“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

In re: conflating reactions to chronic surveillance with terrorist ‘intent’

FBI foils FBI plotduckduckgo.com

There’s an old saw that says “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” which is, apparently, good for monkeys. Three of them, to be specific.

There is another saw-not an old one, but a new one, designed like a wedging, splitting, sawing thing to divide the American people between a) those who think that ‘liberty’ depends from ‘security,’ but only after they’ve weeded the herd and gelded the  rams- and that otherwise, b) ‘security cannot be had without liberty.’ Liberty, our goddess, had, by security in gulping slurps of sloppy firsts…

I will withhold my opinion for now, but suffice it to say that those who would saw you in two-you the baby from your mother; you from your child and or you from your own sense of personal security in the people places and things you love- let me tell you what ‘they’ say: “IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING,” they say.

Yes-I agree: if you see something, say something; say it in a poem, paint a picture, snap a photo and send it to your loved ones; write a song, sing it loud; rub your shoulders together under the sun, the moon, the stars-do anything beautiful- but do it with someone who knows beauty.

King Solomon, babies in disputes; bathwater out the window: otherwise.

Otherwise, those who advocate “see something, say something” come when you call them ( the pathetic Plucklees and cultish Stickmans of the world do this) and they just kidnap, kill, incarcerate; maim maul, disenfranchise and divide those of you who live in fear of lively things from those of you who live and breath beauty.

It really is that simple.

Kitty paranoia.duckduckgo.com.jpg

UNLESS OF COURSE, you see the state, and its paid angels of death, ‘disruption’ and destruction at work: spotlighting peoples front porches from brand new, grey, antenna laden Crown Victoria’s with nearly dirt-less tires; spotless caps: parked in the alley; flying drones above your children’s heads as they try to count stars; hanging out on telephone poles installing switches loaded with dirty tricks, packet sniffers and other as yet to be subpoenaed in any court room kinds of mayhem; your neighbor has their previously open and welcoming blinds shut ALL THE TIME NOW.


In that case-just cover you ears, eyes, and do NOT open your mouth- cuz- who you gonna tell anyways?

UmBwahahahahaMwahahahaaaaa!!!! Big Sister and her bully brother have you completely trained.

FBI staged terror

Now: where’s that organ grinder when I need it??!

Oh-yeah, that’s right. Music is a subversive and dangerous thing. Stay in your glass cage till they tell you to come out. Then, wait for the guy with the spotlight, shot at your house from a brand new shiny Crown Victoria type Interceptor( Henry Ford wuz a Nazi dontchaknow).

Then-dance. But dance fast, jump high, as they pepper your feet with bullets. Otherwise, good Americans won’t be there to hold you up on that final mile.

You know that mile: the near myth of Thermopylae, the battle with the ‘300’and some ( no doubt); Auschwitz, Steiglitz, BumbleLardie and that guy in my alley tonight. Each an epic in its own right, each a piece of history.

But whose history?

Probably, the guy in the Crown Victoria- cuz even after death, the prudery, destruction of human beings wholesale, and, of course, Queen Victoria’ss dalliances with  Sir Rothschild ( Red Shield) is pertinent even today.

Never mind the drones that passed, tonight, just above you at the edge of the “forest”- cuz big bad wooves EXIST and you need to care. Never mind that you still have the right to give that drone a double fingered double eagle salute, and have that work its way into a secret database-just never mind.

Never mind the Red Shields, or the bloody bright fangs. Never mind that the war has come home to you, personally. Just never mind. And: conform, already! Civilized #narrative depends on it. L fucking Oblamer fucking Loop. Tell me that joke again- the one about how Republicans and Bush were somehow worse than drones, and this war at home?


Afterthoughts and further reading:

I wrote many months ago about how the Homeland Security initiatives preclude independent research or the nullification of ‘official source’ narratives.I have written about this for years; it’s what I do.

Since then, my house has been helicoptered ad nauseum ( in contrast to months past, my abode was virtually a ‘fly all the fuck you want’ zone yesterday and slightly before. I live near a dying airport, and flights are fairly routine, predictable, and unobtrusive. Occasionally ( April 2nd 2016) inordinate and unusual flights took place above my head.

Without purpose, legal standing’ or other time consuming cause, documenting these anomalies is useless and time consuming. However, in the proper legal forum, these facts and observations become germane. For now, just another day in the flight path of all those #goodguys who derive revenue from your tax dollars, as I watch them watch ….well- their paychecks, creating, then, ‘policing’ their own narratives.

The illusion of black deep state magic creating and policing the narrative: “Illusion of Justice: Human Rights Abuses in US Terrorism Prosecutions,”

Hard link here: http://hrw.org/node/126101

KW: 13, spotlight, brighting, grey area, bullying, national security, fat testosterone junkies who belong in jail, counting stars, “it’s for the children”, election year, propaganda, always always always take a picture, spy camera, FBI disruption go fuck yourself

Another attempt to say it plain, which is, even then not simple.



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