“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Propaganda Studies 101: Try not to tell obvious “whoppers” to an educated audience. But count on the Fusion Center Heros to buy in.

Empty words:

“China Imposes Blackout on Hong Kong Bookseller’s Revelations”

Watching the charade of pure unadulterated bullshit that has replaced what was once known as “American journalism” and known nobly as “the Fourth Estate” has certainly opened a few eyes; Five Eyes surveillance notwithstanding.It has also opened the eyes of what is known colloquially as the Fifth Estate: bloggers, micro-bloggers, and alternative media mavens to the sham of official source journalism.

What Dirt Do They Have on You?

It’s almost as if western media journalists, news pundits, and media moghuls are themselves too afraid or too complicit to arouse too much suspicion from the surveillance state-and so they do not report anything resembling public interest stories anymore. Generals who lie and deceive Congress with impunity are heralded as #goodguys, while those who stand up for the American Constitution land on watch-lists and are flagged as #badguys and terrorists. One must wonder: how did our Congress and our judiciary roll over so quickly as to allow one bad unconstitutional law after another?

My best guess is that the warrantless security state- and that backdoor search mechanism via the NSA, via Israel- has led to the most massive blackmail campaign in history.

News: It’s all just propaganda.

So here’s a story I have been watching: the story of the so-called ‘disappearance of Hong Kong booksellers” and the way that American and British media play the free speech card when it is a convenient tune for the ‘democracy’ playlist.

The same media news cycle that  squashes free speech-crushing federal initiatives into nearly dysfunctional narratives of good guys versus bad guys narratives also outright refuses to report on issues like  how the intelligence agencies are monitoring, stalking, harassing, firebombing, and blackmailing dissenters, security researchers and many more.

And free speech in America, Europe, or Britain? Forget it.

“Analysts from Reporters Without Borders rank the United States 46th in the world in terms in their Press Freedom Index, updated for 2014. Certain forms of speech, such as obscenity and defamation, are restricted in major media outlets by the government or by the industry on its own.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Censorship_in_the_United_States

Free Speech is over rated.

What’s in a word? In America, as has been documented for many decades, most ‘popular’ novels, films, music, and other forms of entertainment media is virtually all politically”progressive.” Pop culture, with a verified and indisputable affiliation with intelligence agencies like the CIA, is itself little more than indoctrination of one kind or another.

Notoriously, books like “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest,” “Are you there God it’s me Margaret,” “Catcher in the Rye,” “The Color Purple,””Fight Club,”and more that are taught in American high schools- all these books and more have direct and indirect ties to the CIA, cultists and  religions, or ‘color revolutions-‘ primers in mind control of the masses.

Most notably, it is books like these that discuss sexuality and social control; antisocial behavior and behavior modification that are taught as  ‘subversive books’ that ‘dare and defy those who would limit free speech,’ rather than that these books and the time spent reading and discussing them in fact take precious time away from students who could otherwise rewrite history by researching and writing about intelligence agency manipulation and repression of words, speech, and time that is happening in the here and now.

But in fact- these books and many more are merely social control mechanisms themselves- tools of social control that are so deeply propagandistic that they in and of themselves could be said to suppress speech: the fact that students in America are taught that these books, many written by deep cover agents of social manipulation- are to be read, rather than that students of this era be taught to write new books outside the parameters of these old ones.

So really- why does the western media, MSM even have time to focus on 5 guys from Hong Kong when in fact the Five Eyes have rendered free speech in their own countries “long gone?”

It’s a question that every student of propaganda should ask.

screenshot-www yahoo com 2016-06-17 09-40-47

Speaking of pressure: in America today, many American reporters, writers, artists, poets, and especially alternative media corespondents are stopped at the borders of their own country when returning from abroad. Their laptops are searched, their hard drives and phones detained, and the contents of them are reviewed, copied to government hard drives, and they are often questioned for periods of time that range from minutes to hours.

Again, I ask: exactly what IS America’s concern with free speech in nations that it cannot control, nor intimidate? I suspect that THOSE kind of Americans fear that their lockup on the mechanisms of social control are slipping- and that the dismal notion of democracy is failing to impress even them, blackmailed and sniping at each other as they are; from security guard to senator, officer of the law to officer of the courts, their lockup on the narrative has been turned against them by their own voyeurism: the Eye of the Panopticon and all of its paid, blackmailing, internet derailing lechers has splooge all over it in 50 Shades of Unconstitutional Grey.

“Smote first the splooge from thine own eye, madame Libertine, before you striketh at the tear in my own.” – Anonymous free speech advocate

Further Notes: this article was published from mainland China, using words that Americans and others claim that China censors with a “Great Cannon.” That in and of itself is just more intelligence agency total  bullshit. The so-called Cannon, has NOTHING on American speech suppression via the Five Eyes Nations “Free Speech Steamroller,” aka the “Big Steamer” mechanisms.



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We’re all so meta that the NSA targets our intellectual detritus.


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