“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

You might be a terrorist- and not even know it!


I have watched, and experienced the brutality, bullying, and jockeying for supremacy of the ‘narrative’ of terrorism since 2003, and I am certain of only one thing: my country has been taken over by a ‘deep state’ that works in secret, and warrantlessly to subvert the primary tools of self protection that all persons have within themselves: the ability to think, and its accompanyng tool- free speech, and the First Amendment.

Do You believe in the individual right of free speech? And to use ideas formed in the privacy of your own mind to speak? I do. And, according to the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security- that makes me a terrorist.

Then, I was a simple student reporter, studying journalism in a community college, and a huge story fell in my lap- a real live ‘terrorist’ who had attended training camps in Afghanistan, and claimed to have met Osama bin-Laden, the CIA’s former liason to the mujahadeen, who had been morphed into ENEMY NUMBER 1.

Related: Here is the official descriptive lexicon that the FBI uses to label people terrorists. Here is the DHS threat lexicon. Despite obvious mission creep into every and all civil liberties for all Americans

I can’t at this time reveal which ‘terrorist’ it was, but suffice it to say that he eventually- after serving many years pre-trial in prison- that man plead guilty to aiding and abetting terrorism. His crime? In his own words ” I wanted to teach English.”

And, too, I watched with sheer horror as I watched my country slide into the slippery territory of the modern police state, with a slow, progressive coup taking place: the security state as the modern Praetorian Guard, infiltrating every and any narrative, and every dissenter or dissent.

I will make a prediction-that come Monday morning, my world will be different. But also- that your world will become different too.

I will seek to begin to use words, ideas, images, and more to demonstrate to others what the cost of Free Speech really is to me, an individual; but also to you, and everyone you know, because the human being is born pathetic, and defenseless-naked and vulnerable to the world and it’s predators.

I am but like a baby in my own right: unarmed, naked, and as will be demonstrated eventually in proper legal forums- I have but two things with which to protect myself- and others: the ability to formulate an idea in the privacy of my own mind; and then, the ability to speak these ideas to others who can aid my vulnerability.

I cannot predict exact the time, place, or manner in which my dangerous mind and it’s words, thoughts, ideas, memetic systems of organization, and images of reference will be apprehended- but one clue is this: the Praetorian Guard that has infiltrated, bullied, manipulated, and dominated the narrative-and mine- of freedom will have a light shined upon IT in ways that few have ever seen before.

But I am ready, at that time, to exercise my rights- and yours, too, because my Constitution guarantees to us the right to certain things- and starting tomorrow, I will deploy my weapons of mass word constructions against those who have used every dirty and humiliating trick in the book to silence me.

Speech, sans privacy, though vulnerable and somewhat pathetic against armed assaults, has a purpose beyond all of us to now; but I suspect that part of this purpose is to ‘set an example’ for others less gifted. And, perhaps, my time at the podium is upon me.

It’s all I can do when lives and minds hang in the balance- and are lynched in the secrecy of the hidden deep state-t differentiate between security statism, and every citizens ights to unfettered personal liberty.




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We’re all so meta that the NSA targets our intellectual detritus.


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