“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Do you know ‎محمدایوب یوسفزی شینواری‎, Hakim Jan and 7 others?

This headline above, is an unsolicited communication from Facebook, and as benign as it seems, it is in fact a threat to freedom everywhere*; and mine, personally. It literally opens the door to a “narrative fiction” which is the grey area that police use to infer “legal fiction” which is well known in conspiracy circles, and which occurs in any and every false or malicious prosecution.


My Internet Has  a Back Ache. Maybe its because all these entrapment schemes look like a  honeytrap- with Fallopian tubes and uteri extending int our homes

The Narrative Fiction of Guilt by Association

For the first time in history, corporations are so deeply in collusion with police that they work to entrap citizens in pure speech as a first resort, by colluding to abrogate privacy. And they do this demonstrably, and in a calculated, covert manner. In fact, much of this collusion is well known now, and hence, no longer a ‘conspiracy theory. ‘

My Friends

Here, have a look at who ‘I’ am associated with, now that the Facebook algorithm has me, somehow, in cahoots with Afghanistan ( OSAMA BIN LADEN WAS FROM THERE!!! dontchaknow…) the military, and even guys with turbans in Kolkata.

People You May Know Add the people you know to see their photos and updates.

محمدایوب یوسفزی شینواریColonel at Jalalabad,
Afghanistan Add Friend

Hakim Jan Works at Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan Add Friend

سمونیار حسینیمدرسه محمديه
Add Friend

Naweed Elham
‎نماینده کندک محافظی بند سلما‎ at ‎معینیت محافظت عامه و تصدی امنیتی‎Add Friend

Ahmad Khalid Haaris First Lieutenant at Doctor Assisstant Add Friend

Mohammad Nasir NabizadaSales/Marketing at Salam Carpet Add Friend

Reshad ShiwaWorks at U.S. Army Add Friend

Mohammad Ali JaffariSydney, Australia Add Friend

Khan Amir Khan Kolkata, India”

Word Bombs and Guilt

And so, from the initial solicitation from Facebook, to ‘me’ and then, by clicking a link, a second ‘link’ in a potential ‘web’ of entrapment begins. It is as if a corporate hand grenade went off in my inbox.

The first ‘action’ -receipt of the initial email, is itself enough of a solicitation from a corporation, that works in collusion with federal agencies, and containing just enough ’cause’ for the FBI, or any of the other alphabet agencies to flag or frame you in their narrative as a ‘potential terrorist,’ or, in the very least, to mark ‘me’ as a data point on a mind map in a database- in a ‘web of associations.’ Facebook has done as much already.

But how is it that such a benign ‘web’ has begun to be spun around me, an American who has never traveled to Afghanistan or Kolkata?

Simply because its written in Arabic, and it came to my email account. And- because one or more persons associated with these persons, and, by default is associated with the former President of Afghanistan, I get them all the time, even though ‘I’ don’t have a Facebook account.

And, I have been getting these queries since January of 2015, when ‘I’ was in contact with a journalistic source who believes that Afghan reconstruction funds are being squandered, taken out of Afghanistan, and spent here in America on things as frivolous as FBI black budgets, training recruits in surveillance off the record, and multi-million dollar parades that honor American college football.

The Fix Is In

According to the profiles and the narrative schema of all the ‘official’ manuals, and the ‘how to spot a terrorist’ dogmas that have been leashed upon the world by the fanatical and fantastical minds of the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and the rest of the alphabet agencies and their associated private contractors, corporate partners, and the occasional ‘do gooder’ whose mantra is ‘if you see something say something,’ the profile of ‘what is a terrorist’ has been gradually morphing from the archetype of a wild eyed jihadi strapped with explosives.

And now, it includes anyone who speaks out or speaks up against the security state, or it’s bloated, self-perpetuating narratives of fear. It especially includes anyone concerned with ‘individual rights’- which is actually on the threat assessment checklists!

In this cowardly new world, heroes call the cops on their neighbors; a world where every coward gets a chance to settle scores or get revenge- by becoming a ‘snitch.’

So, for example, my neighbor just smoked a joint of what smells like low quality marijuana on his deck. I know this because somewhere between the smell of a young skunk learning to spray, and burnt coffee, exists the distinct odor of bad pot.

There, I feel patriotic now, and I hope you feel more safe too. I put THAT on the internet.


Because in these threat assessments and community snitch paradigms, people who smoke cheap pot obviously are socially disconnected, and deserve a SWAT raid, because only good Americans run in ‘the right circles,’ where good pot is available.

And social disconnection is high on the terror threat list, especially for ‘Lone Wolf’ terrorists. So- be a good American, and rat out people who smoke cheap pot; or cheap beer for that matter-because poor people are at risk to become terrorists. I read that on a list.

No-really: that IS on the list!

Weaponized Internet

The weaponized internet is a complete and total subversion of anything remotely attached to free speech rights, privacy, or even legal presumptions and guarantees of due process. By definition, it is in fact, a conspiracy against these rights and goes one step further: it creates the presumption of guilt by words alone, as each and every bit and byte is encoded computer language.

Merlin.Speak “Dear B*****r, you are *Swear words go here*”

So, say for instance, you just LOVE biryani. Biryani is rice made with spice. And goat meat, lamb, or what have you. And say, you go to biryani.com for a recipe.

