“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Wow. My #ElisaLam post is heavily trolled.

Everybody is a writer these days. Bloggers, Twitter geniuses, Instagramaholics; occasional journalists.

UNc sam.duckduckgo.com

But very very few people write in the ‘here and now.’ It’s like writing, itself, as both an art, and a science, has been relgated to tweets, twaffic, and, occasionally, a story worth reading; each story encoded with information that only literate people will read.

I dunno I’m just doin mah job. Writing. Of course, that, prefaced with thousands of hours reading up on things.

Then, of course-doesn’t everybody?– experience the direct, non-conforming, horrifically traumatizing effects of ‘knowledge’?

No? Just me then? Well, gee, I wish more people would “read”.

Between the lines, cuz this new thing doesn’t “burn books”–it(they) burn people, by eradicating original thought st its source: the internet.

See you soon-and you know who ‘you’ are!

Afterthoughts, further research:

WordPress has a feature called ‘stats’ which lets a writer know a) what was read on their blog b) what countries ‘read’ their posts c) what search engines searched, and read their posts d) what search language landed a reader to a post.

My blog is nearly as OBSCURE as a blog can be. BUT: in the last week and a half someone has been reading ‘all the right posts’. By ‘right’ I mean that my obscure blog is designed to elucidate certain things about certain narratives, methodologies, and to ‘attract’ certain types of readers.

It is designed for an EXTREMELY SMALL percentage of any pooulation to read.

In that light, here are the posts being ‘read’:

Elisa Lam, killed by security state
Miley Cyrus, where I challenge and refute the narrative of males as either pedophiles or primary pimps.

The narrative where I implicate, indict, and lay blame for the San Bernardino shooting at the feet of police and the organized stalking that they deploy upon individuals.

Memetics, mind control, and the online bullying that occurs when official narratives are challenged, disputed, or analyzed by ‘ordinary’ people-to indict the propaganda system.

My posts where I predict that police shootings are themselves propaganda; and implicate official narrative as a huge bag of shit thst lies and, through occult practices, indoctrinates ‘ordinary citizens’  to not question official lies ( Fox Lake)

The story about the black journalist who was quite likely an mc victim; he who later killed colleagues; and who was later discredited via his sexuality.

And: many posts which could be construed as revealing ‘personal information’ which could be twisted and contorted into yet another bizarre state controlled narrative.

In short- in laymans terms, some paid trash is combing my posts and attempting to implicate my narrative in some way. I suspect-and a legal argument could be made- that my narrative is a HUGE contradiction to the official lies we hear, read, or are told to accept as truth.

In that light, see this post as my pre-emptive consent to any legitimate journalist outside MSM to investigate via WordPress, my claim that my ‘narrative’ has been the subject of scrutiny the last two weeks ( should I be disappeared, or otherwise fall upon bad times soon.)

Another attempt to say it plain, which is, even then not simple.


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We’re all so meta that the NSA targets our intellectual detritus.


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