“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Wherever you find a mass shooter, you find FBI involvement before, and after the shooting.

At last we know why the Columbine killers did it, says the FBI agent, and father of the Trench Coat Mafia’s choreographer http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/assessment/2004/04/the_depressive_and_the_psychopath.2.html

When news that an FBI agents son scripted and directed the Columbine shooters mass homicide-two years before the actual shooting took place, it was nearly instantly that the ” conspiracy theory” machine at the FBI started ninimizing this fact.

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold became as synonymous with school shootings as Laurel an Hardy were to ancient comedy, and this one fact- that an FBI agent was that close to the shooting- it made ripples in the media.

And then, virtually disappeared from major news outlets reporting altogether, replaced by that agent- Dwayne Fuselier- making a “killing” off of Columbine residuals- and at the same time, waging a PR bid to absolve his sons involvement.

It turns out in retrospect that myth making was at work, by clever manipulators- and clumsy, or narcissistically clever ones as well.

And, now that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold are buried under a stack of mass shootings that have ‘ mysteriously’ happened since, we can examine how official lies do mythological work in official narratives and police state propaganda.

You can search for the information yourself- Dwayne Fuselier, FBI agent, son, video, Columbine- or whatever search language you choose- but the nearly immediate whitewashing of this fact continues to this day, while Dwayne Fuselier has made a virtual career out of minimizing this one fact alone, and pushing his idea ( and thus the official FBI agenda and profile) of what predicates mass shootings .


Such is the nature of the incestuous relationship between major media and official source narration of truth.

Coincidence- again and again.

Plausible deniability every time the corpiration gets caught. But it is undeniable that the FBI and other agencies are ” right there” before, and after these things happen.

I want to see who the latest shooter was actually talking to online before the shooting- you can bank on the fact that FBI provocateurs, or others that the agency is aware of, were withbthat shooter hours, days, weeks or years before the shooting.

We know with near certainty now that the FBI in complicity with one or another agency- there are literally so many active in the US now that it is impossible to either name their activities, or properly discern which agency does what-is ‘right there’ both before, and after these events because sometimes, they admit it, as in the case of the guy who they killed on his way to work one day, claiming they were ‘ monitiring’ him.

This is not just my thesis, but it is also my indictment- I can prove this is so in a court that upholds the law; in a court that doesn’t overlook the sad fact that some Americans currently interpret the social compact of ‘ the greatest good’ to mean that agencies get a green light to cause homicides, and to murder with impunity in order to drive public policy- in this case, gun control,* and in the case of Fast and Furious, or any of a number of other programs not yet brought to light- there simply is no oversight, anywhere other than the wolves nodding to the hyenas every now and again, telling each other that the henhouse is just dandy.

So-below here is one highlighted paragraph, written well after Columbine, that demonstrates the effectiveness of the FBI, one particular agent whose son was involved in the narrative acting as a PR flac, and official source journalism working together to eradicate ‘ inconvenient facts’.

The paragraph is from Slate magazine, that heavily used this FBI agents narrative to once again, kill the inconvenient fact that this same FBI agents son was associated with filming the Columbine shooters

It is this cozy, ‘familial’ truth control that casts doubt on any and every official narrative. In the paragraph, we have the agent as psycholigical prifiler, diagnosing the shooters purported psychopathology- years after the facts, decades after the shooters death, and years after the shooter was FILMED BY THE FBI AGENTS OWN SON practicing the shooting!

Note especially, that now, in the official narrative, that the shooters are now said to be the ones who ” made videos”

It really belies a deeper, more sinister pathology on the part of ‘official sources’ when such inconvenient facts- like the fact that the agents own son made the videos-get buried in official lies:

The shooter, according to this agent, quoted in tbe story “rages on for page after page and is repeated in his journal and in the videos he and Klebold made. But Fuselier recognized a far more revealing emotion bursting through, both fueling and overshadowing the hate. What the boy was really expressing was contempt.”

So- I won’t waste any time further expounding this collaboration between state and ifficial media, because this is just ine if thoysands if actual facts that get in the way of agendas at the police stste level. Other examples are just too numerous.

And- as I say time and again- I want to see who the latest shooter was actually talking to online before the shooting- you can bank on the fact that FBI provocateurs, or others that the agency is aware of, were with that shooter hours, days, weeks or years before the shooting.

There are many kinds of lies that do the narrative work of destroying truth and inconvenient facts in ways that blatant falsehoods cannot do.

The lie if commission is obviously fact-checkable, thanks to Edward Snowden: “The NSA does not engage in wholesaling or outsourcing data collection on all Anerucans.”

But half truths take some work to discern the truth of- what is ‘sex’?( I did not have sex with that woman!).

And scattered truths are even harder to prive as lies (Iraq has WMDs; Iraq HAD WMDs; Iraq PROBABLY HAD WMDs but they were given to Syria; Iraq had WMDs because the US sold WMDs to Iraq).

So, Fuselier has spent decades obfuscating his sons role in the flagship school shooting homicide. And, behaviorists teach his theory as the truth and proof of ‘what is a school shooter’

And, now, every time these things ‘happen’, I wonder why we never get a peek at who these shooters were talking to online and elsewhere- because certainly the profile of  “provocateurs” comes to my mind.

And, in the case Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, possibly years if provocations by official narrators, often with scripts, and cameras in hand.

*I am both for and against certain restrictions on guns

Another attempt to say it plain, which is, even then not simple.


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