Seems simple enough. But what if I told you-and I will tell you- that the best place to hide words is in computer code? That, for instance, the terrorists want to send instructions to each other about where to meet up, and smoke bad pot?

The best thing-beyond encryption, is to write it into the recipe somehow. In a picture, via steganography, or in the actual code itself? Hide it in a widget, or code it into a blog conversation about code even.

So, for example, terrorist A says to terrorist B in a chat room ” hey, dude, I got some spice that tastes like ditch weed but it would be good in some beer yoni”

And guy B says ” Huhhuhhuh. I got a great recipe for that. Just look at this picture on biryani.com, lol. My girl Joni makes the best Yoni, lol.”

You get the picture, lol.

So-irregardless of what constitutes privacy or speech, corporotocracy today is so deeply at war against these rights as to cause many great concern for the future of America’s very sovereignty. Everyone who questions challenges, or reveals the sooper seekrit methods is a ‘suspect.’

“* * No, I’m not bitter. Bitter is for wimps. I’m fucking * HOMICIDAL. I want the fucking HEADS of all the DEC people * who have stalled on this ON FUCKING POLES OUTSIDE MY OFFICE. * Interrupt handled by the master ICU; * send an EOI to it for this level, because * they *appear* not to set up the ICU for * a mode that preserves the fully-nested * structure. * * Of course, given how FUCKING HELPFUL they’ve * been about answering questions and providing * documentation, I had to find that out by * DECOMPILING THE FUCKING INTERRUPT HANDLER * CODE IN OSF/1.”

From Conspiracy Under Color of Law, to Dis-privatization

Coupled with corporocratic assaults on these rights which go hand in hand with another, are behind the scenes collusion of cooperating nation-states ( the NSA, Israel, and Narus Semantic Traffic analysis for instance).

Let me enumerate a few important legal guarantees that every American citizen has under the United States Constitution- rights  enshrined within it to protect individuals, groups, individual states, and thus the nation itself.


Without elaborating into history lessons, most would agree that
America was birthed into being from many influences, but few would argue that America could have existed or been brought into being without one thing above and beyond- apart and protected from the undue influence of an all powerful and invasive monarch: the notion of necessary “anonymity,” which was so important to the founders that they used it for their personal protection-to literally save them, personaly from a king who was known to torture and literally tear people from their very life and limb.


John Jay put the importance of privacy and anonymity thus:

Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority. . . . It thus exemplifies the purpose behind the Bill of Rights and of the First Amendment in particular: to protect unpopular individuals from retaliation . . . at the hand of an intolerant society.

First Amendment Guarantees

The rights of free speech, rights of petition, rights of assembly and congregation are commonly held to extend from that-and perhaps, only that right of anonymity that formed our Constitution; without which, as Jay noted, “unpopular individuals” would not be protected from “the tyranny of the majority.”

Note carefully the language of Jay-that he specifically noted a right of individuals.

Give Me Liberty, or Give Me a Courtroom as a booby prize.

Historical Perspective

The government, corporocratic, and nation-state collusion against speech in our time begins with its assaults on privacy, and anonymity. Indeed, it is now possible again to see them as intertwined, and inextricable one from the other. In fact, it is now without doubt that the very center-the seat of modern communication via the internet- has a middle man; or hundreds of them- sitting in it, negotiating away these rights of privacy, and the speech, assemble, and more that flows from it.

But this form of bullying, and the corporocratic argument, is not a new American problem: it is as old as history itself, any time kings, despots, or robber barons exert undue influence upon the ‘rights of man’ and the women who birth them as well.

Leaders of the Industrial Revolution, like Rockefeller, Carnegie and J. P. Morgan, just to name a few, took the country by surprise. They created a new world in which the ways society functioned and business was conducted was changed forever. New laws were enacted which changed the way business is done. Laws that made business monopolies illegal were created. Other laws to protect American citizens from corporate malfeasance were created as well.

While up until very recently, Americans have been duped by the security state, and its thousands o of enforcement agencies into believing that terror, and terrorists are everywhere-it is easy to forget that ‘we the people’ are adopting THEIR language, and their ‘assessments’ in lieu of exercising individual or collective voice to create our own narratives.

Not long ago, many believed that such things as outsourcing privacy to another nation outside our own was impossible-that our Congressional leaders, our judges, and our law enforcement were there to protect rights and our Constitution- indeed, outsourcing the roit of all freedom- our privacy- has become a state of affairs where blackmail of our ‘protectors’ is not only possible, but ongoing.

That instead of protecting rights, they have turned inward upon us, and are plainly, and by definition, pruriently looking in on us, and profiting from their ill gotten data.

The dawn if the Praetorian’s has arrived, and they are watching you. But who will watch them, there in the secrecy, privacy, and with greater-than-you liberty, peruse photos of you online- snapped by your webcam; or pictures of you baby- your niece or nephew- in the ‘security’ of the cubicles that you paid for with your silence?

Only you can say- if even words are left.

Further Reading:

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Hard Links

In case the internet (as I knew it today, as I wrote this), just in case it disapears ‘again’.




Electronic Frontier Foundation and John Jay on anonymity


Another attempt to say it plain, which is, even then not simple.


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