“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Propaganda Studies:The usual suspects, ducks in a barrel-or magnetized cyber needles in the internet haystack? Remember- “first, we create the haystack.”

Hypotheses: The pile-on effect of free speech ensures that those most injured by police, or institutional psychopaths will be bullied more should they speak up about it. And, the topics they choose to discuss after the fact of abuse by institutions, or organizations are the exact “keywords” that are programmed into Google via PRISM, and words that police scan for, using OSINT social media monitoring.

This is the case in the middle east, and it is the case in the Five Eyes nations that victims of the war industry speak out about the abuse, and in fact are then targeted for their narrative alone ( have you seen any stories on MSM about our use of depleed uranium, or dead babies lately?)

In other words- the piling on to individuals by operatives from agencies and private internet/propaganda controllers ensures that entire armies of trolls will be directed at, target, harass and intimidate speakers online. And, sometimes, come offline via Fusin Center collusion.It is Project Mockingbird, in an echo chamber, directed at individuals, targeted at speakers, and it is a new and grotesque form of police brutality.

Are Fusion Centers actually a nexus for paid cyberbullies to target victims?

In order to explain the new, and horrible form of police/institutional brutality called organized gang stalking, it is important to remember these words ” First we CREATE the haystack.”

In terms of organized staking, this means that the people who speak of being targeted, surveilled ad nauseum ( indeed to the point of schizophrenic sounding symptoms), adopt the language that is essentially ‘given’ to them on the internet- that these words, phrases, etc, are then used to target them in return when they attempt to describe what is happening, or has happened to them.

so, the explanation for many of the terms used, and speculative methods ‘explained’ are in fact part of an echo chamber effect- that the mechanism of Project Mockingbird, the CIA’s early attempt at full control of the media via repetitive messaging, is now in fact and practice turned upon individuals who challenge the official messaging. It is a form of institutional abuse, by design.

So, the message is sent to the receiver ( targeted individual) and then, repeated online by that individual. Then, these words, phrases, and symbols (he FBI today is monitoring memes, and the spread of them, for instance) are used to further monitor, interact with, and possibly, abuse those who use these terms. or worse.

So, as is widely known today, the internet today is itself a sort of corporocratic and government entrapment scheme that stretches the latitude and longitude of the globe. And while certain government agencies make claims that they are ‘protecting’ people by monitoring speech via the internet- and it cannot be disputed that in a few cases this has proven true- few know that in the US, their is a civil conspiracy afoot to limit speakers; and that the number of conversations thus ‘disrupted’ outnumber the few cases where the ‘bad guys’ were caught exponentially- likely 100 million to 1.

Related: The NSA targets porn surfing habits of non-terrorists- and maybe you-in order to blackmail or silence them.


I have written at length about how government intelligence agencies and their affiliated, deputized, and allied organizations directly interfere in the 6 W’s of journalism, and the writer who uses the internet- that the Who What When Where Why and How ( journalism joke alert) of journalism is itself filtered, and often, subverted by infrastructure and operators within that infrastructure that entraps speech on the wire in real time; but also alters it’s content, and sometimes invokes direct government or agency subversion of the narrative via NSA, JTRIG, DHS FBI and even CIA schemes.

The net effect of any speaker who encounters them is that each agency separately and in tandem, and with fusion centers and law enfarcement, has multiple tools and methods to profile, target, manipulate and harass a speaker into silence. A pile on effect, at the edge of some very slippery slopes.

Related Story: USAF OSID cultist, mind control practitioner, a woman who ‘speaks to the dead’ and a ‘profiler’ Patricia Stockman Beatty perpetuates boogieman narratives via her magic ‘cloak of official occult.’

cutting a telegraph wire

Man cutting a telegraph wire. Silence on the wire is an interesting phenomenon, but it is not a NEW one. This image has left a trail of metadata crumbs that any Five Eyes alliance agency, and Israeli intelligence,  can follow at any time- but you cannot. Because if you follow the trail, you could be charged with espionage!

As a citizen journalist, an internet journalist, and as your neighbor, I have documented for years the effects on me personally, and others who use the internet as a tool, and as a resource to write and research. And, I have written at length about how that process is completely subverted by agents and agencies working in secret. That the internet- while in essence being a government project, is by default owned by citizens.

