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The Catchers and the Rye Bread

Third man nabbed in ISIS-inspired NYC bomb plot – NY Daily Newshttp://m.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/dad-defends-queens-college-student-accused-isis-plot-article-1.226099

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The catchers foil yet another ferocious terrorist “bread knife” plot, after the usual provocations, and the as yet undisclosed, undiscussed methods of electronic surveillance, combined with aggressive harassment of suspects that ALWAYS precedes-if not precipitates these events.

Related Story: Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis claimed he was a victim of unknown electronic harassment


One of three men was arrested “after he and an accomplice tried to attack an officer who was tailing his Jeep.”

The suspects were apparently confronting the covert harassment techniques of the task force that was following them.

Websites that discuss organized stalking frequently mention that strange cars follow them, or that multiple cars aggressively cut them off or shoulder them off the road in traffic.

Carefully- and cautiously, approach this narrative the next time you see it, as a primary #goodguy ploy is to rely on your silent complicity; that you won’t think twice about #goodguys following low- income, low- status individuals around and, pre-arrest, attempt to provoke them like any other gang member or road rager might.

The main stream media news and its “official source” practitioners have yet to question any single aspect if these ‘disruption’ tactics; and fail to ask the crucial questions about the methods that these agents use to coerce and entrap these suspects, which often include years of surveillance and pre-crime bullying and intrusive surveillance provocations of various kinds .

“Don’t ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody.”- J.D. Salinger

The methods used by these task forces include, but are not limited to:

1) planting viruses and malware on suspects electronic devices, and sustained hacking campaigns of suspects electronic communications for weeks, months and years

2) waging whisper campaigns behind the suspects back, attempting to isolate the person/targets. One of the goals of these ‘disruption campaigns’ is to coerce the target into collaboration as an unpaid informant.

3) long term interference and shadowing, gossip campaigns in the suspects circle of allies, associates, family and friends; development of false relationships with targets family members

4) verbal threats expressed covertly in public, and especially in the internet; physical assaults utilizing plausible deniability, and threats of physical assaults, and even rape, dismemberment communicated anonymously online and off as in the case of Dan*** Lav***

5) “pedofying” the individuals by telling friends, neighbors and others the person is a rapist or a pedophile

The list of off-the-public-record tactical toolkit investigative techniques used against these ‘suspects’ is endless, but in this case we see one suspect finally confronting those who are covertly confronting him after he and an accomplice tried to attack an unknown party who was tailing his Jeep and possibly more.

This is an unusual case for many reasons, but it fits the pattern of many of the mass shootings and ‘foiled’ plots that are in the news. And, a key element of many if not all of these cases is another investigative goal: that of isolating an individual.


A key theme in the book Catcher In The Rye is the theme of dissaffection and isolation from society. Salinger nearly wrote the script to describe the ‘lone shooter’ and for a time, the archetype anti-hero of Holden Caulfield, the novels protagonist, served as a model to criminal profilers.

And, mass shootings have only increased dince that time, and certainly post 9/11 there has been an explosion of these events.

Why is that? While the case of Aaron Alexis aka the Navy Yard shooter provides the singular best example of a man who was in contact with an intelligence agency level mind control cult called the FFCHS, the signs that others acted similarly are everywhere.

I suggest that these are in part the direct result of what the DHS, FBI, etc. working with a host of organizations and informants; inter-agency collaboration and collusion it calls ‘terrorist disruption’; and I suggest that these are related to fusion center involvement in the day to day communication disruption that is now a part of the everyday lives of all Americans.

Long before these disruption campaigns came barreling into the faces of the recent waves of spice people from lands where skin tones are darker, and other religions are practiced, the FBI and domestic law enforcement waged these campaigns on white bread- boys from all around America who didn’t fit the social mold for one reason or another.

Or, boys who knew what kind of dirt LE’s are capable of; boys who resisted the prevailing organized stalking narrative of their era, the KKK, and the law enforcement and other social control agents of the era colluding to control and abuse them.

While many have observed that ‘many killers were obsessed with the book The Catcher in the Rye’ it would indeed be a misleading, false correlation, if only because they omit the relevant fact that the books author was a verified intelligence agent. Salinger worked for the OSS- pre-cursor to the modern CIA.

Here is one former law enforcement agents take on that, and the confabulation where conflation of ‘privacy’ with over looking possible state level ‘isolation’ equals a #goodguy:

“While browsing at your favorite bookstore, the next time you spy someone reading The Catcher in the Rye, you might start looking for the nearest exit. If you look on my bookshelf, you will certainly find a copy. What does that say about me?”

While it’s interesting from a profilers perspective that the author includes a question mark about his own psychological motivations, it is coy in that institutional pathological narcissism is always coy: it diminishes those who he relates to as objects of study, while skimming over the aspects of isolation, and ‘mental illness’- but most strikingly, as most of these authors do- his narrative all but skips over the indisputable facts that:

1) The author of the book J.D. Salinger was an OSS intelligence agent during WW2, and

2) Many if not all of these killers who- according to the narrative, “just loved the book-” that these killers, and John Hinckley above all, shared close, provable associations with the CIA.

Such is the case with all #goodguy narratives- they leave those little details out. And they tell the narrative falsehoods that keep the population cow eyed

Here is the bio of the author of the bookstore quote:

Mike Roche has over three decades of law enforcement experience. He began his career with the Little Rock Police Department, and spent twenty-two years with the U.S. Secret Service. The last fifteen years of his career were focused on conducting behavioral threat assessments of those threatening to engage in targeted violence. He is the author of three novels and two nonfiction works on mass murder and also rapport building. Retired, Mike is currently a security consultant at Protective Threat LLC, and an adjunct instructor at Saint Leo University. He resides in Florida with his family.

Here’s yet another book that he wrote pandering to both the #goodguy narrative, and exploiting the myth of the self-directed serial killer, mass shooter, or terrorist:

Mass Killers: How you Can Identify, Workplace, School, or Public Killers Before They Strike

And to date, like the San Bernardino shooters who were ‘ on the LE radar’ a week before the shooting; and like Adam Lanza who was curiously situated in Virginia; and like the Columbine killers enacting their plans in a video shot by an FBI agents son; Myron May; and the ‘Navy yard shooter’ and the imminent contact with a known disinformation PsyOp just before his rampage – it appears that the only way to recognize these killers before they ‘strike’ is not some profile that they match- but in asking more questions about WHO IS PROFILING THEM, and what else might be going on in the back ground?

We have watched in these ten years how the alphabets have morphed the definitions in the profiles. We have watched as not a single actual shooter acted on their own; and we see intense, close contact with hidden agents and agencies virtually inhabiting the lives of these same.

Yet no one asks the vital and preventative question: who is watching the watchers?

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