“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Sex Offenders and the Occult Practices of Law Enforcement

The Dru Sjodin Sex Offender Database

There’s this guy on the internet who claims he is being stalked and harassed.

His name is Dan, and he lives near Chicago in a bland near-urban area. He has a Facebook account, he’s on Google+; he shares snapshots of himself shirtless in his abode or with a girlfriend.

And he writes about how the FBI is trying to coerce him into confessing to crimes he says he did not commit- crimes of killing children in horrific ways: burning them with lighter fluid in abandoned homes and more; that he’s committed multiple crimes as a serial child killer.

In fact-the internet has thousands of these stories, and each story is premised on a variety of themes- that the people who write these stories are said to be drug dealers, murderers, terrorists, pedophiles; but too- government whistleblowers, rape and torture victims- and all of the writers indicate that they are ‘suspects.’

That ‘whisper campaigns’ are being waged behind their backs-and to their faces- by organized groups of domestic terrorists who are waging ‘no touch torture’ campaigns against them. And, that these campaigns are waged upon them over periods of time that simply stifle the constitutional right of a persons to the pursuit of happiness.

While it’s relatively easy to balk and walk away from stories that involve terrorists and pedophiles- that its easy and logical to plainly avoid in this era of mass surveillance and mass incarceration- these stories ironically also share something else in common with the most treasured traditions of the greatest of nations: they all involve human rights; rights that are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, and by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, United Nations charters and more.

So- if Dan, the man from Chicago is guilty, why has he not been charged? And if doubt exists as to that mans truth- why torture him for proof? Because if such is the case- and Chicago does have a long sordid history of torturing people into confessionsconfessions- one must ask: is justice served?

That if occult practices by law enforcement, and the unimaginably hidden psychic brutality behind the mans claims to ascertain truth-then even that truth cannot stand in court. It becomes tainted by duress and elements of insanity. And, potentially, real bad guys will remain free.

Each case claims to involve agents from agencies with starting pay at around 100k per year: FBI/NSA/CIA Behavioral units; local and state police-and prosecutors, working both covertly, off-the-books and on the payroll in joint task forces; retired policemen and women. Some even claim that firefighters and paramedics are involved.

And, many, but not all of these claims involve anecdotal reports of stalking methods and ‘electronic harassment’ being directed at these individuals as ‘targets.’

We now know that both of the above claims are true- that thanks to whistle blowers, programs are now revealed to exist at the federal agency level to ‘disrupt’ people’s lives wholesale- and that these programs imitate the exact effects of claims of those who say they are stalked.

And, that methods of internet, email, social media and cell phone subversion are so widely deployed in secret that other as yet to be revealed devices could be used as well.

This reporter has performed a social experiment on Twitter that documents aspects of it as well, and it verified that the best way to bring flash mobsters and bullies out of the woodwork is to simply mention the #officialsource #narrative of #OrganizedStalking, or the #FOP and more on Twitter, which literally serves up the most devious and oppressive, bullying elements of those who crush #freespeech and who distort our associations by intimidation and threats.

Each story has its own nuances, as individual as the writers who write them-there own central underlying claims. And, each case varies in its narrative strength, case facts, proofs and evidence; but consistency of narrative in some cases is much stronger than in others- which is significant because the counter- narrative and disinformation sites are pure negative reinforcement and intel collection points.

These writers are often clearly bi-polar, or clinically schizophrenic. All seem to write under duress, and all share indicators of paranoia, and often, PTSD.

Some writers are highly gifted, their information is well researched and as factual as anecdote can be; while others- many others if not most, read like the disjointed narratives of battlefield reporters reporting the horror of war; and injury.

But they are all, clearly, the collective narrative voice of isolated, marginalized, disaffected people; those who, for some as yet to be proven reason, real or imagined feel stalked, harassed, maligned, and by hidden agents of the state and its satellite alphabet agencies and community groups working with them.

The whistleblower, the schizophrenic; the pedophile and the terrorist-as different as these stories are one from another, they ALL share one thing in common: they are the stories of people who claim they are victims of Organized Stalking.

There are other names for it, which can be found in these narratives, but all of them are organized, and all share common features which even low-skilled readers will notice after reading just a few if these types of posts.

Dan*** Lav***** story of Organized Stalking

The key facts of Dan’s particular story are these:

1) that hidden stalkers from multiple agencies and task forces are pursuing him for leads, evidence, or facts about cold crimes that could cause him to confess, or be convicted as a child serial killer.

2) that multiple agencies in the state of Illinois have been trying to prove he is guilty, or complicit in burglaries, property crimes, child rapes and/or murders that date back as far as the 1980’s.

3) that these agents have threatened him in various ways including to murder, dismember, mutilate, torture him in various ways, and specifically to cut his genitals off.

4) that he has filed papers/briefs with the courts to cause and force these hidden agents to be revealed by judges and prosecutors- to force the courts to produce evidence against him, or to allow him the presumption of innocence, and the right to be left alone.

5) that, in particular, these agents who exist in the realm of occlusion have waged a whisper campaign against him at places of employment, in public, and in private. And, that his ability to maintain a life are all but destroyed.

6) that these occult agents have, specifically and with actual malice, told others that he, Dan, is a convicted pedophile and child killer.

