond our moments here. I live for words- I love words. I live words.

And I find particularly contemptible those that deliberately cherry pick, or malevolently misinterpret the substance of entire narratives, and who corrupt meaning by overlaying false interpretations onto true ones.


In the old days, Americans feared that Asians would stab us in the back. These days, American cops shoot us in the back with impunity.

And beneath the most despicable of those, I find those who corrupt others words for personal gain, to be the worst criminal class.

Like these people,<a href="A British psychologist is receiving sharp criticism from some professional peers for providing expert advice to help the U.K. surveillance agency GCHQ manipulate people online.

The debate brings into focus the question of how or whether psychologists should offer their expertise to spy agencies engaged in deception and propaganda.

Dr. Mandeep K. Dhami, in a 2011paper, provided the controversial GCHQ spy unit JTRIG with advice, research pointers, training recommendations, and thoughts on psychological issues, with the goal of improving the unit’s performance and effectiveness. JTRIG’s operations have been referred to as “dirty tricks,” and Dhami’s paper notes that the unit’s own staff characterize their work using “terms such as ‘discredit,’ promote ‘distrust,’ ‘dissuade,’ ‘deceive,’ ‘disrupt,’ ‘delay,’ ‘deny,’ ‘denigrate/degrade,’ and ‘deter.’” The unit’s targets go beyond terrorists and foreign militaries and include groups considered “domestic extremist[s],” criminals, online “hacktivists,” and even “entire countries.”

“> here at GCHQ, bullying and manipulating,  for “right posture” and profit.

I don’t feel ” more safe” when agencies intervene in narratives at the switch- I feel “less free,” to speak, assemble, or associate.

My phone and internet connection isn’t even free to associate- my devices cannot freely asdociate in my own home.

And, we become less and less creative, or productive.

Which is why China is winning; why the Emirates and their fake monarchy, and religious fanaticism have power over us.

Because the grand plan of Five Eyes surveillance has the direct effect of killing commerce, and the freedom to relate to one another without mediated connections.


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We’re all so meta that the NSA targets our intellectual detritus.


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