“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

The Great Disappearance: broken links to valuable internet content


Often, internet links get broken. Other times, they are ‘disappeared’ and frequently, shortly after I bookmark, or link my writing to them.

Terrorist Surveillance Program

That, above, was the colloquial name given to what we now know as “mass surveillance” of each and every American citizen. We all know NOW what I knew some eight years ago.

PRISM, STELLAR WIND, and many other programs utilizing mass surveillance from the Israeli firms Verint, and Narus via its Semantic Traffic Analyzer, and literally THOUSANDS more companies, programs,  gadgets, tools and tricks were, to me then, just a part of the daily show.

I was keenly aware that America was bugged by Israel.

Below is one early example of a “disappeared link”  from my writing. At the time, I had a goon squad following me EVERYWHERE and as I wrote, whole internet cafe’s would crash- everyone in the place would say ” hey, what happened??”

And of course, in those days, I just kept Wireshark running. It told me everything….

Here is a part of that story:


My favorite ‘broken link’ of all time is this one above, when I published a story about the NSA and British intelligence collection in 2012, one year before Ed Snowden confirmed mass surveillance.

At the time, I had strange people with bad haircuts, and strange dialogues following me from one internet cafe to the library, and my home, doing ‘voiceover’ and security theater as I wrote “word bombs” on my various blogs.

This text below is from that Wikipedia page that was edited shortly after I linked to it. Certain things I wrote on WordPress would literally disapear before my eyes as I hit “Publish” note the phrase below “the NSA removed the text” and the date this happenened:

Here is a cut/paste:

Why no activity?Edit

The oldest here is over 5 years old. Has nothing happened since? Idealist707(talk) 18:03, 9 April 2012 (UTC)

Yes but the NSA remove the text — Preceding unsigned comment added by81.148.223.92 (talk) 11:17, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

None of the external links seems to work. Could someone else verify this? I’ll work on replacing them, if someone else could just verify that they’re not working. Elizabeth Blandra (talk) 03:55, 24 August 2012 (UTC)It appears the blog linked in the External Links has in fact been shut down. –Kgwo1972 (talk) 16:11, 24 August 2012 (UTC)Thanks, Kgwo1972. I’ll start looking for alternate links.Elizabeth Blandra Elizabeth Blandra (talk) 18:10, 24 August 2012 (UTC)

End cut/paste.

There’s more on the page if you wish to look. The last time I visited the page was around October, 2015, when I archived an offline copy. Since then, the page has had massive attention, and many updates that ARE NOT in my archived copy.


Here’s a more recent “disappearance”:

I bookmarked this last March:

http://www.jeffpolachek.com/107-greg-syzmanski-interviews-julianne-mckinneyJeff Polachek, Jullianne McKinney, whistleblowers, gang stalking, Organized Stalking, CIA

I do not know Jeff Polachek, nor do I recall why I bookmarked the link. But, a pattern has emerged for me: many of the things I write about get altered in ways that obscure my meaning- or hide important facts from my readers.

I will investigate this, and Polachek, and get back to you.

But here’s a copy of the text I got from one of the coolest sites on the Net, the Internet Wayback machine

US Army Intelligence Officer: “Gang Stalking” Phenomenon is Precursor to Coming Holocaust

Error loading player:
No playable sources found

(The following description was copied from the posting of this interview at LiveLeak.)

“This is the only known interview by Julianne McKinney, a former army intelligence officer who has labored to expose electronic harassment and mind control torture of many, many thousands of victims world-wide.

In introduction, investigative journalist Greg Syzmanski comments that “after an extensive career in US Army Intelligence as an area intelligence officer, on return to civilian life Julianne McKinney became a mamber of the Association of National Security Alumni, an organization of former intelligence officers dedicated to exposing escesses by the US intelligence services.

Appointed as director of the electronic surveillance project, in 1991 Julianne authored the publication “Microwave Harassment and Mind Control Experimentation“, still recognized today as one of the most authoritative documents on the subject.

Within the interview, Julianne McKinney makes the frightening observation that the ultimate objective may be “to control and correograph those who are involved in these harassment operations on the dispensing end. And it would appear that those being targeted are simply objects, whom I see as ultimately being disposable. In other words, I think that once full control is established over a major percentage of the population, and enough of the pouplation is silenced and unwilling to stick their necks out, we would inevitably be heading towards a holocaust.”

Further Reading: A catalogue of all the weapons of war that the alphabet agencies like the FBI CIA NSA ICE DEA ETC are using to monitor, harass, surveill, intimidate, and, occassionally- to investigate American citizens.

Another attempt to say it plain, which is, even then not simple.


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