“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

The Occult Practices of Law Enforcement: top down secrecy covers over color of law policing methods.

Are ‘criminal acts’ inevitable? Or- does the FBI and law enforcement control of the narrative have a track record of creating crime, and criminals from whole cloth; or in the very least harassing certain people and groups until they become radicalized? Go ask COINTELPRO!


Radicalization gets a push- and occasionally, a full blown shove called a ‘disruption campaign’ plus financing, planning, plotting, and more from- you guessed it- the FBI. From concept to kitchen cooker, they build Americas dream terrorists!

The case of the San Bernardino shooters Syed Farook and Tafsheen Malik is telling: not only is there evidence that electronic devices are used in secret, without warrant, and without the publics knowledge all over the United States, but especially, and notoriously, as yet to be named electronic devices, internet ‘investigative techniques,’ and other gadgets are widely and covertly used in San Bernardino which is nestled in Riverside County CA.

Syed Farook worked FOR THE CITY OF SAN BERNARDINO- IN RIVERSIDE COUNTY. If ever, anywhere in the world, at any given point of time in human history a phone was likely tapped from MULTIPLE SOURCES AT ONCE it would have been a government phone in that county, at that time.

To put it another way: the odds of Syed Farooks cell phone NOT being wiretapped or intercepted completely at some level are next to nil. And, according to at least one blogger who was relatively easy to find online- San Bernardino Sherriffs department uses ‘electronic harassment,’ for an as yet to be disclosed reason.

The #AppleVsFBI Twitter debate: lies of ommission are an occult practice by their very definition

FBI boss: We paid at least $1.2m to crack the San Bernardino iPhone • The Register http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/04/21/fbi_comey_iphone

FBI Director James Comey “tried to play down fears that the FBI is spying on everyone, saying it was difficult to debate about the pros and cons of encryption on Twitter”
Comey said “It is really hard for us to get permission to listen to someone’s phone calls or collect their online communications. There’s a devil – an angel in those details: sometimes people think, well, the FBI will just go listen to my phone. Yes, if we’re able to go to a federal judge and make a showing of probable cause that you are a foreign terrorist, a spy or someone engaged in serious criminal activity and you’re using that device to do that.It’s easy to paint the FBI or the FBI director as the enemy of privacy. I love privacy. I’m a huge fan of strong encryption. But we have a responsibility to keep people safe and there are really bad people in this world. To keep people safe, with appropriate oversight, we need to know what they’re talking about. That’s why we have to continue to talk about this [the encryption debate].”

So what Comey notes, among other things, is his belief in ‘angels and devils.’ He also quite strikingly blurs the lines and minimizes the fact that he is conflating terminology un mission creep fashion when he lumps ‘ foreign terrorists, spys, and someone engaged in serious criminal activity’ into the same fold.
And- he strikingly downplays the illegality of local law enforcement use of illegal wiretap schemes that PRECEDE FBI involvement or legal wiretaps.

To be clear: to date, not one single mass shooting or terrorist act has been thwarted by mass surveillance- NOT ONE. And many if not all involved coercion, pressure, and planning BY federal agents working to frame mentally ill suspects.

To date, one pattern emerges very clearly: of the domestic terrorists that have been ‘caught’ plotting on US soil- a hodgepodge of mentally ill people, Somali teenagers, a few horny young women in live with the idea of being rebel brides; and a middle aged old lady or two who is bored enough to chat up ISIS- all of these were in contact with agents provocateurs from within the FBI itself; or one of the Five Eyes nations intelligence services.

Plainly- intelligence agency involvement in individuals online lives is bad for individuals- but worth BILLIONS in PR placement opportunity and revenue for more agency toys.

So- what IS the occult, if not a hidden apparatus of persons, machinery, plots and schemes that have only the net effect of increasing job security for the exact people who dabble in the occult while warning citizens away from insight into, or oversight of their practices?

Let’s take a look at, specifically, the problem of the blank check warrantless wiretap scheme in Riverside County.

