“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Move along now- there’s nothing to see here.

So: as I had stopped caring or taking notes, I did not give a shit when the ‘boys next door’ moved in. Just another ‘let’s see how we can get this OS thing into a courtroom.’

I generally just thought of it as the guy in G- the one sort of mellow guy, 50 something thin Latino who kept to himself. The anchor man; keeper of the stash-house.

The others were: the loud mouthed white guy with the Napoleon complex and the man-spreading habit; the classic Latino guy with the chopper haircut who threw the satellite dish away; and the dark haired woman who liked to eat takeout food.

All of these came and went-very quietly for the most part, I might add. Then- others occasionally: the huge, loud, bearded white guy,limping at times; the baseball cap guys etc.

Couldn’t be more obvious after I wolf whistled their cover, and of course, the certain ‘local cars’ from March of last year; and squeaking their brakes out front every morning between 3-5. The impromptu meets in the alley made it even more so. And how could I forget the endless openings and closings of my car??

There’s an old adage in journalism that says ‘be careful you don’t become the story.’ This usually means that a journalist can become too involved with a subject, or too subjective. I never had that choice, because as I have since learned, since 2003, the disruption narrative is a powerful hidden tool of time-theft and coercion deployed against those who look out for the public’s interest in ways you disagree with- like, journalism.

Related Story: the NSA and the CIA double the amount of warrant-less surveillance. The untold story is that they are in fact practicing all kinds of Psychological Operations online after these searches.

In my case- since 2003, I have had a pack of occult demons running every script one can imagine; showing up where I live or work; every entrapment scheme of words or deeds that one can imagine- and, really- I dare you to try to imagine how bad the #goodguys can be in their schemes. Because I write about, research, disclose and discuss the Deep State and its illegal practices; its exercises in state sponsored intimidation of American citizens.

But for me, when I was volunteer teaching down at the library last spring- and then to have them running street theater in my classroom and trying to turn my volunteerism into a circus- enough is enough.

Here’s the snapshot from last spring in case you forgot:

Maria and her Merry Band of Confidential Informants Named Gomez- and one three striper running CYA on the sidelines

Maria shows up in my classroom one day out of the blue. She’s a new face,  Latinesque, 50 something dick in a Corporation type suit, gumshoe look in her eye. Sits in the dead center of the classroom. This ain’t my first turkey shoot- I’ve watched this since forever, adding mental notes each time.

At the time, you just think its another student, as that’s the way the class worked- but then the enfarcement and the circus begins:

The young black girl from Texas living on skid row and her rambling- but smiling narrative of life- po’ child fightin da’ bad pimps; and of course how much she likes country music- just had to slip that into the ring. These are signatures of the presence of narratives- black ops scripted intelligence agency utilizing archetypes designed to elicit psychological responses from whoever is targeted by these charades of security theater.

And the bald headed but otherwise hairy Latino in the back of the room going off about ‘images…images…I’ll tell you about images…” and Maria smiling that shitty smile.

Of course I just squashed them together- let the girls help the girls- and ran that bald headed hairy armed ape out of the room, him stuttering and stammering, while my real, actual students looked on aghast.

And, outside the classroom of course, more street theater awaited me with the three striper walking fast, inches from my face; and outside the back door, a guy on some state pimps string spitting at me feet. Its documented elsewhere; and there are witnesses.

Have you ever seen the look of fear in the eyes of a confidential informant- a guy on a string? Online, agents mock CI’s and call them slaves. But the haunted look in their eyes- like their ‘souls’ have been vaporized and replaced with a great hunger.

But I will not let it continue from that moment forwards. I gave you most of my good stories since: the airplanes story, you’d already stolen- but the Stingrays- yeah, I knew how they worked because of Longfellow. And Hutchinson. And Cedar. And all those coffee shops along the way- there’s more than one way to make a case- wouldn’t YOU agree?

Your confidential informant led Somali al Shabbab recruiting techniques via entrapment schemes played out by viruses and pop-ups; your internet PsyOps.

And all of those drive by AP’s; and the constant browser crashes, and the jamming of my cell phone ; and the constant constant constant hacks in my accounts. Planting sex offenders in my rental units and overseeing them turning tricks ( Cherise C- keep that name in your hat for when the time comes.)

