“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Selling Wolf Tickets: The Orlando shooter had contact with FBI before, during and after the shooting. Organized stalking is a crime against America.

The Orlando shooting, like the San Bernardino shooting and its close association with Messianic cults and armed American Zionists ; and the many before it- is yet another example of how the FBI, working with multiple intelligence agencies and hidden community groups and their activities across the American surveillance state, is secretly, carefully, and deceptively crafting a propaganda narrative that is creating domestic crime and terrorism.

“Simply put, the answer is that lone wolves are so hard to detect because they’re, well, acting alone.”

Lone Wolves are NEVER  actually alone-they ALWAYS have the surveillance state apparatus to ‘help out.’

These are not “lone wolf” attacks- they are in fact highly organized efforts by local, state and federal agencies to harass, stalk, monitor and otherwise “disrupt” the lives of targeted American citizens to the point where these citizens choose-or are coerced, blackmailed, or outright patsied into-violence of one kind or another.

And their is mounting evidence that those targeted have in fact endured years of pre-crime harassment by the exact agencies charged with upholding the law and preventing harassment. It’s called organized stalking, and it is a very effective way to subvert the individual narrative to one where LE agencies and their many affiliated groups and ‘community organizations can hide behind purely occultist narratives of secrecy and hidden methodology in quasi-legal investigations that bring the full force of the local, stae and federal agencies to bear on individuals who are on one of their many nefarious and duplicitous watch-lists.

These disruption campaigns are known colloquially as organized stalking,  but also aka gang stalking, targeted harassment, group stalking, cause stalking, and a host of other names. It is as nefarious as the Ku Klux Klan at the height of it’s mayhem, and employs the same identical techniques.

But this time, instead of ‘right wing’ beliefs, these organized stalkers and their agencies are in fact ‘progressives’ ranging from those who work in homeless shelters and the mental health fields to the Jewish Federation, the Democrats* and those who espouse pro-zionist views,  ( and their is NOTHING about Zionism that is anything BUT right wing.) They are also widely affiliated with quasi-governmental agencies like the Law Enforcement Intelligence Units that consist of retired cops, prosecutors, investigators and so on.

The FBI and now the DHS as wellare every bit as nefarious as at the height of it’s illegal surveillance campaigns throughout every and any period of its existence- but this time, with the full complicity of main stream media, and federal propaganda initiatives. In other words- and as they like to point out on their many disinformation blogs and websites- they are ” COINTELPRO on steroids.”

FBI *fails to foil yet ANOTHER FBI plot

The Fix is the Inside Job

Yahoo news reports that “FBI agent Ron Hopper told reporters Sunday that Mateen had been on the FBI’s radar since 2013 when coworkers reported him for making “offensive” comments about islamic extremism.

After two interviews, Hopper said, agents could not prove that Mateen was connected to any terrorist groups. The FBI questioned him once more in 2014 about ties to a suicide bomber, but again let him go after determining that their “contact was minimal.”

Mateen’s ability to still carry out the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history despite this record highlights the uniquely impenetrable threat of “lone wolves.”

Yahoo News talked to terrorism experts about what makes lone wolf attacks so difficult to prevent.

Simply put, the answer is that lone wolves are so hard to detect because they’re, well, acting alone.”

As we now know- the FBI working with the other multiplicitous American law enfarcement agencies as well as a host of “community organizations” don’t use radar on these targeted people- they use Stingray cell phone towers to steal their phone signals and track them relentlessly; as well as to record and play back conversations to these individuals- and much much more. They specifically DO NOT keep records in written form- and brag about that on some of their websites.

They use cell phone signal jamming devices to manipulate their interactions online, and disrupt each and every online interaction via hacking and other subversion. They establish fraudulent internet communities and attempt to entrap these individuals; they use isolation techniques and slander campaigns to destroy the social networks and human interactions of these individuals as well.

Then- they brag about it online and call it “bullying on steroids,” signaling to each other that they work with impunity, mocking both the rule, and the principle of law, in the shadows of the United States Constitution.

Source: https://www.yahoo.com/news/why-lone-wolf-attacks-are-almost-impossible-to-prevent-012346606.html

When it comes to hidden political bodies that make extra-judicial decisions outside the purview of the law, the FBI has a very well documented and a very long record of using illegal means and methods. From anti-war protesters, free speech dissenters, Martin Luther King,  socialist activists and hippies, the Corporation as it is called in common vernacular, has actively participated in assassinations, used death threats, distributed drugs guns and porn- and never been disciplined or fully revealed.

