“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Lone Wolf Journalism: the great disapearance, whistleblowers, and broken links


A disappearing breed: ethical journalists

In 2003, I was a non-traditional student in a mid-western community college. Like all hard luck beginnings, this college just happened to be flush with immigrants; with a large subset of highly targeted individuals: Somali’s from the horn of Africa.

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To make matters worse, it was also flush with FBI informants, run by an administrator who somehow, despite scandal and nepotistic job placements, remained there in perpetuity.

It was/ likely still is a virtual picking grounds for what arguably is both the FBI’s pipeline- its command and control center- to al Shabab in Somalia; but also a conduit/ training ground of what are known as ‘confidential informants,’ aka ‘snitches’ the most loathed creatures of all prison dramas.

In fact, the entire city and its outlying areas are known for an insular, quasi-incestuous everybody-knows-everybody culture sprinkled with Zionist-Catholic heavy ‘progressivism,’ and is heavily propagandized. It is an Edward Bernaysian fantasy of mind and culture control.

Just after the Bureau was forced by Edward Snowden into revealing these organized stalkings, and that it does in fact wage ‘paperless whisper campaigns’ and associated gaslighting of ‘at risk’ persons and groups, the spin doctors went into full effect attempting to do a slow roll-out of their Organized Stalking initiatives.

For this project, and its eventual semi-confession of wrong doing, they chose three key centers of mass media saturation: Los Angeles, New York, and Minneapolis, Minnesota. While at first glance, one might wonder why these three were chosen, the connection is in the propaganda control, and the existing levels of main stream media narratives and market saturation. And, fear, of course.

Perhaps most significantly, federally funded organizations in these areas are most likely to repeat, and adhere to the narrative of the “boogieman,” and all of the channels of propaganda are heavily saturated with ‘rapists’ memetics- which academics and institutions repeat as coursework.

Minneapolis however is particularly suited for these narrative half truths, as white American flee the city due to incoming ‘diversity” for which the state also derives Federal funding.

Here is a letter from 2015 where the Department of Justice describes the ‘success’ of its CVE “Countering Violent Extremism Framework”- emphasis on frame– that they published as a response to the mounting distrust that Americans have of these agencies after Snowdens exile.

“The Twin Cities: Minnesota is home to the largest Somali population in North America, the overwhelming majority of whom are productive and peaceful members of the Twin Cities community. However, since 2007, overseas terror organizations like Al Shabaab and ISIL have targeted some in the community to travel overseas and fight.”

I have personally observed their ‘disruption’ campaigns, and can attest that they neither follow the letter or the spirit of the law. While they might well be ‘effective’ by some rubrik, their methods are classic COINTELPRO with the internet and data mining thrown in.

From standard issue confidential informants who follow people and show up often and out of nowhere at the elbow of a ‘target’ asking ” Hey, man are you with the CIA??!” these are unsettling, and misleading if only because of the way they illegally glean your information and then invade your privacy to repeat it back to you.

Other tactics include man in the middle attacks at internet cafe’s that leave jihadist pop-ups on a ‘targets’ computer; garden variety illegal phone wiretaps where agents then repeating information back to the subject either on the phone or in public- these ‘interventions’ are neither therapeutic nor ‘disruptive’ of anything other than justice.

And- they don’t limit their actions to psycholigical warfare and non physical means- they also target personal safety with agents, CI’s, and other community members threatening rape, harm, and death; as well as instigating assaults.

Minneapolis is known for it’s rank in the top ten most police brutality- but also, Colleen Rowley, FBI whistleblower

A midwestern town that once served as the epicenter of the eugenics movement, it is also notorious for the fact that former FBI agent and whistleblower Colleen Rowley notified her superiors that 9/11 was coming- that one Zacarias Moussaoui- the ’20th hijacker’ was likely training to bomb the twin towers.

But then as now, 9/11 or San Bernardino, there was and is a systemic problem in the narrative of intelligence information, and the convoluted journey that it takes as it changes hands.

In her letter to then FBI Director Robert Mueller, Rowley noted this systemic flaw in the narrative of terrorism, and the crooked path that information takes in ‘official channels.’

