“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

The occult practices of law enforcement, part 3: “Breakins Plague Justice Department Whistleblowers”- Black bag jobs courtesy of US attorneys

Black bag jobs, civil liberties encroachment, and organized stalking bloomed like black fungus after George Bush Jr took office- but the full blown plague of rampant law enfarcement in America came under President Barack Obama, as he sought to disable third party political challenges to two party plutocrats and hegemony, even scores, and enable his version of progressiveness- no matter how badly he, in reality, just furthered the globalist agenda.

And, the Main Stream Media (MSM) became noticeably silent about incidents of harassment and extra-legal methods deployed BY the Department of Justice, the FBI, et al to obstruct justice itself.

Why? Because Justice in America is, and has always been political.


Related Story: Russia is alleged to employ the exact same techniques as western intelligence agencies in these nefarious organized stalking campaigns

Here is a blast from that not to distant past- a time when the MSM was sometimes caught in the act of reporting on illegal activity by US attorney’s and the FBI:

“The incidents are not limited to burglaries. In Mississippi, former Judge John Whitfield was the victim of arson at his office. In Alabama, the whistleblower in the Don Siegelman case, Dana Jill Simpson, had her home burned down, and shortly thereafter her car was allegedly forced off the road.

While there is no direct evidence linking these crimes to the US Attorneys’ office targeting these individuals, or to the Bush administration, there is a distinct pattern that makes it highly unlikely that these incidents are isolated and unrelated.” –Hard link from Rawstory.com here

Justice, American Style

There’s this guy on the internet who claims he is the target of organized stalking, and harassment by the FBI and the Department of Justice. And, by his own words, he’s a bad guy- as he admits to a criminal history.

But there are others who have done nothing wrong- who in the very least, have never gone to trial and been convicted of anything- who also claim that they are under the influence of a dangerous cult-like narrative called organized stalking.

And, there are these other guys, many of whom died, or who claimed to be patsies; or who shot up a bunch of people, after close involvement with the FBI or it’s hidden methods, using hidden budgets that are nearly a billion dollars per year in some cases; and hidden organizations like the LEIU or InfrGard, to accomplish hidden investigations that pertain to hidden subject matter.

And, all that secrecy certainly isn’t protecting anyone, except these hidden agents and agencies, and their black budgets. Who do they work for anyways?

Further Reading- Debunking conspiracy: The mysterious hanging deaths of the DC Madame and the Prostitute are less ‘mysterious’ now for  only one reason: women who commit suicide very rarely hang themselves. But both women were experiencing similar ‘stalkings’ aka investigations as they died.



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