“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

White is right. Right?



I lived through the 1990’s in America- barely. I was shot with bullets, from a gun, because of my race, and more than most people of my race, I actually endured the taunt of ” nigger nigger watermelon eater” in my childhood.

Which is odd, because I am white.

Some might think these facts, put together are odd and unlikely, while others, blacks perhaps, can relate.

So, I became intrigued by identity politics, the race card, the power of narrative, and more.

Years later, after surviving racism, from black, and white people, I am able to say only one thing with certainty: whiteness, darkness,  and heirarchies of color exist all over the world, and so does bias associated with skin pigment.

What also exists in the world are people who deliberately profit from racism- who profit by pitting one against the other.

Here- have a look at this, written by a “white girl” who is a native of Thailand:

015 at 11:11 am

i am a thai women from the light skinned race, and i DO NOT find men of caucasian race attractive. In my thailand, we have very light skinned thai girls who are in not chinese blood but in fact the decendants of white Dai Race of Altai Mountains above china and the white mon-khmre, and these very white girls whose skin is much lighter than chinese never walk with nor marry western men. I will not date any western men because they are vey unattractive and i have my white blood from white mon-khmer and white dai race, the same blood as that of our thai king and queen.

prostitutes in pattaya are not women of thai race or not the same race as our thai king and queen but in fact dark skinned thaitified Isaan women from the northeast part (larger than) that was conquerred from loas and cambodia by the thai army 300 years.

But chinese women of full chinese blood born from chinese immigrant familiies in my country marry whitemen, and many ugly light brown girls and dark girls who are found to be of partly chinese ancestry and have african face that is ugly in thais’ eyes walk with whitemen. i think chinese people have inferior complex minds, china was a war loser.


It’s funny how blind we can be to our own racism when we are in the mating game, but wherever you find whiteness being discussed, mating is happening.

That, and the subsidiary industries that derive profit from it.

Another attempt to say it plain, which is, even then not simple.


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