Careerism and the politics of prosecuting alleged crime

Rowley noted that individuals with political agendas control the narrative of crime:

“By the way, just in the event you did not know, let me furnish you the Webster’s definition of “careerism – – the policy or practice of advancing one’s career often at the cost of one’s integrity”. Maybe that sums up the whole problem!” —Colleen Rowley, describing the problem of FBIHQ in a letter dated May 21, 2002, to FBI Director Robert Mueller

I was relatively oblivious and unattached to that situation, but it had an explosive effect in my personal life thereafter. As the FBI played paddywhack with that lical college and its muslum populatiin, a real bomb of a story ended up in my lap- a real live ‘terrorist’ story about a guy who trained at the el Khalden training camp in Afghanistan.

The consensus in our small college newsroom was that the guy was just a weirdo- a social misfit with ‘buufis’, which is a Somali word for desert sickness: someone ‘touched by the sun,’ who has ‘spent too much time in the desert.’

As the Rowley story began to creep out, and others like Sibel Edmonds, along with the daily fare of local law enforcements heroics profiling people, I wrote the story-what I had of it- with a skeptical eye on narratives of the not-too-distant past of the Watergate era, and FBI’s COINTELPRO program.

And I pushed content in that little newsroom that invoked the coming neo-McCarthyism that we now know as a warrantless surveillance state full of cowboys trampling the Constitution in secret.

Rowley had previously noted that FBI storytelling was precluding faith in the organization, and precluding citizen insight. In other words, the FBI was put on record as having a credibility problem:

” I have deep concerns that a delicate and subtle shading/skewing of facts by you and others at the highest levels of FBI management has occurred and is occurring. The term “cover up” would be too strong a characterization which is why I am attempting to carefully (and perhaps over laboriously) choose my words here. I base my concerns on my relatively small, peripheral but unique role in the Moussaoui investigation in the Minneapolis Division prior to, during and after September 11th and my analysis of the comments I have heard both inside the FBI (originating, I believe, from you and other high levels of management) as well as your Congressional testimony and public comments.”

Deep State Obstruction of Justice Often Starts on the Internet

Here- have a look at another writer who chronicled Rowley, 9/11, and who writes about his own broken links to material previously written. I am certainly not alone in noting that links get broken; or that they are curiously important links.

The original link to this content- Rowley’s letter published in Time magazine online- can be found here.

The devolution of warrant subversion, snitch culture, and warrantless surveillance

Like most plots that involve the FBI, Rowley’s tip was stuffed in the circular file of heirarchy and the information run through the typical CYA dossier before it was acted upon in any way. Certainly all the shot-callers spent time checking to see if any of the confidential informants on their strings were involved; and what they might have to conceal; what black budgets were involved, whosever toes might get stepped on and so forth.

This really is the way the FBI works. According, even, to former agent Rowley and others.
In the same letter, she notes that the bureau has an image problem and the ‘perception management’ problem regarding its black bag job culture– that even within the agency itself, CSA’s, techs and others resist its illegal methods.

So Rowley made the ‘mistake’ of trying to follow the law:

“As a tactical choice, I therefore thought it would be better to pursue the “other route” (the FISA search warrant) first, the reason being that there is a common perception, which for lack of a better term, I’ll call the “smell test” which has arisen that if the FBI can’t do something through straight-up criminal methods, it will then resort to using less-demanding intelligence methods.”

I was subjected to black bag jobs, and questionable investigative practices from that story forwards-and found myself collecting evidence of these intrusions, collecting witnesses aling the way, and watching as my paltry attempts ‘disappeared’ from computers, hard drives; houses and apartments.

And- other things started showing up in my life unwarranted too.It has been a long strange trip indeed.

Rowley, the FBI and the terrorist was perhaps a canary in a coal mine of both my perception and my idealism. But also, it helped me sharpen my eyes as to what to look for, and my teeth when a story came my way.

There, at that little college, I met journalism for the first time, in the form of what we now know as a vast civil conspiracy of fading rights and nefarious law enforcement practices. As a budding journalist, my advancement was hindered and hampered at all times by ‘hidden’ forces that, today we know as ‘Organized Stalking.’

Like all stories, this one began with someone pushing an agenda- and the story is still writing itself. I just bite the salient bits and share what I can with those who have bigger teeth.

Another attempt to say it plain, which is, even then not simple.


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