Prosecutorial Misconduct occurs in secret

Riverside County CA faces first challenge to its massive wiretapping racket http://www.prosecutorialaccountability.com/2016/03/03/ca-riverside-countys-massive-wiretapping-binge-faces-its-first-court-challenge/

“Harder to chronicle is the mostly invisible role of the prosecutor in the investigative process itself, prior to grand jury proceedings and indictments. But as the unfolding scandal over massively excessive wiretapping in Riverside County shows, when enough journalistic resources are brought to bear, this far less readily regulated area of state conduct can at least be brought into the light of day.

This service was performed admirably last fall by investigative journalists for theDesert Sun and USA Today. Their report on how Riverside County prosecutors, whose myriad instances of misconduct we have chronicled before, had aided federal drug agents in creating an unprecedented wiretap mill, overseen by a single judge, threw open the door on one of the most secretive aspects of criminal investigations. As that report described it:

Federal drug agents have built a massive wiretapping operation in the Los Angeles suburbs, secretly intercepting tens of thousands of Americans’ phone calls and text messages to monitor drug traffickers across the United States despite objections from Justice Department lawyers who fear the practice may not be legal.  Nearly all of that surveillance was authorized by a single state court judge in Riverside County, who last year signed off on almost five times as many wiretaps as any other judge in the United States. The judge’s orders allowed investigators — usually from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration — to intercept more than 2 million conversations involving 44,000 people, federal court records show.”

Paralell Construction-the process wherein police illegally monitor, wiretap, perform black bag jobs, and otherwise break the law- and then pass the information along to other LE who ‘recreate’ probable cause in order to make an arrest is a hidden practice that is widely in use all across America today

As Nathan Wessler of the ACLU told the Desert Sun, “Th[is] approach [of using wiretaps to identify suspects and then seeking a different probable cause to stop them] ends up insulating dubious police practices from any kind of judicial review. That’s what [sic] so pernicious about it.”

Devils, Angels and spooks- lots of spooks from around the globe secretly working together to morph the definitions of terrorism to fit crime and criminality- as they work, paid by tax dollars, under color of law, cover of darkness, and employing the occult as a tool to inhibit the publics “right to know,” what they are doing, and how massively crippling it is to justice.

So, James Comey wants you to know that, for him- a good guy, an upstanding citizen, a do-gooder, and an occult practitioner- he wants you, the American citizen to know that Farooks phone hack was ‘worth it,’ even though it contains no data if any use. And that good guys lie, break the law, defy and despise the spirit of the law, just to prove their methods work. That, as always, torture, harrassment, and illegal tactics get cases before the courts, and fill for-profit prison beds.

And Comey wants you to know this only “after the FBI’s use of the NSA’s PRISM database to snoop on American citizens was deemedunconstitutional by a watchdog – who was ultimately overruled by the US government’s secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. ®

PS: Comey also said bad guys on the internet are more likely to use their skills for espionage and organizing and communicating, than attacking physically systems, such as network-connected dams and pipelines. However, he said it was “inevitable” that crims will move onto these serious targets.

I dunno- mebbe, mebbe not: but I know for certain that Syed Rizwan Farook very, very likely had some interesting ‘friends’ who materialuzed out of nowhete, and tried to chum it up. But because control of the narrative ultimately lies in the hands of the #goodguys or before a judge and jury- we the people will never know who called him on his other phone; or what spooky business was going on in his life at the time

So- do bad guys turn to crime once the FBI and law enforcement decide-without a trial or conviction; without insight into hidden, warrantless or illegal police practices- do bad guys just one day decide to move on to espionage and then, blowing up dams?

My guess is that the #badguys will go on Twitter, write blogs, talk to journalists in MSM.

Then, instead of signing a petition, they’ll just use the hashtag #AppleVsFBI and sound off about the unconstitutionality of law enforcement forcing a corporation to build things to help government further corrupt our rights of due process, privacy; speech; association; assembly; and much more.

Then- those bad guys will be swept into the great honeynet that is Twitter- and labeled as domestic threats to security: the job security of people who willingly, using occult practices, build diabolical entrapment schemes with the law, in darkness, and under color of law while destroying due process in the process, and with great pretense and pomp, announce in press release that they got another #badguy off the internet; and that #badguy one who knows what they are up to.

Holy belt buckle! Bend over Batman! The dark lords of #goodguyism strike again!

Another attempt to say it plain, which is, even then not simple.


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