“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Most mass shooters come from the explosion of single mothers that has become the norm in America.

Mom of Oregon shooter bragged about weapons online: report – NY Daily News http://m.nydailynews.com/news/national/mom-oregon-shooter-bragged-weapons-online-report-article-1.2383689

I knew something strange was happening in America when feminists were running around America, and claiming that pornography and violence against women share some as-yet-even-now-to-be-explained connection.

And when I watched the major media begin to portray fathers as animals, brutes, pedophiles and more- I personally realized that America was under attack- by propagandists; and that women were their primary targets- and of course, the children those women ” chose” to bear.

In the era if free and low cost abortion- women almost always “chose” to have children- and the state incentivized single motherhood in more ways than I can cover here.


Somewhere between the lunacy of Catholics over-breeding, and their Virgin Mary cult; somewhere between the Jewish narrative of the bastard Jesus, and the reasoning that real ” genetically pure” Jews are only Jewish if they descend from their mother- this other cultural artifact appears.

Somewhere in there, in that fetid brew- all these American kids were bastardized by law and politics- with these fanatical cults and religions competing for the use of the object of “the children” for use- and abuse-in propaganda campaigns of varying nefarioys ways.

And, many of these kids turned out to be mass shooters; many others mindlessly marched off to the endless middle eastern wars.

This is the house that Jill built, y’all- after Jack was forced out of the house by law, politics, and deceptive propaganda.

Because you see- violence isn’t a man on woman thing, nor is it exclusively male to do harm.

Are women able to do great harm with their choices- are women able to do great harm and violence?

Absolutely without question.

American women who wed the state are quite capable indeed if killing children- as they live. And for their children who don’t become mass shooters? Those kids are quite caoable indeed of eugenically murdering children overseas

I think this sort of answers the questions that feminists put forward some 40 years ago about violence- because now we have empirical proof that women create violence by using their children as tools of war.

The problem is no longer mens violence- but womens willingness to create- and allow to be created- children as tools of war. This is what militant feminism looks like in practice.

Further reading:

National Review: ‘Mass shooters are products of single mother homes’

Do all mass shooters share one thing in common? Yup- the use of psychistric prescribed medications.

Another attempt to say it plain, which is, even then not simple.


3 comments on “Most mass shooters come from the explosion of single mothers that has become the norm in America.

  1. saintluger
    October 7, 2015

    it’s not like these “mothers” know anything to teach their sons, they’re just parasitic gestators off mankind who WANT… and that’s it, they produce nothing but garbage and trouble, they cannot even take care of themselves = FAIL… and we all know it. Women are the problem, their shitty outlook on life and their Great Whore mentalities of NO RESPECT – JUST EXPECT.
    One thing women truly invented all by themselves = PROBLEMS FOR ALL MANKIND WITH THEIR EMOTIONAL CHILDISH OUTBURSTS.

    No morals, values, nothing… not even manners… they’re gestators by choice, so leave them to it – JUST DON’T GET GAP TRAPPED… by a deadly parasite that is incapable of actually caring… keep your dick in your pants… wimps.


    • popagandi
      October 7, 2015

      That’s a rather simplistic assessment. In fact, the problem isnt merely women- but how the religious lunacy intervenes in the human experience to create monstrous corruptions in the human being.

      The mantra ” keep it in your pants” is one such example- it is a reaction formation that the state, influenced by religion had created to assauge the vonscience of post- modern, post Catholic women who wed themselves to the state.

      And- it is curiously a western narrative designed to eliminate fathers- most if not all fathers will protect their children FROM the state, whereas women here are not so couth.

      Women from other natiins- nations which have laws respecting men and fathers- don’t come with this baggage.

      There are giid, intellugent, working women in the world who are not state mercenaries, tax-base breeders, and mere baby baskets holding themselves out for small change.

      Then, as to your very Catholic sensibility that keeping it in ones pants is a solution to the entrapment schemes of western women working with agencies- in fact, again, other women from other places handle the issue differently.

      Whereas in the west, every woman is a schill for Jewish-Christian moral ” purity”- women of other places_ places that aren’t dropping bombs on other peoples babies) not so much; not so confused about the eugenic designs of white feminisms marriage to the military industrial- prison complex.

      Then, of course comes the issue of legalized prostitution- when women in so-called free western societies actually get to use their own bodies any way they damn well please; for something other than state and church revenue collection via sexual shaming narratives that reallt benefit only the police state, and social moral code enforcers.

      So, all in all, your rant sounds on one hand like pure misogyny- on the other, like you are merely repeating the mantra that you CO there at ” subvert free speech central” has put on your desk.

      Find good women, and promote them, and their causes- I assure yiu they exist- anywhere but in the west.


    • popagandi
      October 7, 2015

      And- if I was not clear enough: western women hold the privilege of life and death over all people today- no longer is the patriarchy paradigm effective or accurate- because western wome are mere pimps, selling children from birth to militarism, and consumerism- the children ARE the product they are pimping.

      If you look at corruption like these mass shooters- they are extreme examples of what happens when women take control of militarism in its raw form- they pimp boys to careers in military, rather than science; they pimp girls virtually from birth to the highest bidders.

      Its the American( and Russian, and British…) way.

      Its the Jewish-Christian model, and it differs from the Arabi/ Muslim model only by age gap.

      These cultural diseases of the west are why it is possible to socially engineer societies that have now officially condined torture; rape of boys in Afghanistan Iraq- and of course, in American prisons.

      And did I mention that tge ” hunger” as you put it, of western women- has allowed for depleted uranium to be dropped all over the ” othered” world?


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