“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

How does organized stalking work in practice?

Part one of a multi-part series exploring the real life facts and actual persons involved in what is called ‘organized stalking.’

I have been wanting to write this for many years, but such a subject requires thousands of hours of research and story development but mostly, methods of proof, because the people who do it are “the #goodguys.”

However, more than the time it takes- it takes proof that is more than anecdotal, grounded in fact and science, and verifiable in a way that others can easily replicate it.

The Research Question: what is organized stalking, who does it, using what techniques, and how does it start?

These days, it is likely that an organized stalking campaign begins when an internet bully, or intelligence agency troll is put in their place or a citizen exhibits traits of non-conformity. Targeted people include  activists, citizens, or any of a number of other people and groups that challenge those who employ hidden occult practices, like Fake Google- which is the NSA’s real time entrapment engine.

Here is a tool that is used by the Fresno police departments and many others to monitor activists on social media, but also to monitor any persn at any time who they choose to target, for whatever reason, without pretext or warrant: Media Sonar

Who does it- what agency oversees it?

The simple answer is that the FBI, the DHS and the many now numerous and nearly hidden law enforcement organizations collaborate to control society by using legal, quasi-legal, questionable, and quite frequently, illegal practices.

This has always been the case with them, going back to the heyday of the Ku Klux Klan,  but these days their target range is everyone in America via mass surveillance of speech and conversation on the internet. Programs like PRISM use ‘code words’ that they use to identify targeted speakers and ideas.

However, I and likely many other researchers have worked with journalists, lawyers and others to bring this practice to light. The Intercept.com is perhaps the best source of reputable and fearless reporting on this issue. They are the people who brought Edward Snowden’s information about the alphabet agencies mass warrant-less surveillance of Americans to light.

Here is a letter from the FBI describing one aspect of their secret program- one of the latest examples of a story that verifies that they use hidden and questionable, illegal and secret practices, that a wider citizen network of ‘angels’ exists to enable pervasive unlawful surveillance that can cause the appearance of something called organized stalking. It is important to note that these recent reveals by the FBI and as yet to be named whistle-blowers, bloggers, citizen journalists and others-as well as victims of this occult practice recently organized and brought these cases to light.

Also of utter importance is this: if these methods documenting people, places, times, and tactical operations were known by the people who are thus targeted, they could be classified as illegal civil conspiracy of deprivation of civil rights and due process which explains in large part the unwillingness of those in law enforcement and other organizations to reveal or discuss it.

Proof and proof of harm

In these cases, proof is hard to come by-as there is and historically has been great silence around the subject. Much like historic ‘thin blue line’ police secrecy, it exists in a void- in dirty grey areas between our red, white and blue.

You can easily find the answer to the question “what is organized stalking” with a duckduckgo.com search which I recommend because it is an anonymous search, and search terms themselves can and do make you a target of this practice: any person who employs tools to maintain their privacy online does become a target of these agencies.

Documenting the hidden people and groups who target our speech rights and the unique position that privacy has in the process of free speech

I won’t waste time examining it as a mysterious or supernatural phenomenon, or even a conspiracy, or clinical illness here. I will examine it as a testable, replicable scientific hypotheses. It has other names like ‘gang stalking, cause stalking, workplace mobbing’ and more that you can Google yourself.

My focus is to document a series of events that irrefutably demonstrate what it is, and how it works in action. And by doing so, to challenge the idea that individuals who discuss it are ‘crazys.’ This is in part, the stated goal of these campaigns, which I will discuss later. Since COINTELPRO and even before, it’s historically called a ‘discrediting narrative.’ Here is a link to a likely legitimate site called FightGangStalking where the author discusses the most famous government funded psyop to discredit victims, FFCHS.

Here is an example (hard link: http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Targeted_Individual) of an actual piece of disinformation regarding state-sponsored discrediting designed to make victims appear to be tinfoil hatters, schizophrenics, and just plain crazy, which pre-dates the Intercepts reporting on this issue. I suggest you read both the Intercepts coverage, and this discrediting narrative and draw your own conclusions.

It is MOST IMPORTANT to note that cults, governments and law enforcement that employ ‘initiates’,  are a very big part- in fact central and centralized aspect of the ‘what is it’ question.and specifically, for my purpose, documenting the occult aspect of it.

To start with, each person who claims to have been victimized by this, often claims they do not know with certainty who is doing it, or why: that there is no definite starting point, or end to it.

Because this ‘indefinite’ aspect in itself is not a provable claim that can either be debunked or proven, it helps to have a starting point. But also- because the time frame and the sheer amount of data points one must collect to first  prove even a single individual incidence of it occurred.

