“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Israeli involvement in covert harrassment campaigns is a common factor in organized stalking, aka ‘disruption’ camaigns.


Many incidences of cyber stalking, harassment online and off, as well as a host of other illegal activities that are commonly mistaken for FBI and DHS disruption campaigns is actually quite often, covert Israeli activity. And, organizations like AIPAC and the many Jewish Federation offices and affiliated groups are deeply involved. But -as usual- law enforcement often fails or outright refuses to investigate the link.

” I had a number of heated debates with Israelis and Americans. Topics we discussed ranged from their opinions of all Muslims to the shelling of the Palestinian family on a Gaza beach.” -the account of a Somali of organized harrassment

But also, persons targeted also often fit one or another ‘profiles’ based on skin color or nationality alone. Because of the hidden, quasi-legal and ‘disruptive’ occult nature of American law enforcements collusion in this schema, it is often difficult if not impossible to prove the connections.

But sometimes, hard evidence and circumstantial evidence point clearly to this connection, and some who write on the topic have documented as much.

According to the link above, outspoken criticism of Israeli complicity in genocide or apartheid can bring about a host of hidden bullying and harrassment that lical, state and federal police agencies refuse to police.

To whit:

An account of a Somali person in London, targeted by the occult practice of organized stalking

” My Experience of being Gang Stalked in London

19.05.2007 22:23Dear Friends, I wish to share with you my experiences at the hands of extremist right here in the UK and is presently ongoing. Some years ago I was working at a firm of chartered surveyors. In my role as an asset management surveyor, I was tasked to act on behalf of landlords of properties in London. The landlords were often pension fund institutions, investment firms and corporations that employed our firm to manage the leases and maintenance of these properties. One day my supervisor instructed me to make contact in person with the office manager of El Al’s administrative offices in Oxford Street. Other lease holders in the property were complaining that the security staff of the El Al offices were going into their demised spaces after office hours and defecating and abusing their female worker’s belongings such as cardigans, toiletries and seating as well as the women’s WC. 

My employer and I realised the sensitivity of this situation and opted not to issue a formal written warning to spare embarrassment to the Israeli national airlines, but to have a discrete chat with the office manager to quietly resolve the matter. On my arrival at the offices I meet the manager and made it clear that the situation was appalling and criminal and that if the police were informed it would reach the press. He was very professional and understood the matter was intolerable and he would take action.

As I left the building and made my journey to Oxford Street, a vehicle pact with men whom I recognised as some of the security staff from the El Al offices roared to screech beside me and turned into the road I was about to cross. They were all looking closely at me in a hostile and intimidating manner. For a time I knew I was followed around by the same individuals in the car often turning up in my neighbourhood or being in the same nightclub or restaurant I frequented but it dwindled off.

In the last couple of years I started dabbling in a bit of blogging and writing on all sort of current affairs issues on the internet. One of the sites I wrote in is Ohmynews, a Korean sponsored international citizen journalist web site. I took part in the “Talkback” section and the commentary section where up on I had a number of heated debates with Israelis and Americans. Topics we discussed ranged from their opinions of all Muslims to the shelling of the Palestinian family on a Gaza beach. Of course I took great pains to be factual, incised their sweeping statements and justified my opinion in context with historical and legal precedents and often demolishing their arguments. 

One day my computer crashed and was permanently inoperative and I took it to a work colleague who is proficient with computers. He managed to access the dos files and the bios where he found an encrypted programme running in a partitioned section of my hard drive sweeping all the data on my laptop. My colleague said that he had never seen anything like it and that it appears like some sort of “data sucking” programme that uploads information to a remote site when the laptop is connected onto the internet. Some weeks later I noticed that I have been followed everywhere I go whether on foot or by car.

Lately the following has gotten so extreme that cars tailgate with drivers openly speaking into walkie-talkies and at supermarkets where individuals with heavy duty black earpieces saunter up to my shopping carts and note what I am purchasing and walk away. Even if I look at an article on a shelf, these individuals trip over themselves to look at what I have touched. There are largely two groups that tail me every where; the first clearly professional or university student age, clean cut and white and if in a vehicle it is often high end or rental. The second group seem to be made up of Thai looking individuals and Central to Southern Africans both clearly incongruous in their cars and clothes.

A few months ago, colleagues from my previous place of work invited me to a meal near Baker Street; on my journey home, in the tube, I noted a group of four men suddenly surround me in a relatively clear platform and they fell in step. As we approached the exit, one rushed in front of me and came to a stop while the other reached into his pocket and tried to barge into me. The other two formed a screen. I quickly spun around to escape the sudden convergence of bodies and escaped to another exit. Frighteningly they all followed me until I headed for a crowd. I noted the upset look on their faces and they seemed to have a striking resemblance to the El Al security staff. 

Lately the following around has taken a life of its own and has developed into harassment with my car regularly damaged and the windows of my house broken. I realised that I was facing some sort of stalking and was horrified to discover that the treatment I am being subjected to is well known phenomenon known as ’cause stalking’ or ‘gang stalking’ and it is akin to Nazi Germany’s Jew Baiting. Of course I have approached the police who found the allegation incredible. With persistence and approaches I have made to the press the police appear to be reluctantly taking an interest. Photographs and car registration numbers amongst other privately collected evidence has been submitted to the my local police CID office.

 Other steps I have taken include securing support from my community, who believe me whole heartedly, and who have informed me that other Somalis have been subjected to this kind of harassment. It seems to our elders that someone or some group is selectively harassing males of our community to stoke up some kind of reaction. Since I was brought up in the UK and see myself as British, I have not lived within the community and live a basically British lifestyle. I believe the harassment is a product of the situations I have described previously but others have been induced to target me in line with the grief being brought on other Somalis.

 The harassment I face manifests itself distinctly and appears to be a strongly defined methodology which happens all the time I step out of the door. ”

Further notes:

The Somali population has been heavily targeted by both legal and illegal practices, and no newspaper of record has examined that any further than the fact that most Somali’s who have been entrapped by the FBI disruption schemas are notoriously ‘mentally ill.’

And, no court of record has documented these techniques of targeted harrassment, or their occult effects on individuals.


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