“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

The Jeff Pataky saga: a story about “color of law policing” known as organized stalking.

Behind BadPhoenixCops.com: The Blogger Who Took on the Phoenix PD  Phoenix New Times http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/news/behind-badphoenixcopscom-the-blogger-who-took-on-the-phoenix-pd-and-the-homicide-detective-who-might-be-his-best-source-6438591


Case study: The Phoenix New Times as an extension of a police state, brutalizing innocent private citizens.

 Court records show that Pataky lost his job in the month before trial. Add attorney fees for the divorce and for the criminal case, plus the fact that Julie Cioppa wasn’t working, and it didn’t take long for the family to reach financial ruin.

Indeed, Pataky had just $6.33 in his bank account by the summer of 2008, 

The Jeff Pataky case in Arizona, 2007-2012 illustrates gang stalking, aka organized stalking, and the absurd extra-judicial crimes committed by hidden police actions against people who are found innocent.

How media, and police coordinate character assasination as a form of organized stalking, and ruin lives.

From the link:

“The Pataky-Cioppa divorce was ugly from the beginning.

She claimed that he’d been abusive and filed for an order of protection. He claimed that she’d been faking a disability to milk Social Security — and posted a video on YouTube disparaging her claim. (It showed her riding a horse, which she couldn’t do if she was truly disabled, he argued.) She claimed he was a bad father; he claimed that she stole some of his possessions and destroyed others.

But it wasn’t until nearly a year after Cioppa filed for divorce, in the spring of 2007, that things really escalated. At that point, Cioppa claimed that Pataky violated the order of protection by phoning her repeatedly. After Cioppa produced phone records that supposedly showed 33 calls from Pataky’s number, Phoenix police arrested him.

Pataky protested, saying that he never called her. But the county attorney had him indicted anyway on a charge of aggravated harassment. When Pataky refused to plead guilty, the case went to trial.

Only in the courtroom, in May 2008, did the truth come out: The records Cioppa produced didn’t match the ones that Cox Communications produced under subpoena. In fact, the 33 harassing phone calls were missing.

Pataky, apparently, had been telling the truth all along….”

It was then that Pataky started a blog- and his innocence seemed to inflame a corrupt police that feeds off if domestic violence narratives, and quasi- predatory relationships with women who cry wolf.

Click the links and see how a corrupt police force in Arizona tried to destroy a man- a man whose innocence was proved in multiple trials.

Related story: corrupt, closeted homosexual Sheriff Joe Arpaio finally on trial

Another attempt to say it plain, which is, even then not simple.


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