Lots of good stories- and ALL OF THESE STORIES about your tactical assault upon expectations of privacy; speech protections; due process, and reasonableness; attacks against probable and even believeable cause: law enfarcement.  But never is your OS methodology tested in a court room.

Probable; reasonable you are not, but I am- a journalist is only as good as his promise of confidentiality, and faithfulness to detail. That words will produce stories in the publics interest. And words are, have been and will continue to be my tools of choice- far mightier than coercion campaigns and blackmail.

But these hidden tactical assaults, threats, covert manipulation of my time-and specifically, attacks against me, personally are not acceptable. I will refer to 2008 for a reference point; as a reminder of how you work. And, my words or truths may or may not set me free- but they will enlighten others.

I can’t help it that I have an excellent nose for news, or that I can sniff out entrapment schemes; plots and schemes by the good guys-bad guys are sitting ducks, and even more so with your hidden methods; and I will not explain my methods; certainly won’t be manipulated, coerced, or entrapped into the service of running ‘official source’ narratives, or be misused by anyone as a CI.

Certainly I have watched as you morphed the label of terrorist to fit your needs to cover your tracks.And noted how effective the whisper campaign is as a tool of control. From terrorist to ‘guy who knows about the illegal shit we do.’ Top down what-can-we-get-away-with policing: the harassment of, the bullying, the sabotage of pure speech.

Yes- it’s true, most men capitulate to what you pulled on me. Most people can be silenced with the ongoing assaults. But perhaps, I am different- my first journalism class was in the fifth grade.

And I studied the Watergate scandal; how black ops via your agencies destroyed people at the behest of a criminal president. And how the Company men and the Corporation men are always at the center of breakin’s and frame jobs- you know- the same stuff you all have tried on me.

So: ‘there’s real bad guys out there,’ doesn’t launder so easily with me. Neither does your quasi-legal threat matrix framework, because citizens have rights against you violating due process too. I mean- there’s a law against what you have been doing to free speech.

Yes, I know-journalist=terrorist. I got the memo. Talking about what the abusive government agency daddy does to people who isolate its false narratives, and the illegal tools used to maintain them in secret is espionage or worse. And then, how they seek to isolate the messenger. Then….Gary Webb, Michael Hastings; Hunter S. Thompson.

Big mysteries there ay? But not me. I saw this coming in 2003- because of what you and yours did in 1998-2002.

Sure. Whatever, America, stay sleeping. But remember: if I can pick out the freedom threatening occult practices of our own- what would I do when an actual foreign enemy comes across? But in your rush to the trough, you trample the piglets of our future freedom. Pigs are known for that sort of thing.

And you sold me cheaply: a little privacy for you a little job security, while I’ve had none of either since 2003 and even before in bursts of automatic character assassination.

Go ahead- shoot me in the back again- lets see how that works out for you. Others are watching the watchers now- my job is done. And, I’m done being traumatized with flashbacks of your various assaults- my pen is sharpened a bit too.

But the guys in G reminded me- like every organized stalker, local enfarcer with bits and pieces of the story, told to a database by yet another enfarcer; and  every Rotary clubber like Melissa who ever opened an occulus across the yard- that this thing is nationally orchestrated, and multi-agency.

I will not be intimidated to silence: I can name some of you now. And I have; and will continue to name you, to chip away at your organized stalking narratives of naked power run amok under the disguise of #goodguyism.

That once I have outlived and outlasted your slander campaigns and your murder attempts; after I have eluded your entrapment schemes when I am on to a story; after I have revealed your methods YEAR AFTER YEAR- my story becomes stronger and stronger. My ethical basis more solid; my ability to protect a source more unshakeable. And- my ability to lend voice to the truly voiceless a megaphone now.

I know where you store your poisons, and I know how you use them to silence people. And I can tell others where your traps are set. How you like me now, trapper?

But non-violent resistance doesn’t mean I get run over without writing about it, and certainly can’t pre-emptively top me from informing others, and attempting in my own way to destroy your false narratives- narratives of me in your official source records; but especially occulted narratives of you and #goodguyism. I’ve got my own records too.

Without walking into your lair, I have called you out year after year after year. And, last year I was done. I gave you a few stories under duress and coercion; under reminder of how you and yours colluded to shoot me in the back; to rob me of life, wife, family, home or happiness.

