“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

The occult practices of law enforcement: creating, recruiting, harassing, and controlling a ‘targeted individual.’

In the world of organized stalking, law enforcement and intelligence agencies employ the terminology of the ‘targeted individual’ to describe the person whom their covert operations are directed at.

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In CIA terms that demarcate the categorization of a targeted person, target analysts perform behavioral analysis on a person and create profiles, as well as enlist various strategies of ‘disruption’ to neutralize the effectiveness of a targeted person.

Most often,  this person is leader or potential leader; an ‘influencer’ and more- this person has the ability to attract others to their thoughts, causes, and possibly, direct others in actions ‘contrary to the interests of the United States of America.’ This, of course, is the CIA category of person who is not a US person.It is used to describe primarily non-US persons who operate in theaters of war, outside the US.

But targeting is happening IN AMERICA now, and maybe, it’s happening to you.

Here is a snapshot of the CIA recruitment pitch, and a brief description of what a target analysts job is:

“Are you interested in being part of our national effort to dismantle illicit organizations? Targeting analysts work on teams that bring analysis and operations together to maximize the impact of Agency and Intelligence Community resources against key figures and organizations who pose a threat to US interests. Candidates with creativity, initiative and strong critical thinking and communications skills are of particular interest.”

If you have interests in this position, you can apply here.

If you are currently a targeted individual, you will recognize that this term is frequently repeated by people on the internet who are actively stalking you.

How do they know what you said on the phone last night- and are behind you in the grocery store repeating it back to you the next day?

How does that tall guy with the Eddie Bauer catalogue loafers just manage to be where you are so frequently that coincidence is not an option?

And- why did your phone signal get cut that time when you dialed 911 to report that someone had been in your house?

How do they do it- ?

If this is you, or someone you know, you will know that what I am saying is true to the letter of it. And the simple andwer is that they use your cellphone as a warrantless tracking device.

But you might be reading this because you don’t know how they do it- all those other coincidences, and subtle online and offline harassments.

The simple answer is this: these multi-agency ‘information sharing’ databases are routinely misused for everything from ex-wives to simple petty vendettas; and those with access to them break the law, and access your private life without a warrant. Then, they lie about it later in something called ‘parallel construction.’

Here is an article from the Intercept that details what illegal, constitution subverting warrantless wiretaps are, and how they use them to entrap you into a case if some kind; or to compromise your sense of personal security and privacy enough that you could be coerced to become a ‘confidential informant.’


shows the FBI telling a local police department that the bureau’s covert cell-phone tracking equipment is so secret that any evidence acquired through its use needs to be recreated in some other way before being introduced at trial.

“Information obtained through the use of the equipment is FOR LEAD PURPOSES ONLY,” FBI special agent James E. Finch wrote to Chief Bill Citty of the Oklahoma City Police Department.

The official notice, dated September 2014, said such information “may not be used as primary evidence in any affidavits, hearings or trials. This equipment provides general location information about a cellular device, and your agency understands it is required to use additional and independent investigative means and methods, such as historical cellular analysis, that would be admissible at trial to corroborate information concerning the location of the target obtained through the use of this equipment.”

The document, obtained bynonprofit investigative journalism outlet Oklahoma Watch, pertains to the use of cell site simulators, or Stingrays — surveillance technology that mimics a cellphone tower to trick cellphones into transmitting location data and other information, sometimes even the contents of calls.


The Targeted Individual

This term, abreviated ‘TI’ is the term that frequently appears in websites which purport to help the “TI’s” and it is common knowledge that these websites are primarily run from domestic fusion centers. But also , law enforcement and the snitch culture they have created work from all social media as well, using tools like Media Sonar and more.

What is less commonly known is how well integrated these fusion centers are with national, and sometimes international intelligence agencies. Using dozens of programs like ICREACH and switch routed internet hubs, that are monitored by hidden practices of INFRAGARD, it takes mere seconds for any single communication to be intercepted, flagged, redirected, and analyzed, or paket injected and malwared through any number of rubriks to determine what to do next.

So, in real time, any common criminal is equal to bin Laden, and every grandmother who Googles ‘toddler vaginal rash’ is equivalent to any pedophile that would search the same; any grandpa looking for weed killer is lumped into a profile of people looking for killer weed.

And this is where internet profiling and switching gets interesting, especially for targeted individuals; and where democracy is undermined at the very source of ‘connection’ to a communication channel- in your living room.

These switches are routed to any number of countries that deploy any number of rubriks to your language, and come up with varying results. These are also where ‘casefiles’ are begun, and orofiles are created- where special invasive computer sniffing is deployed, packets injected, and real time 1st, 4th,5th,6th and 14th amendment due process violations occur.

It is so common for our American agencies to work with on one hand foreign intelligence, and on the other, the local beat cop over there on the boulevard or the street in front of your house that the US Constitution is pre-emptively demolished at the site of your internet; and subverted by these ‘tools’ well in advance of any crime or act of ‘terror’ is ever ‘detected.’

And certainly, the hidden process takes place quicker than grandma can read whatever interesting results returned to her by ‘Google.’

Or- what she thinks is Google anyways. Because that is another story in itself: how the NSA impersonates Google and attacks ‘targeted computers.’

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