“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

In Re: Confidential Informants, aka snitches and commandment #8-thou shalt abandon the operation when your game is busted.

Informant Handling: The dark art of creating, and manipulating evidence before it becomes evidence.
“The old adage, used adnauseum by law enforcement experts is “cop is only as good as his informants.”
The purpose of this section is to help produce law enforcement officers [informant handlers],supervisors and administrators who are lot better and savvier than the informants under their control; professional law enforcement officers and administrators who effectively use criminal informants(CI) to apprehend and convict serious criminals with solid prosecution cases.Too often law enforcement officers are used by their confidential informants as protection from prosecution and/or to steal taxpayer dollars in the form of reward payments, while they [the informants] commit serious crimes against the people whom we‘ve sworn to serve and protect.Sub-standard informant handling by the undercover officer has led to a number of
undesired outcomes including, false arrests and convictions, planting evidence(flaking),criminal charges filed against the undercover officer and the irrespective department, civil law suits, and the prosecution  of police.Undercovers who allow the informant tocontrolthe operation risk everything. Informants who are poorly handled invite rip-offs by presenting bait that would tempt any criminal.If the informant acts like raw meat, any nearby shark is going to go for him/her and the undercover officer.
The rules and standards set forth in this guide are the product of tragedy and failure, and are set forth herein, again,with the hope that history will not repeat itself. 

Criminal Justice Services, Office
Public Safety: Copyright 2007 (August 2007) Criminal Justice Service
You might recall that many mass shooters claim that they are “targeted individuals,” and victims of “organized stalking.”
What this means in many/most of these cases is simply that these individuals, like hundreds of victims of “disruptions”that the FBI admits to harming, and those of the DHS and the hidden investigation trickle down effect to state and local law enforcement targets, is that these many people were at some point targeted with an off-the-books warrantless surveillance operation; or that they are part of continuing unconstitutional monitoring by agents and agencies.
In the case of the recent Baton Rouge shooter, or the Pulse nightclub shooter-like many others, we see a pattern clearly, both in their online presence, and in the vague and general manners of speaking about their lives, and personal situations.
This last point- the vagueness of his metaphorical discussions of their lives- is an indicator of  persons who are well aware of the condition of blackmail and coercion: that speaking the condition out loud could appear to sound paranoid, and easily be discredited.
What if someone contacted you anonymously online, and then, began to re-iterate details of your personal life- or your sexual life?
Who could tell others out loud that strange people (informants and handlers) appear in and out of your life, leaving behind strange dialogues, and even more strange propositions in your life and mind? Who would believe that? These sorts of things only happen in Russia, or China- or in the movies!
He also fits a profile of an individual that would make an ideal informant, if he could be blackmailed or coerced into it.
1) world traveller with many connections outside of America
2) proficiency in culture and cultural jargon
3) first-hand connections to organizations and social movements that are officially targeted groups like the Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter, and the sovereign movement
4) he was a practitioner of both idealism and positive outreach-and he had an online presence which could be used by agents of social control
5) He was charismatic to a point, and actively sought to influence people.
6) Espoused extreme social change, staring with oneself
7) many other points of interest that you will see if you read the story
But these so-called mass shooters all fit a profile of one thing for certain: all of them would fit very nicely into the toolkit of any intelligence agency hack, or local cop, who need an ethnic informer, infiltrator, or asset.

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We’re all so meta that the NSA targets our intellectual detritus.


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