Yeah- for me, since my arrival, one reminder after another that you will break the law- but you cannot break me.

And the story is simple: in 2003, I wrote that the new McCarthyism is coming- and my little newsroom was ransacked and more. I had witnesses then, as I have witnesses now that indeed: billions are spent in this country creating, and then policing crime.

And if by chance a guy like me discovers this make-work entrapment scheme- that people will be framed in each and any way they can to hide insight into these facts.

You have stolen my privacy year after year after years. Working in secret, often without legal basis; you and yours have used me and mine for target practice with all of your new wireless toys. And all of that to prove that the bogeyman you sent me- your strawman- is real or somehow worse than you?

Yes, very real to you, counted in paychecks. Which is why I target the narrative, with words alone; specifically and with malice; and have defeated it for a decade- you and they cannot cause me to fear what you fear; nor adulate your occult narratives; nor crack or cower from your illegal acts of goodguyism.

So- I’ve let you know that it’s game over- this is/was the last stakeout I will tolerate. I blew your cover because I’ve had enough; enough watching how secret processes inform secret courts to pass secret laws in my country based in bogeyman narratives.

And I know as fact now that I am not alone in enduring this from you and yours for many years- because regardless of what you call these people or me- we are indeed the voiceless. And I think the public has a right to know what you are doing all across our country to, as your types have said ‘ low status, marginalized people.’

WE don’t wonder who created the margins- we know it is you, and repression of speech is your primary tool. And any challenge to your lying lock-up on the narrative is purely evil in action.

This is what non-violent resistance looks like in practice. Me, a blog, awaiting your next entrapment scheme, or the next story I pass along to journalists who have bigger typewriters.

But I can see through my stats that your profilers are busy cherry picking posts for quotes and likely attempting to create meaning that fits your narrative framework, emphasis on ‘frame.’. Good luck- you may be able to do that.

But this is a novel in progress- and no law anywhere ever states that a work of art or literature cannot employ narrative voice, plural. Nor is there a law that lifts the weight of your many pre-emptive strikes at my ability to prove what you have been doing, write this story.

See you in court whenever. I can prove what I say is true. And you? Just a bunch of facts strung together out of a decade of whole cloth.In an election year, I will remind you. That will be important, as my story will demonstrate later. Because I predicted this thing of yours down to the letter of it.

Further Reading:

In America today, the occult works within the narrative of secret state policies that never see the light of a court room. And, law enforecement works to create a narrative from circa 1950’s McCarthyism, where there are good guys and bad guys- black and white narratives. But unbeknownst to the ‘average’ ‘reasonable’ citizen,  our agencies flagrantly and abusively break both the spirit and the letter of the law with brutal psychological operations.

I am a believer in political non-violent resistance. And with that framework, I write as close as I can to the edges of the laws of ‘free speech,’ and despite how much our American surveillance state apparatus subverts it, most Americans are still unaware of how not free speech is, due to hidden tools and occult practices within  the surveillance state, which literally watches what you watch in real time- and often, responds in real time, unsolicited.

Through what they call ‘no touch torture,’ they target people to be informants, or to circumvent due process requirements. Here is one well known individual, and another who endured these PsyOps until she died. This   individual who endured such a campaign for almost a decade. Here is another and another. And another and another and another, and so on- this has become practice in this country ‘of the free.’

This post is one that was written in order to precisely demonstrate the political nature of their actions, and the timing of those actions. This post and many others confirmed it for me using a metric I will not openly describe at this time, which is based upon when, and how they got read; and what was read in recent proximity to it.

This post was written t demonstrate the duration of these events, and that I have at all times had knowledge that watching the watchers carries a price.

I wrote this piece just after this most recent round of profiling began– in order to once again assert that speech rights are indeed the targets of these ever morphing definitions of ‘what is a terrorist.’

And so much more. What is happening in America are so-called ‘investigations’ of individuals who fit certain profiles- but NOT the profiles you are told about. The ACTUAL profile is a person who can be manipulated by agencies to do their bidding ( as covered by Jenna McLaughlin at the Intercept, these disruption campaigns are actually the destruction of an individuals life in order to drain them of intelligence information, or to use them as confidential informants.)

Federal Terrorism Statutes link



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We’re all so meta that the NSA targets our intellectual detritus.


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