So- my starting point is one you can verify, and I can and will provide hard facts upon request and in my writing later. I have documented hundreds if not thousands of these incidents, and I have different ways to prove it beyond a reasonable legal, or scientific doubt.

A verifiable incidence of organized stalking: naming names

My brush with Twitter trolls, and a timeline of events involving anti–Jewish Zionists, one  Patricia Stockman, aka Patric Stockman, aka Patricia Stockman-Beatty, aka @pesb2012 who claims she is a former USAF OSID Criminal profiler, and a member of a government sponsored cult that she calls a ‘think tank.’ She also specifically believes in UFO’s, the supernatural, mysticism, and the predestiny of Sephardic Jews to inherit the earth with the assistance of her cult.

This particular incident also involves a link to a particular sex scandal in the LAPD, covered by a local citizen reporter Jasmyne A. Cannick, and as yet to be named sources of harassment- but also sources of information that I will protect as is my right to do.

Others involved include a guy inSan Francisco, a coder from San Diego, and more- these are in fact unimaginably elaborate schemes designed t be impossible to discover. But at this time, it is also important to bring your attention to the words of J. Edgar Hoover, speaking to a fraternal organization that employs secret initiation rites, who said as much:

“The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot
believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been
introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a
philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.”

The Elks Magazine .pdf link (August 1956)


It is MOST IMPORTANT to note that cults, governments and law enforcement that employ ‘initiates’ and secret rituals of power sometimes as simple as practicing investigation techniques,  are a very big part- in fact central and centralized aspect of the ‘what is it’ question.Specifically, for my purpose, documenting the occult aspect of it is central to understanding both the past and the present situations of how creating the appearance of supernatural’ is used as a tool of social control.

A conspiracy so vast indeed.

The Scientific method

In this experiment, I used Twitter, email, and certain political and social topics of interest to certain categories of people, most of whom could qualify as the definition of what the ‘war industry’ is, including the concept of a society that is by definition a ‘police state’.

I advise you to read my Twitter account for reference, or questions you may have later. Here is my Twitter handle: Ignacius P. Riley @popigander

Keeping in mind that evidence of organized stalking is hard to collect by the very nature of its hidden occult practices, my timeline serves as the development of my thesis, the actual experiment, and its proofs. In this case, the proofs shall be a chain of events that are neither random, nor coincidental; a series of events that I can and will demonstrate are related.

Here is a brief example of these events, and the results can be replicated easily by some, not as easily by others for reasons of ‘identity’ of one speaker versus identity of another individual; that some people are targeted speakers, while others are not, and cannot be.

Basic facts that can be replicated and methods: Establishing a method by starting in the present moment. Who are you, and what do you think, speak about, write about or otherwise care about?

1) I/you am a person from a certain place, speaking a specific language, with a certain history, political and social views, with certain and definite manners of speech, topics of speech, and avenues wherein I speak. I am or can fit certain ‘profiles’ stereotypes or archetypes

2) Multiple intelligence agencies, law enforcement, and military personnel; as well as military contractors, private investigators, non-governmental organizations; community groups, etc exist in paid or unpaid basis in the genuine roles of social engineers, compliance enforcers, censors, and so on using hidden practices with no legitimate citizen oversight.

3) These same ( individuals within  organizations above) also exist in non-genuine and hidden roles; in fact, often they work together as hidden mobs, online and offline bullies trolls and offline stalkers who have neither oversight or consequence. They work with impunity under the color of authority and outside the spirit of the law.

4) These same above persons and groups do illegal and unethical things and get away with it because they are affiliated with those who are mandated to follow and enforce the existing laws- but they don’t, which I will explore and explain later.

5) I/you encounter them, express or state a political, social, psychological viewpoint that is non-conformist, challenging to or dismissive of these ‘ organizations’ and what they believe to be ‘social order’ and the profiling begins.

This is as simple as the beginning of organized stalking can be for most people. With federal and state level tools like the NSA and the PRISM programs and more; with state and local law enforcement using tools like  Media Sonar, simply disagreeing with these people can get you profiled, and then, stalked online and off.

After Thought: It took me several hours to write the first draft of part one of this one blog post. Imagine a victim of these stalkings under color of law who has experienced and tried to document them for years? Regardless of what one feels about individuals on the margins of society, or mental illness, or criminality, for my thesis, I choose to believe that the United States is a nation of laws, and people who wish to be ruled by the rule of law, which includes both the letter and the spirit of that law.

Maybe I am a hopeless idealist.

Part two shall bring certain testable facts to light as regards persons mentioned above- some of whuch are victims of these activities, and some of whom are participants.



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