“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

As I predicted, Syed Farook was under “investigation,” i.e. likely a victim of organized harrassment campaign.

Police Tapes Reveal Syed Farook Was Likely Targeted With Hidden Investigative Tools Before Attack – Yahoo News http://news.yahoo.com/police-tapes-reveal-syed-farook-205900506.htm

Yahoo’s headline said:

Police Tapes Reveal Syed Farook Was on Law Enforcement’s Radar Before Attack

Which is sort of ironic, considering that the police do not use ‘radar’ on subjects of ‘disruption campaigns’- AND the fact that bloggers, and non-MSM citizen journalists  know the names of the hidden, secret, tools that they ARE using, surreptitiously, and without citizen oversight- that the MSM never publishes the fact that questionable, illegal tactics are deployed on citizens across the US: there are no MSM ‘breaking stories of investigative journalisms’ that look at the deep state.

Resisting temptation of the lithe and new satanic nymphs, and devilish succubi of sexy secret spy tools has proven impossible for LE’s across the country. In fact, the FBI has obstructed justice for a decade in this area.

But let me say it loudly: law enforcement is using tools that violate every tenet of a free society to entrap people, harass people, and limit the ability of some to even keep, get, or maintain a job. It’s a wholly self perpetuating model that feeds into the ‘threat matrix’ of bloated mission creep. Here, again, is the secret surveillance catalogue of American law enforcement: https://theintercept.com/surveillance-catalogue/


“Syed Farook had already attracted the attention of law enforcement just a week before he and his wife carried out a massacre of his co-workers in San Bernardino, California.

“I believe one of the guys was working that name up for something last week,” a police dispatcher said during the carnage after Farook was identified as the shooter.

Read: How to Use a Belt to Barricade a Door During a Shooting

“Another officer says “They had ran the guy or something last week and I was going to give it to one of your intel guys,” according to tapes heard by INSIDE EDITION.”

In America, these mass shootings have bloomed like flowers under President Barak Obama’s leadership.So have claims of some that a hidden investigative schema is in play that utilizes multi-agency ‘investigations’ and rapid response teams o monitor citizens- all of it ‘paid overtime’.

So, there is evidence, and it is safe to assume, that there is merit to these claims of  ‘organized stalking,’ but also, less talked about, is the use of Stingray cell phone jammers, wiretaps that are done in secret and WITHOUT court authorization, covert teams waging whisper campaigns, and warrantless surveillance.

Oh- and the targeting of reporters and citizen journalists who don’t follow party lines, or who question the complete absurdity of erasing our Constitution, and our constitutional right to free speech, association, assembly, and more.

In these “investigations” run by local police forces acting on “tips” from “Anonymous” tipsters- federal agents and agencies ( the FBI and the DHS- the DEA before their SOD scheme was busted), and the horde of private intel firms that prey upon Americans private data- all the rules are thrown out the window. That which is done in secret cannot be sustained- and surely is not the America we were told it is.

And the fusion centers tracking your cellphone is the main electronic tool that they use. The ‘flash mob’ method of intimidation is a powerful tool in two ways: one is that when cellphones are illegally accessed, and data manipulated,  it is hard to prove.

And then, if a ‘target’ turns their phone off it increases the likelihood of them being tracked in the future, because the NSA monitors this exact pattern of on again iff again phone use. In many ways, organized stalking is a very handy self fulfilling prophecy- and a billions per year make work project.

This is when they up the ante and use bigger tools, and agents provocateurs. These guys- the masquerade online as terrorists, drug dealers, pedophiles, arms dealers- what have you. Their entrapment schemes and resources to enact them are literally endless. And as often as possible, they leave no visible traces- unless you, the citizen, or the journalist know where to look.

You- the citizen journalist.

Others target “suspects” of “investigations” with various means of harassment: they will enlist ” community” organizations to intimidate or threaten your wife, your children; they will threaten to make you homeless; try to force and coerce you into becoming a confidential informant through blackmail; break in to your cars and homes- leave shit in your toilet just to let you know they were there and there’s not a damned thing you can do about it.


The scene of the aftermath of Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik shooting in San Bernardino, CAImage courtesy of IBTimes

They will set up an apartment across from your house, and break in to yours without leaving a warrant behind; they will delete your security camera footage. And, most effectively, they surreptitiously monitor your communications, and even repeat the subject matter of conversations back to you in private places, or in public.