If his story is true (or predicated in law and facts); if his hidden tormenters and investigators are ‘on to something’- then the guy is clearly and indisputably a monster if such can be proven.

But on even the slimmest outside chance that his story is an indicator of something else- a hidden form of interrogation, cult practices by law enforcement and others; actual torture, or just bullying- then there is in fact another monster afoot.

Occult Induced Schizophrenia

I was once told by a professor- a descendent of the great psychiatrist Fenichel, that- “if a person can understand what a schizophrenic was saying, then that person is probably schizophrenic themselves.”

Interestingly, this man had also been himself diagnosed with a stigmatizing mental diagnoses- and he swore he couldn’t understand the language of schizophrenics.

I was also told by Blacks law, and many other sources that the only defense to slander and libel is ‘truth.’ But how to tell it amidst a social poisoned by big budget bullying?

oc•cult (ə-kŭltˈ, ŏkˈŭltˌ)*

adj. Of, relating to, or dealing with supernatural influences, agencies, or phenomena.

adj. Beyond the realm of human comprehension; inscrutable.

adj. Available only to the initiate; secret:occult lore. See Synonyms atmysterious.

Dan*** Lav****, is, according to his own narrative, a suspected child killer

With these things above in mind, I have decided to research the Dan*** Lav**** story, and try to ascertain truth one way or another- that if indeed there is a monster, it can only be in three places: Dan as a child killer, state and other organized agents of the occult working a script to create a monster, or in another dark place- clinical mental illness. And I will preface that with the fact that I am biased; that I believe American institutions today are plainly psychopathic in their hidden interpretation of existing case law

It is also possible- and indeed probable- that all of the above could be true at once. But I doubt it.

I doubt it for one reason alone: that if in fact the law, its traditions and practices; its obligations and presumptions- and even its legal fictions; the checks and balances and high standards of truth and proof- I doubt that all three can be true at once- because legal truth cannot bear the lies of ommission. Worse: if the makers of boogiemen do it in secret- who are they- gods?

So- if the man is guilty, why has he not been charged- and what law or legal framework, or ethical premise delineates investigations that go on, apparently, for decades? And if doubt exists as to that mans truth- why torture him for proof? Because if such is the case- occult practices by law enforcement, and the unimaginably hidden psychic brutality behind the mans claims to ascertain truth-then even that truth cannot stand in court. It becomes tainted by duress and elements of insanity.

The Drew Sjodin Sex Offender database

True evil exists in the form of ‘the occult’ but-that which is commonly told to children as devils and their demons do not actually exist- and neither do angels.

Yet these are the prevailing myths of western culture; and particularly prevalent in the narrative operating myths of police culture- because children need to know why mommy or daddy didn’t come home one night, and never will again.

The occult does exist- occult is a word related to another word ‘occlusion,’ which simply means ‘that which is deliberately hidden.’ And, what is most commonly hidden-especially from children- are the bad, even evil things that adults, parents and the societies they form are capable of- and participating in every day in order to appear to be good- but not necessarily to actually be. And that, sadly, is defined in this culture and many others by ‘who gets to eat at the feeding trough.’

So- while these narratives are powerful, and some might argue, useful, it is also useful to reveal truth. Perhaps more useful.

So- before I contact this Dan from Chicago, or name, or link to Dan’s writing, profiles, or other identifying data- I will first adress the heart of his claim- that there is any fact to a ‘whisper campaign’ is being waged against him.

I searched the federal sex offender registry using the name he provides online, cross checked several spellings of his name, given online and in alleged court filings.

The Results: Dan*** Lav****

0 records from a national search including all states, territories and Indian Country for First Name like Dan***, Last Name like Lav****. To view a list of the jurisdictions included in this search, click here.

Search performed 4/20/2016 2:32 AM EDT

Make of that what you will. Dan*** Lav**** has never been convicted of a crime against children and does not appear on the sex offender registry- but has named agents and agencies that he says, are trying to make such a case and, possibly, force a false confession.

Related Story: FBI waged a 40 year disruption campaign in Puerto Rico
* from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Another attempt to say it plain, which is, even then not simple.


7 comments on “Sex Offenders and the Occult Practices of Law Enforcement

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  2. BAP Blogger
    April 26, 2016

    The country is founded on the idea of new beginnings. Pay your debt and have another shot at being a decent person. Continual involvement and reminders of past mistakes bring up situations that were not good to begin with.

    Liked by 1 person

    • popagandi
      April 26, 2016

      Yeah- this is interesting, and compassionate on your part.

      Yes: it appears that these guys fit the profile of ‘usual suspects.’ No doubt, some of them are absolute and total scum- but so too are paid bullies who can ratiinalize Klan style ‘night riding,’ whisper campaigns that cause unemployment, and so on.

      The guy in question has actually sued. His pleading looks like what you might expect from a guy with liw skills and liw edycation- but these are the primary people who are caught up in these Organized Stalkings.

      In fact- many of the disinfo sites dedicate postings to this exact theme- those writers, workung in one of the alphabets, or some scum private contractors here or overseas masquerade as victims and mick how ‘marginalized, low-status individuals ‘
      are targeted in these off-the-record harassment campaigns.

      It really is brutal psychological manipulation.

      So- yeah- I ran that guy through the sex offender DB: not a single sex charge that I could find.

      His crim is extensive- but no CSC anywhere.


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