“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

John Lang, Fresno anti-corruption activist and “pedofication”: the occult language of law enforcement.

John Lang, deceased, was an activist from Fresno CA. And, he allegedly stabbed himself to death while under what appears to be some kind of investigation, but no agency has stepped forward or publicly acknowledged that as a fact.

Some kind of investigation alright- it apparently lasted for seven years. S-E-V-E-N years according to Lang….


That’s a really long time to be under investigation, even by RICO standards which were written to apply the full federal prosecution power to bear on organized crime like serial murdering mobsters, mafiosi and racketeers.

And, a lot happened in the seven years that Lang claims to have been under surveillance: between the time his ‘investigation’ began in 2009, and the time it ended in 2016, Edward Snowden had revealed what most activists knew or suspected- that the internet is indeed full of speech suppressing, time stealing tools that target some but not others based upon words alone.

And under every click served via Google, an entrapment scheme so vast it boggles the ‘ordinary’ or ‘reasonable’ persons mind.

And, in seven years, we all have learned that all things internet are indeed not equal by design of NSA keyword searches alone- that it plainly functions un-equally for some of us, while for others, it provides attack vectors and paychecks for successful and plausibly deniable exploits.

AND, Lang, who by all reports was not a consiglieri, a gang capo, a horse track racketeer or a ‘Ndrangheta hit man, was in fact a guy who ran a boat motor repair shop, and in his own mind and his local community at least, was an anti- corruption activist. And, he was apparently being “pedofied” by police, according to his online narrative.

Pedofication is an interesting off-the-publics-radar investigative technique that involves LE’s waging a slander campaign alleging or infering that someone is a pedophile, and less often, a rapist, and if the ‘target’ is really outspoken or on to something- pedofication invokes the narrative of both rape, and child abuse.

If it isn’t in fact the singular most powerful hidden tool in the black bag of tricks to control an individual who has never been convicted or charged with that crime, it is at least, an extremely powerful tool of control, and a very harmful one as well, if Lang’s demise is any indicator at all. And, the pedofication process aka pedofying, takes place in secret, targets activists using covert methods, and often involves the internet and clandestine services, which makes it worth examining closer.

Here is a link that explains the Lang story more fully.

John Lang wrote for years that things like this, below, were happening to him:

Generally, law enforcement jargon is an interesting coded language that exists outside of the public vernacular, and awarenes. While many are aware of ‘ten codes’ and a few other acronyms they learned from television shows like ‘SVU’ and the rest, words like pedofication or pedofied fall into the realm of gang signs, prison slang, and other hidden but well organized secretive societies slang.

The word itself is so obscure that even the Urban Dictionary definition is itself straight out of a disinformation manual. But all cops above Lieutenant know it, and use it, and especilly those who work in special opertions and sex crimes units.The target ‘suspects’ with hidden camaigns of dometic terror, and pedofication is an off the records tool in every departments arsenal.

And, not surprisingly, pedofication or a person being ‘pedofied’ is part of the narrative of organized stalking. Here, a man who claims that he is both a  victim of OS and also that he’s been pedofied by his wife’s family- and that they all work in law enforcement. On the surface, it is a strange paranoid narrative.

On the other hand, it is a well known silencing narrative that is targeted by ‘unknown’ internet bullies at activists and others, Iith offline tactical operations as well. Like SWATing, mobbing, and whisper campaigns, it is on the edges and dirty fringes of internet culture, and the offline ‘community policing’scheme.

Activists receive unsolicited child porn.

For reasons that are obvious, very few who have spoken up about this elaborate scheme in detail, or have the capacity to ‘prove’ with certainty that it happens. Collecting evidence would require committing crimes in order to prove crimes are committed. And, the court of public opinion always favors the police version of events.

Not insignificantly, like the words ‘organized gang stalking’ the mere mention of these things in America makes one an instant target, both online and off- there simply is nowhere one can discuss this, and many other forms of hidden police abuse, such as the Hicago Black sites, or te tortured confessions of John Burke.

And, most notably, those who work in alternative media are highly targeted, from Infowars to the Occupy movement, the common thread is that those targeted challenge the ‘establishment’ social enforcement scheme, and it’s lockup on the narrative.

From Activist Post:

“Stewart Rhodes from Oathkeepersand Dan Johnson from People Against the NDAA discuss a recent attempted set-up. As they document with their Internet security tech, this was a more sophisticated attempt to install child porn than the attempt made a short while ago against Luke Rudkowski.”

As more and more avenues of personal attack are opened by bad state level actors on the internet, it seems remarkably odd that of all the sources that seek to weaken privacy rights would be our own American agencies.

But when looked at in terms of a new vector of attack by which the religious and cultists who work in hidden capacities using hidden tools of social control- and who do that from within our state and federally funded agencies- the narrative takes on a remarkably more sinister and distinctly religious overtones.

