“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Angels and devils, alright Mr. Comey. And Spooks- lots of spooks: the occult practices of law enforcement part 2.

FBI Director James Comey espouses occult practices and hidden methods of intimidation “To keep people safe, with appropriate oversight®, we need to know what they’re talking about.”

“We” the people need to know alright. Unseal all those affidavits in your possession, and in the courts, about warrant-less surveillance, and the methods and tools used to get them- give journalists their requested FOIA documents-so we can see them, Mr. Comey.

We need to know what YOU are talking about too.

IMSI diagram


I recently wrote about the occult, and how law enforcement employs hidden means and methods by which to cause or enforce belief in superstitious religion, create, perpetuate, and reinforce false and deceptive social narratives*, and to terrorize people with hidden harassment.

One of these persons who documents having  been terrorized- a man in the Chicago area who is by his own, and others accounts, a criminal. Dan*** is not the kind of guy you bring home to meet the wife and kids, or even share a beer with unless you have a pistol in your pocket: Dan*** is a hardened criminal with hard crimes on his decades long rap sheet.

But he is also ostensibly, a free citizen of the United States of America, and as such, has rights. Human rights that don’t begin and end at some arbitrary point in time specified by people acting under color of law.

While some in law enforcement believe that ‘whatever you have to do on that day’ is the right thing to do to ‘get the bad guys’; others  believe in the law, and upholding the United States Constitution.

I am fairly certain that these two types of people in law enforcement would mirror the Milgram Experiments conclusions about psycho-pathological obedience EXACTLY if those in law enforcement were ordinary citizens, based on a random sample of the population.

But they’re not- cops are selected BECAUSE they have a tendency towards obedience, average to low IQ candidates are preferred (and courts uphold low IQ as pre-requisite to the job) , double to triple the tendencies towards being domestic violence perpetrators, rapists, pedophiles, and bullies– so much so in fact that it is nearly a separate academic discipline.

While profiling the police has been framed by some as a criminal act in itself, and the poluce themselves work very hard against being ‘seen’- the definition of the occult is just that- to prevent insight into that which is ‘occluded’ from view.

It is widely recognized that Americans are under the undue influence of police narratives. Perhaps this is because the ‘official’ sources of discriminating against psychological tolerance of deviance are lax with their cutoff point in selecting cops- or possibly that the MMPI selects FOR it.

Regardless, Milgram found that people will obediently follow orders even when they know that the orders could cause innocent people to potentially be killed. In fact, 65% of his random sample did exactly that.

So if that’s the case with ‘ordinary’ random citizens- what about these officers of the law? One can only conclude that they are themselves ‘shielded’ from insight by the selection process itself; and beyond the tolerances of mere ‘homicide by obedience’ and capable of darker things. And what is darker than homicide?

“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.”
Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

I would suggest that the mechanisms of misuse of propaganda streams, abuse of the publics trust, hidden motives in media narratives, and this thing called Organized Stalking might be worse. But what could be darker than murder BY state agents; after stalking targets, and pre-propagandizing a narrative?  Perhaps all the warrant-less bullying that precedes it- and attacks upon those who would investigate it.

These practices are truly of the occult- and what is placed beyond our rights to look in places policing narratives soundly withinn the ‘hidden’ realm- in te Occult.

The Muslim and the Messianic Jew: Syed Farook, and the infamous Iphone with nothing on it-or: is there more to the story?

That which was erased cannot be examined or recovered once it is in police possession. What ELSE did the San Bernardino shooters phone contain? I would suggest it had clues of police provocateur involvement.

Devils…and Angels, of course.

FBI boss: We paid at least $1.2m to crack the San Bernardino iPhone • The Register http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/04/21/fbi_comey_iphone

Comey also tried to play down fears that the FBI is spying on everyone, saying it was difficult to debate about the pros and cons of encryption on Twitter:

It is really hard for us to get permission to listen to someone’s phone calls or collect their online communications. There’s a devil – an angel in those details: sometimes people think, well, the FBI will just go listen to my phone. Yes, if we’re able to go to a federal judge and make a showing of probable cause that you are a foreign terrorist, a spy or someone engaged in serious criminal activity and you’re using that device to do that.It’s easy to paint the FBI or the FBI director as the enemy of privacy. I love privacy. I’m a huge fan of strong encryption. But we have a responsibility to keep people safe and there are really bad people in this world. To keep people safe, with appropriate oversight, we need to know what they’re talking about. That’s why we have to continue to talk about this [the encryption debate].

This is after the FBI’s use of the NSA’s PRISM database to snoop on American citizens was deemed unconstitutional by a watchdog – who was ultimately overruled by the US government’s secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. ®

PS: Comey also said bad guys on the internet are more likely to use their skills for espionage and organizing and communicating, than attacking physically systems, such as network-connected dams and pipelines. However, he said it was “inevitable” that crims will move onto these serious targets.

  • Social narratives are commonly called myths, fables, parables, and fairytales. As an example: the Little Red Riding Hood narrative of a little girl in distress from a wolf. In fact- in America- children are, statistically,  MORE likely to be abused by female caregivers, mothers, and babysitters; then, people in authority like cops, priests, Boyscout and Girlscout leaders, doctors, nurses, and generally anyone who makes it their job to be in authority with and over children,  than any lone wolf or pedophile anywhere. That guy is so statistically rare that it boggles the imagination that it could even BE a social narrative; one that justifies BILLIONS of dollars per year hunting him.

    So, the terrorist, the whistle blower, the pedophile and coming to a neighbor near you soon, anyone who challenges the boogieman narrative. Or, the wolves in sheeps clothing, of course. They’re scary too.

Another attempt to say it plain, which is, even then not simple.


2 comments on “Angels and devils, alright Mr. Comey. And Spooks- lots of spooks: the occult practices of law enforcement part 2.

  1. BAP Blogger
    April 26, 2016

    Those attempts on the phones came at a time when people started asking what the police had in their connection to any kind of extremism. They had nothing, save one message to a person who they had no evidence of terrorist connections but thought he might be “extremist.” That’s it? They were desperate to come up with more to support the deceptive narrative, “surveillance is good for your safety.”

    Liked by 1 person

    • popagandi
      April 26, 2016

      What I suspect they had was yet another case where one of their own, or other agencies ‘agent provocateurs’ or several of them might be outed. CYA so to speak.

      The fact that Farooks main problems stemmed from workplace bullying due to harassment from an armed ‘Messianic Jew’ is quite telling indeed.

      Then, you factor in two Russian ( and very likely Shiksa-Jewish kisher nostra brides at that) and you have the makings of a tele-novella.

      If in fact fighting terrorism was ever an actual goal ( it isn’t and hasn’t been) the MASSIVE inTEL infrastructure would have caught them.

      Now, they focus these resources at dissenters, journos, bloggers who reject the propaganda stream and who do their honework; Black Lives Matter, Oakland cameras, Copwatch etc.

      It’s no longer even transparent- it’s blatant pre-emptive intimidation of speakers, writers, organizers, etc.

      So- the ‘threat modelling’ has morphed once again from ‘ crazy terrorist with weapons’ to ‘ guy on Twitter taking a 140 character shit on the FOP after they got hacked’


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