“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

There’s this guy on the internet who says he has been the subject of a ‘disruption campaign.’

After you duck out of the endless marketing and Freud-laced Bernaysian propaganda scheme that the internet is, you realize that what is left on the internet is a bunch of crap. And lots of  lies and conspiracy stuff.


Somewhere within that cesspool, are actual truths and actual conspiracies. As a reporter, and a citizen blogger whose full time occupation is to document this dark side, I bump into lots and lots of people who seem to be part of the conspiracy, and on the other hand, victims of them. And it’s often hard to tell them apart.

There’s this one guy on the internet whose blog is called Sutherland Salute, and he writes of being a victim of CIA and FBI Organized Stalking, aka ‘ a disruption campaign.’ If you read his work closely, you will find many interesting details about whistleblowers, confidential informants, and political investigations of one kind or another.

Meet Thomas Bean, victim of organized stalking- he says that the FBI follows im around and starts fires based on his GPS location data; and that agents provocateurs tried to get him to blow up a dam. Interesting story if it’s true.

Here’s a quote from the blog:

former FBI hotdog and murderer DANNY COULSEN and his pal LARRY POTTS…who were also photographed by me…while they were stalking me in Moab, Utah, and Mount Shasta, California….where….COULSEN TRIED TO ENTRAP ME USING SNITCHES WHILE FBI HAD A BRILLIANT PLAN TO BLOW UP THE LAKE SHASTA DAMN.” 

He’s also an avid bird watcher.

Dec5th (Dad's Cardinal) 005


I bumped into Mr. Bean in an unusual way.

I was writing one of my other blogs, and the internet got ‘all funny.’ This is a common theme with some bloggers and writers who practice their art on the internet- the internet gets all funny, all of a sudden, as they post interesting, official narrative challenging material.

At that time, I was particularly following an interesting story: how the internet gets all funny when I publish narrative challenging material. I have followed this story since around 2003, when I first became aware that the internet had been weaponized; weaponized to ‘combat terrorism.’ But also, to combat the rights of speakers who use the internet to speak, assemble, and associate.

My theory on that has been well documented in the mainstream and alternative press by now. And Edward Snowden provided massive relief to those of us who were short on evidence to prove that this was happening on an unimaginably grand scale. Personally, it made me kind of crazy to even attempt to explain it to others- internet middle man attacks feel so isolating, and so personalized that they leave you feeling violated.

Whadda y mean, the internet talks to you?

Well, anyways: I bumped into Mr. Bean one sunny night when I was writing about a black bag job that occurred in 2010. Suddenly, my internet crashes! And comes up again! But slowed down to nearly a snails crawl- despite my bill being paid and so on.It felt like I was about to be assaulted.

And, sure enough- any and every link I clicked defaulted, somehow to a webpage with an image of a wolf on it. The net effect, psycholgically, was that I was being barked at by a wolf! In a horrifying way, it was pretty cool. In another way, it was terrifying. And in an even more horrifying way, I realized it was orchestrated from somewhere, and likely directed at me.

There were pages with people talking about ‘glass cages’ and entrapment schemes, using phrases like ‘ yeah we got this guy in the cooler,’ and lots of pages about organized stalking; and pages of former colleagues of the FBI who claimed they were whistleblowers- like one ‘Geral Sosbee‘ ( but who’ve never been recognized anywhere I know of as genuine whistleblowers)-but also to this one guy on the internet who, apparently, wasn’t taking shit from anybody- Thomas S. Bean, confidential informant ( according to his own statements).

Each and EVERY link defaulted to web pages that have since disappeared from my search ability- by the time I was ready to attempt to document it, and also realized what a HUGE task that would be.

So- this blog is sort of that: a repository of notes for my novel, where these things will be better documented.


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We’re all so meta that the NSA targets our intellectual detritus.


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