“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

The Hillary Clinton Body Count: add one more as Anita Datar dies in Mali.

Hillary Clinton Knew American Woman Killed in Mali Hotel Attack – Yahoo News http://news.yahoo.com/hillary-clinton-knew-american-woman-201300295.html


The ever growing list of dead Hillary Clinton associates now includes Anita Datar who was killed in the recent Mali bombing.

Acquaintances and close associates of the Clintons die at a frequency only rivaled by mobsters and gang members.

More people who are affiliated with Bill and Hillary Clinton die under suspicious circumstances than any living politicians in America.

So-when six degrees of separation isn’t enough to protect you from accidental homicide- you probably are associated with a gang; or Hillary Clinton’s cabal.

The only American among the at least 19 people killed when terrorists laid siege to a hotel in Mali on Friday was also an acquaintance of Hillary Clinton’s.


The ghost of Stephen Foster killing Hillary Clinton associates?

The Clinton body count is a list of some 80 people whose deaths have been linked to Bill or Hillary Clinton.

While many dead, murdered, or suicided people on the list are only loosely or tenuously related to the Clinton’s, their crimes, or their scandals, many of the deaths on the list are EXTREMELY related to them.

The list is full of hilarious fun facts, like women who were screwing Bill, then, shooting themselves IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD!

Lots of suicides that took two bullets to bring the person down ‘by their own hand’!

And little boys who watched CIA drug deals at the Mena, Arkansas airport- falling asleep together on RAILROAD TRACKS where their heads were crushed.

Coincidentally, the eye witnesses to these events died too.

But many, including Snopes.com* claim these absurd deaths are all easily debunked- that political opponents of the Clinton machine made it all up.

I have only two things to say about that: 1) if I mysteriously succumb to accidental homicide, remember for me, that my cousin wrote the Monica Lewinsky defense 2) many of the things that other Hillary victims report, I can testify have happened to me as well.

And remember: Snopes itself has been debunked as a partisan, mainstream, ‘official source’ fact check engine. As such, they are minimally valuable.

Here’s how they phrase the Clinton body count list.

Since 1994, various respected news outlets have been confronted with versions of the “Clinton Body Count” list, run their own investigations of a few of the claims, and found nothing to substantiate what they looked into. Those investigations would culminate in yet another story about an oddball conspiracy rumor.”

Ironically, mainstream media had some shred of credibility then, too, whereas now we know American media is merely a propaganda dispensary.

Legitimate cause for concern: classic disinformation- and cultural marxism- blurs facts with fictions to confuse the average reader; and to cause apathy.</stroimage


Ron Brown was integral to rigging elections for Bill, and died in one of the oddest plane crashes of the Kosovo war (Madeline Albright’s war).

And of course Stephen Foster, who not only participated in coverups and shady dealings- but was also said to be Hilary Clintons lover; and that a sex tape of them still exists.

The way propaganda works is that there is information, disinformation, and misinformation, sometimes presented together in a story, or seperately, presented in the form of a narrative and a counter narrative.

The Clinton cabal is known for all of the above- ‘there’s no such thing as bad PR”.

Hillary Clinton has ruined many womens lives.

You can have a look for yourself, but what is certain irrefutable, and beyond legal challenge to doubt is that Hillary Clinton and her international cabal of associates are scary, unethical, and immoral, dangerous people.


Many Russian Jews operate security companies that are de facto mob enforcement.

And despite the fact that Hillary Clinton claims to be pro-woman, she has destroyed her share of women in the same way that any other misogynist would.

Read the body count yourself. Decide for yourself- or, let the Jewish mob and its goyim associated CIA clearing house continue to rule your country.

These guys make the Italian mob look like amateurs.

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Another attempt to say it plain, which is, even then not simple.


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