They will enlist members of the ‘community’ such as neighbors, or sadistic, bullying tormentors in your workplace, to do similar things in what is called ‘gaslighting.’

While Syed Farook was noted by all who knew him to be ‘quiet and reserved,’ it is a small wonder that he did what he did. What could set such a person on a path to destroying those with whom he shared bread, time, or workspace?

Prominent among the co-workers of Farook, was a self identified “Messianic Jew” 52-year-old Nicholas Thalasinos  who was said to be passionate about Israel, and who didn’t uphold the social custom of “keeping religion and politics” out of his workplace. Thalasinos was also “outspoken” about his rights to gun ownership and a likely willingness to use them- like politics and religion by most accounts.

So, while no one can condone heinous attrocities like Farooks rampage, often, those who can’t keep their politics out of the workplace have another name: sociopaths, and bullies- and often, in the modern ‘community policing’ narrative, these same are enlisted covertly by law enforcement as part of the new ‘investigative schema’ of the see something say something crowd.

And- like nearly every mass shooter before him- Farookbwas ‘on the radar’somehow. Strange: somehow, indeed.

Related: What is ‘workplace mobbing?’

It is also said that Farook argued with him one week before the shooting, and that Farook was likely provoked after a discussion at the workplace party by this same man, Thallasinos.

In the Homeland Security schema of ‘tolerance for minor crime’ it appears that workplace bullying is NOT one of their priorities. But in many of these cases, workplace bullies are a factor, as is the ‘disruption’ narrative. Bullies, working with LE’s will do this for YEARS because there is NO OVERSIGHT in the process- they are very specifically NOT keeping records in these ‘disruption campaigns,’ and no records of how LE’s incite or enlist community members, much less records of what those ‘angels’ do to ‘devils.’

So local law enfarcement will laugh, pat their big bellies, kiss their steroid-laced biceps, and tell you they are happy the taxpayers bought them MRAPS. And those MRAPS, like many squad cars, helicopters, and planes, are ALSO equipped with electronic technology that defies the constitution, according to an un-named source.

And Stingrays; Hailstorms, X-ray capable vans loaded with hacker gear. Don’t ask me how I know this- ask them, if YOU are any kind of reporter worth a paycheck. It is not the job of a journalist, or a blogger, or a citizen to help in the destruction of civil rights, or to provide details that law enforcement are too lazy to dig up; or too busy stalking, harassing, and targeting speakers for words and ideas that threaten bloated police state paycheck and overtime schemes.

Just follow the dots. They lead back to your colleagues and you enlisted or deputized community members. It’s called ” organized stalking,” you are likely part of it or complicit in it, and it’s brutal, plain and simple.

On a final note, it cannot be ignored that Syed Farook fits the ‘profile’ of the type of person who would be a high value asset to the FBI or law enforcement if he could be manipulated, bullied, coerced, or forced to become a confidential informant: Foreigner from a highly targeted country; military connections via his brother; and direct connections to what could be called marriage trafficking with possible ties to Russian and Jewish mobs.

Further reading: If you are a defense lawyer, a civil rights activist, a victim of organized harassment or an ordinary criminal who is facing the test of ‘innocent until PROVEN guilty,’ who is charged, or suing the state for civil conspiracy or other, put these into your subpoena’s and discovery requests.

Here are the names of many of the secret military devices that are being deployed by law enforcement across America today.

Blackfin DRT 1101b DRT1138b DRT 1201c DRT1301c DRT1301b3 DRT4411b Typhoon Spartacus Kingfish Stargazer3 Thoracic Cyberhawk Cellbrite ICS2 Nemo handy Sagem OT488 498 QRC Lighthouse Garuda Carman Windjammer Radiance Raven Deerpark Traveler Nebula Icarus NVDF Twister BoeingScheibel s100 Guava Gpod GarWind Gilgamesh Airhandler BLOS RadPod Jagged Amber Travel Pod Tpod Artemis Maximus Cyclone Mx9 Buckshot Yellowstone PRD1 Hayden Sidewinder Rebus RadioEye Jugular2 Quasimodo HEATR FLIR etc.

Nicholas Thallasinos: http://www.ibtimes.com/who-nicholas-thalasinos-san-bernardino-shooting-victim-was-outspoken-messianic-jew-2210477

Another attempt to say it plain, which is, even then not simple.


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