“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Secret societies thrive in institutions that promote secrecy.

Louisiana cop pictured giving Nazi salute at KKK – NY Daily News http://m.nydailynews.com/news/national/louisiana-fired-pictured-giving-nazi-salute-kkk-article-1.2347308

Raymond Mott, a police detective in Louisiana did what most cops do when they get caught doing what cops do: he lied, and claimed he was operating under cover on a sooper seekrit mishun.


Detective Raymond Mott belongs to a secret fraternal order- the Fraternal Order of Police.

Mott initially claimed he went to the rally in Troy, N.C. in August 2014 working undercover for the FBI but later admitted he’d been lying.

“I have been baptized — after the events and have the documents to prove that — and a short while after my baptism, I have become an ordained minister and started a charity-based ministry in Lake Arthur,” Mott said.

He threatened to sue the town, claiming termination guidelines weren’t followed properly.

Mott went under the name Christian Knight on Facebook, sources told the Daily News.”

The biggest secret of all? Police in America all belong to secret societies and fraternal orders of one kind or another.

And, they all participate in illegal, quasi- legal bending and breaking of the law.

This guy just got caught.


7 comments on “Secret societies thrive in institutions that promote secrecy.

  1. miagataaa
    September 3, 2015

    I wonder how prevalent the KKK is anymore. I really have no idea.

    When I was 16 they had a parade of sorts along one of the main roads of Pensacola FL. I was in the back of a van driven by my Korean foster/dorm parent, sitting next to my Puerto Rican, black and white “sisters” and suddenly I was compelled to roll down the window and chuck my empty, glass OJ bottle at one of their heads. And then I yelled “Score: 10 points!”

    So many of them get baptized and re-baptized. It’s a thing they like to do.


    • popagandi
      September 4, 2015

      Well, they have less power than other secret societies, or even the Southern Poverty Law Center. But I am amazed they still exist.

      Unlike the civil rights era, there is now organized opposition that uses the same techniques- stalking, brighting, smear campaigns, etc. The challenge is to name these new groups- to catch them in action.

      And- like then, these groups are also run by police, or tacitly approved by them. This is what organized stalking is, and because it’s the good guys doing it, it “officially” doesn’t exist.

      In America, I have identified Rotary club members, the Jewish Federation, and even ” liberal” colleges participating in it, using Klan techniques. So, it isn’t just the Klan anymore, although they are sKKKum.


      • miagataaa
        September 4, 2015

        The Rotary club? I’ve never invested much into researching them but I thought they were into human right and charity work?


      • popagandi
        September 4, 2015

        Yeah- they are into such things too. But remember that they, and all of the good guys are affiliated doing good guy stuff- wherever good guy stuff gets done.

        And- what is charity work, anyways, in a society that bombs ten of “them” so that one if “ours” gets a free lunch? The extent to which our society goes to look charitable is horrifying. But, small town newspapers eat the shit up- ‘ secret society throws meatball lunch to benefit orphans.”

        Orphans created by….what again?

        Secret handshakes and hand jobs.

        So, the trickle down looks like this: good guy 1 has a good guy image- but knows that to get the bad guys, he would risk it all- which is where the secret societies, full of other good guys come in.

        A great historical example is the presidents who never got caught at a lynching, but whose own neckties were always straight: Woodrow Wilson, Harry Truman- klansman to the core. And, the klan was once a charitable org too, don’t forget.

        Many more examples. But these guys pass along a word to their constituents via social organization- and social organization takes effort.

        So, suppose you have an uppity one who refuses to sell a plot of land that one of the good guys wants to own?

        How about we cluster around him at the market? Or, buy up wvery cow at the local salebarn? Or, sneak in his house and move his stuff around?

        If that doesn’t work?

        Well, cross burnings then, and voila! Payoff, when the uppity bad guy is driven out of town, political deals get done, and good guys sons marry good womens daughters and so on.

        But, yeah- I documented a situation where a dirty cop was a Rotarian- next thing you know, Rotarians bloom around a situation like horse cherries in a stock barn. Odd things happen- but best of all- I took names; I’m tricky like that.

        And I did the research- turns out their from the same town, many of them-most of them; research: it’s what I’m trained to do;-)

        Not a secret, anymore…

        And feminist organizations too- theyre some of the sickest.

        And if you read up on cults, Jews, Scientologists- they travel in packs, and yes- they all think they do what they do for the good of society. THEIR VERSION of society.

        Just today, a rabbi in NYC filed a lawsuit against another Jew who threw bleach in his eyes- gods work and all- because he was exposing pedophiles in the Hassidic community.

        This is no small thing: in Hassidic communities, crime, sexual abuse- ranpant. But because the ” normal” people are all good guys, the whistleblower gets shunned, and bleach in his eyes. Because status quo says its bad for Jews to make their problems known to goyim.

        So, not at all unlike the rest of the good guys societies- the whistleblower gets the bleach-as if HIS eyes need cleaning, and not the whole tribe.


    • popagandi
      September 4, 2015

      BTW- you were a foster kid? That must have been interesting.


      • miagataaa
        September 4, 2015

        Yeah, another reason I’ve always felt I have a giant extended “rainbow family”–Difficult yet true. “Normal” parent-raised kids were definitely robbed of the multi-cultural random/temp familial experience I was blessed and cursed with.


      • popagandi
        September 4, 2015

        Hmmm. Yes, rainbow tribes. I am glad you have that/ them. It makes one resillient, but detached and lonely too. It is hard to live without recurring attachments.

        Love the one your with then…but come back home before home is no longer there, wherever that was/ is for you.

        You know- agencies target those who are cultural chameleons- for many reasons, but largely because they see this as both an asset and a threat. In history, it was the partisans, the day to day dissidents, the quiet ones who contributed vastly to victory- but generals who got credit.

        And those generals don’t care who they step on as long as they win.


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