“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Popular technology: Squid bumping, cache dumping, and cache interception- circumventing TOR

SquidFaq/InterceptionProxy – Squid Web Proxy Wiki http://wiki.squid-cache.org/SquidFaq/InterceptionProxy#Concepts_of_Interception_Caching

What, me worry?


I learned that Tor was under attack and had been compromised some eight years ago, before it was major news.

Of course- there had been some news about it, but nothing descriptive or definitive.

For me- a relatively unconcerned citizen, why would I even think to care?

Well- the footprints in the snow certainly were a motivator.

In those days, my free speech, free association, and more, were targeted-had come under direct attacks by what you now know as the ” security state.”

I learned of them early- the “Corporation” is an intergenerational narrative crusher, whose exclusive goal is blackmail- and, failing that, the ability to assault you with impunity for decades.

In simple terms, my writing got me in trouble; you know, the guy who knows too much, or, nothing at all.

And I began to feel a sense of impending sadness, knowing that such things were said to happen elsewhere- in police states. As one of my online assailants once noted : ” who do you think has the time, and the resources to do this to you for so long?”

Yeah- you could day I was born with the knowledge of stste level corruption in my blood.

And, the footprints in the snow, underneath my windowsill, by my cars, and around my houses told me I was not wrong. Because human behavior creates patterns; and, the butterfly effect predicts that even small actions create tsunami’s somewhere else-

Yes- but you ask- how does one experience a tsunami when one is nowhere near the sea? Of course, I knew you would ask that- it’s predictably certain that you would ask me that.

Well, for starters, most people don’t go outside in snowy weather- and even then, they are less likely to participate in snow related activities late at night.

And, even less likely to participate in snow related activities underneath my windowsill.

You see where I am going with this, right?

Well, “anyhoo”: there exists in our world a tribe of people- some call them ” ice people,” while others call them just white- and they are extremely influential in the world. They scour the earth to eradicate the evidence of their wrong doing.

Most are from Europe, Russia and so on- but really, not all of them are white, nor are they all traditional ice people, as we live in a transitional and transactional world.

In fact, most of them aren’t classic ice people anymore, but go along with the great plans and schemes of ice people because, well- ice people.

Swedes are icy; Nordics and Germanics are icy- and too, British white people, and Americans.

And, lits of blacks and modern spice people too.

But I am far off track; I meander- so let me tell it plain: once upon a time, I defied Ice people, and they cast me out- put a hit on me.

Put me ‘out in the cold’ because I violated a social norm, unaware that I had done it.

I failed miserably- failed to see myself as white, and to uphold the rules of whiteness, whatever those are.

I failed to know my place.

Tor was hacked back in 2008, when it was noted that middle man attacks could be deployed.

This was known internally, to the agencies, and .mil long before that, but they needed a wider platform from which to subvert the technology.

Enter, maybe, you.

And, Stingrays/ Hailstorms etc. were deployed against Tor users all across America.

I was one of those users, then.

Today, have a look at this- and get back to me if you have any ideas what I am saying:

Concepts of Interception Caching

Interception Caching goes under many names – Interception Caching, Transparent Proxying, URL rewriting,SSL-Bump and Cache Redirection. Interception Caching is the process by which HTTP connections coming from remote clients are redirected to a cache server, without their knowledge or explicit configuration.

There are some good reasons why you may want to use this technique:

There is no client configuration required.This is the most popular reason for investigating HTTP intercept – there are many client software who fail to implement HTTP proxy support.There is no client SSL proxy connection required.This is the most popular reason for investigating HTTPS intercept – there are very few clients which support SSL proxy connections.The server may be using URL-based virtual hosting.

This is the only known reason to need URL-rewrite form of intercept – there are two popular CMS systems which depend on this form of URL manipulation to operate. When the public URL “


2 comments on “Popular technology: Squid bumping, cache dumping, and cache interception- circumventing TOR

  1. SQuidLy
    October 7, 2015

    There’s more to it than that- you know it. TOR is their excuse fr assaulting basic freedoms- and every bit of poison that they put out there to justify it.

    Do you have any information on the specific attacks they are using? I believe they are using some very basic, old tricks. Either way, they are hacking and justifying it using TOR as their boogeemen.


    • popagandi
      October 7, 2015

      Well, that’s a long conversation. What is your interest in it? What do you know about their illegal undocumented hacking?


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