The Cult of the Virgin- or, as you know it, Christianity.

Police narratives at every level are charged with sexual energy and in American culture, the young nubile virgin in peril drives our social narrative. In fact, these narratives- and the social mechanisms of enforcing narratives- are very interesting in themselves, as the recent Oakland police department and the ‘family style’ sex scandal where multiple cops from the same department were screwing and grooming an under-aged girl- the daughter of a colleague.

Update: this paragraph that follows- “Paula Shepard and she says “I was a victim of my brother who was also on the LASD. I don’t know how he passed the psychological evaluation.” was part of the original text of this article. After this post was published,  this blog received hits specifically searching for this post, and, this post was read numerous times. Then, someone began searching through my blog for other posts about John Lang, and Temple Station. This occurred as officers of temple Station lived within 100 feet of my abode, and have since moved out, after this post was written.

Then, other things began to happen, not least of which is that my Twitter feed was hacked and my internet connection redirected, cut, or otherwise hacked in multiple ways, which I shall discuss in a proper forum should I get the chance in the future, as I suspect this post, and this part of the overall narrative shall become germane to legal proceedings.I especially invoke at this time the notion that first amendment protected speech such as this post are in fact an integral part of the discussion about pedophiles, child pornography, and political control of the narrative of these dialectics.

While the fashion in both Congress and in the courts is to state that criminal sexual matters, and particularly child pornography are not protected speech, and do not merit further scrutiny as issues of free speech; and activissts maintain that the opposite is true- that prohibitions on dialogue about child pornography have a chilling effect on speech as a whole, it shall be pointed out at this time that indeed, as this post evidences, that speech is in fact highly scrutinized at the source of the speaker on these topics- and that a loop develops between warrantless wiretaps and actual officers of the law who use the issue of child poornograaphy as pretext to scrutinize speakers.

Here is the original paragraph, and the post on that Facebook has since been removed:

Here is another example: the Los Angeles Temple station web page and its narrative of sexual ‘exploitation.’ Never mind the billions in revenues that these agencies glean from the public till every year by chasing down the bogeyman. Because if one just ticks the surface of police culture, one finds a troubling fact: that most pedophiles work in positions of authority, in government, daycares, churches, hospitals, and even the Boys and Girls clubs of America.

On that web page, note carefully the comment by a woman who claims that her brother- a cop who worked on the sexual deviant crime unit- sexually exploited her:


Her name is Paula Shepard and she says “I was a victim of my brother who was also on the LASD. I don’t know how he passed the psychological evaluation.”

The narratives of the police and sexual deviance narratives are, sadly and plainly, filtered through the disturbed lense of CYA, plus myth. And, a look at other non-human primates can be useful to not only explain their deviance, and their entrapment schemes- their narratives of goodguyism and heroics- but also, at every level, the judicial branch could use some help interpreting deviance from a different standpoint: that of thoroughly questioning the sexual narrative when it is cast upin a citizen by these narrative enforcers.

Here is one of the most unusual cases of pedofication I have read in a long time: Matt DeHart, sentenced to 7.5 years after attempting to gain asylum in two separate countries, and claims that he was tortured and forcefully administered truth serum by the FBI! While the agency itself claims DeHart was sexually involved with under age boys of questionable provenance.

It has been covered by reputable news outlets like Buzzfeed ( the same news outlet that Michael Hastings contributed to) and also by the National Post.

Like the stories written by Michael Hastings, it involves military intelligence, the CIA, Wikileaks and DeHart’s involvement as a drop for classified whistleblower material; it also involved religion, torture, and strange people who work in American law enforcement agencies quoting strange bible verses and more:

Anonymous Activist Matt DeHart Sentenced to 7.5 Years

All of this makes me wonder if what happens in darkness should indeed be brought to light? And of course, I think it does, as most journalists are plainly too afraid to report on the topic here in the land of the free, and the former home of the first amendment. And of course, bloggers who practice in the fifth estate, because the fourth no longer serves the publics right to know.

From the DeHart case, an interesting set of facts arises like an awakening Gulliver:

“The material also apparently contained internal documents from an agrochemical company expressing fault for more than 13,000 GMO-related deaths and, most shockingly, an FBI investigation into the CIA showing the intelligence agency’s role in the post-9/11 anthrax attacks that killed five, sickened others, and contributed to the climate of fear that encouraged the War on Terror.”

The climate of fear takes on new meaning when it is Americans under investigation for years- seven years in Lang’s case apparently.

Perpetual investigation is definitely a scary panoptical Orwellian thought- and when these investigations take place in secret, using secret tools and secret tactics- and they are scary enough that a guy would apparently stab himself in the back and stomach and set his own house on fire with a firetruck a block away- one must ask: exactly how scary are the tactics of these investigations?

The public has a right to know.


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