So it is less than surprising that their latest attack came at a gay nightclub- what group of people better to  enlist in free publicity, and the dissemination of pro-FBI rhetoric than the exact group of people targeted by the same agency in the last centuries illegal targeting campaigns?

And what a better #badguy to target, enlist, and harass into action than a wannabe cop like the latest shooter?

‘lone wolves have shown that while they prefer to work alone, they still like to talk—mostly online.’

Most troubling is that the main stream media (MSM) is fully on board and complicit in the propaganda stream of disinformation- that stream which downplays, minimizes, and refuses to investigate the FBI’s role as crime and terror creators::

Yahoo- quoting Scott Decker, a professor of criminology and criminal justice at Arizona State University, elaborated.

“Law enforcement is organized to work through multiple sources of information to identify suspects and understand the characteristics and motivations of crimes, especially violent crimes,” said Decker, who focused his research on the similarities between gangs and terrorist organizations.

“The more contacts an individual has, the more sources of information law enforcement has at its disposal,” he said. In the same vein, “The more people involved in an attack, the more likely it is that there will be ‘traces’ of evidence regarding the attack or information that could lead to individuals involved in an attack.”

This is one component of the “organized stalking” by definition- organization at the highest levels of disruption. Decker, the professor mentioned in the article, fits the narrative of “official source” and so, by MSM standards, is highly quotable- but irrelevant in any substantive way. In fact, the only purpose he serves in this article is to re-emphasize the official narrative that individual voices are a threat to official narratives!

Selling Wolf Tickets

Again- from the Yahoo article, another “official source” Jeffrey Simon, a visiting lecturer in UCLA’s Political Science department with a book to sell says that  ‘lone wolves have shown that while they prefer to work alone, they still like to talk—mostly online.’

“So many lone wolves, prior to an attack, have published very extremist types of blogs, sometimes indicating that they’re thinking about doing violence,” Simon said. “But often times these postings are right before they perpetrate the attack and it’s too late for the authorities to intercept.”

Even when law enforcement is able to detect such signs of potential violence before an attack, Simon points out that free speech complicates the issue.

“We don’t know yet how to separate those individuals who may be espousing extremist views or hate type of views from those who are actually going to follow through with an attack,” he said.

Filtering through online comments for legitimate threats is just one way which, Decker and Simon argue, the internet has made lone wolves easier to cultivate and harder to identify.

“The internet has played a central role in the spread of terrorism, particularly individuals in the U.S. who have become radicalized or adopted extremist views,” said Decker, pointing to the use of discussion boards, social media and email by radical Islamic groups as well as right-wing extremist organizations.

While MSM continues to speak of “the internet” as if it is one big, mostly friendly, useful and helpful  person, most people in non-MSM media know that “the internet” is in fact multiple a vast propaganda dispensary, with intelligence agencies waging various kinds of Psychological Operations, disinformation campaigns, and other truly scary and unethical behaviors across the world amid the noise and chatter of commercialism, consumerism, and other white noise.

And we know with certainty that each and every individual voice- each and every dissenting opinion, and any challenge to ‘official narrative’ is a threat to some strange freedoms- specifically, the freedom that the FBI and other multiplicitous alphabet agencies have to break the law, and trample any sense of moral, or ethical codes of conduct ever written. And, to trample them with impunity and great disdain for the US Constitution and its protections against their behaviors- and their crafting of job security via the crafting of domestic terrorism.

So, remember: it’s “for the children,” that we allow this form of impunity- because God forbid they should ever go online and manage to somehow avoid interacting with American intelligence agents who monitor,surveill, propagandize, and, sometimes, craft terrorists from nearly whole cloth. Those kids just might manage to somehow change the narrrative- and we wouldn’t want that would we?

*Democrats, and the American Democratic Party, along with Progressive Jews and Catholics, were notoriously involved in tactics that mirrored the racist Ku Klux Klan, and were responsible for covert activities of progressive violence in America up until the 1960’s. Then, again, starting in the 1980’s.

Further Reading:

It is important to note how many of these so called terrorists that the FBI and the alphabet agencies are crafting are associated in some way with alternative media, or counter-narrative. The shooters father is alleged to have been a talk show host who disputed political borders in Afghanistan: https://www.yahoo.com/news/father-orlando-shooting-suspect-hosted-233326524.html


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