“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

When the baby eating Chineses get here, I will point them towards the fattened ones, and give them hand honed, artistically crafted chopsticks. Yao kauizi ma?

Update: This post was written as a vehicle of non-violent resistance, and as western intelligence agency bait- and they indeed have been trolling this post heavily for the last several weeks, and, especially today 5-18-2016. This will become important at a later point in time.

—————line drawn

Of course , I laugh, when I see the fear of “the evil Chinese*” in their eyes- still reeling from the stereotypes of Asian, long after Jewish-Christian banksters have turned their American girls into infertile consumerist vessels of capitalism .


Of course!

My laughter at “them” is an autonomic reaction to how they othered ” me” and painted themselves as victims of patriarchy as they built the largest prison system in the world; the largest police state in the world.

The white and brown and black American babies that they raise dust the planted fields of other children’s parents with depleted uranium, and cluster bombs.

And so- I await with glee any “Chinaman” who is indiscreet enough, or actually savage*, to rape these white American women, who have parades, rallies, and whole television networks devoted to their self involved, pre-emptive strikes against their ill founded, self induced rape anxiety.

Note that I say ill-founded: their fears are not unfounded, because they eat the poison pill of conscience free murder every time they hide behind privilege, and do nothing but blame others, or ” men.”

And: here’s a clue- these white women auto-didactically rape themselves all over the internet, they are so penis- phobic that they slice their sons dicks in half at birth, insuring their future with a little bit of flesh paid for them.

Yet actual rape statistics tell us that prisons are rape factories; men in the Congo get raped to death; boys in Afghanistan more than girls.

In America, whole tribes of men, and their women, were obliterated from the human record, so that white women could have a “safe space” to discuss their fear of penises that don’t have “pass privilege ”


Bye bye white woman- hello Chinese man! Come on in. These bitches need replacement in the narrative of privilege- breed them out of existence; rape them for the sake of the “Fifty Shades of Constitutional Grey Area” that they invoke in order to control narratives, and destroy any glimpse into their privilege; then kill off their hired guns and public officials- I can probably work for yours more freely.Kill off the academics and lawyers after that.

And of course- bring your female kin, and re-populate this place because those women aren’t so damned penis focused- and actually get “work” done like the rest of us.

But I just need a real job- writing doesn’t pay so well anymore in a country whose propaganda stream is more tightly controlled than China’s- or Russia’s or Iran’s for that matter- I can’t get a writing job in America because I am too “radioactively charged with God particles”and shaking off from the constant pre-emptive strikes against my right as a speaker on Twitter.

Hey- I will work overtime for free, for anyone who “gets” what I am saying.

Related: China’s Great Cannon censor’s American propaganda– and it is LESS INTRUSIVE than the American system of paid military trolls and ‘ anonymous’ private contractors who call the DHS every time they get butthurt on Twitter

* stereotypes of Chinese men have long held that they are rapists, baby eaters, and savages, when in fact, American policies that uphold white female privilege rape the world. In fact: from the 1840’s until now, America used stereotypes of Asian people that destroyed Asian masculinity- and deliberately caused women to fear that they would be kidnapped into sexual slavery.

In America, what is known as “white female feminism” perpetuates these images in very influential ways. One of the most effective is the lie of omission, wherein what is NOT SAID has the effect of having been said. So- these rape anxieties are based in our propaganda stream, not in reality.

Hence any discussion about the “rape” of entitled women who build rape factories all over the world, after cozying up to the police state. These women would eat their own babies if it meant more privilege. And, currently, they are inducing a state of affairs in America that condones the disruption techniques of any individual speaker who challenges that privilege.


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