Much like the original ‘wire’ where Morse code carried content over the wire, the internet today serves much the same function.But back then, when the telegraph was America’s main wire, it was unthinkable for any decent American to cut a cable and diisrupt or obliterate a communication supply.

In fact, one Civil War general was famed for cutting telegraph wires- a Confederate general who led Morgans Raiders!

Morgns raiders cutting telegraph

This image of a soldier cutting a telegraph wire was an act of war. And, this image shall also be used to document that the internet today is under attack by enemies of America.

Much-feared Confederate Brig. Gen. John Hunt Morgan — “the Thunderbolt of the South” — and his 2,000 marauding cavalrymen had dashed through Kentucky in six days and commandeered two steamboats at Brandenburg, Ky., to cross the Ohio River and invade Indiana at a spot in Harrison County called Molvin’s Landing.

Also, when the Native Americans understood that the blue-coats were able to talk using talking wires, they too cut them down.

This occurred as they were being colonized, exterminated, and forced off of their lands. In the midern narrative, Natives are clearly the good guys who were merely defending their way of life, while we know that the Confederates were the bad guys.

But then, both groups were evil, and cut telegraph wires, faster than the good guys could put them up.

So, these two examples provide a famework to examine how America today and for the future is under attack-how our rights to freedom of speech, association, assembly- our ‘right to communicate’ is itself the primary target of an extremist element in government and finance, via various law enforcement assistance: the aiding and abetting of the enemies of freedom.

The American internet is no longer a mere wire stretching from coast to coast; and American conversations are no longer merely monitored here in America. In fact, they are filtered first, in Israel. Every single communication with its raw metadata passes through Israel, via a saring ‘partnership’ with the NSA. So, Israel gets to look at your phone and internet data before you do- and you can’t because telcoms limit your access to that data.

So, what we have now in place is a fully top-down ability of more than five nation states that can, and do interfere with our communications at ALL TIMES by default. So, the situation on the ground for those of us who speak or write about current events, or politics, or the law, is that, thse who seek to change US policy and law, do so by targeting speakers online.

Then, acting under color of law, or as ‘concerned citizens,’ or ‘tipsters’ to law enforcement, they target speakers and in various ways limit the ability f the speaker to speak online, which is and has been recognized by courts as, a place of assembly.

This in itself is coercive; but also, it doesn’t just end there. In fact, some become targets of these military campaigns acting in concurrence with law enforcement- ideas themselves are targeted with tools and techniques that our own government has lied about, and refused to confirm or deny the existence of once they are exposed.

In real time it is as simple as law enforcement getting involved in a Twitter conversation because a ‘tipster’ from Israel doesn’t like American words.

Or a young Asian girl- Elisa Lam for instance- writes on the internet, becomes profiled, and becomes a target of an intelligence agency who seeks her compliance.

Instead of our own law enforcement protecting American’s FROM intelligence agencies of foreign governments- it is now targeting us, and our narrative voice, based on ‘tips’ FROM them; targeting us individually at first- because these intelligence assaults take place in the ‘privacy’ of our internet connections- but later becomes a pile on effect where those who profit from this scheme target those who expose it, resist it, and write about it in real time.

And the fusion centers tracking your cellphone is the main electronic tool that they use. The ‘flash mob’ method of intimidation is a powerful tool in two ways: one is that when cellphones are illegally accessed, and data manipulated,  it is hard to prove.

And then, if a ‘target’ turns their phone off it increases the likelihood of them being tracked in the future, because the NSA monitors this exact pattern of on again iff again phone use. In many ways, organized stalking is a very handy self fulfilling prophecy- and a billions per year make work project.

This sort of conspiracy against a national treasure- the first amendment to the constitution of the united state of America- has the net effect of a conspiracy against the rights of all people- because if we can’t uphold speech rights here IN America who will?

It’s a pile on effect at the very grey edges of the slipperiest of all slopes- our ability as citizens to merely communicate.

Another attempt to say it plain, which is, even then not simple.


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We’re all so meta that the NSA targets our intellectual detritus.


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