“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Hacking:it happens to the best of us, @Zdziarski.

UPDATE: @JZdziarski Tweeted this below, in response to this post herein. Which makes me wonder if he isn’t just another bricked Iphone in the Wall. I mean-the guy whines about ‘unauthorized access to his WordPress blog BY THE CANADIANS,’ seeks assistance in identifying the unauthorized IP- also whines about people blocking him on Twitter-and then calls me a conspiracist for writing ’bout it?

Also, as noted elsewhere, Zdziarski is also an InfraGard member, aka, he works directly with the FBI. This blog is about revealing them, and revealing their propaganda tactics, and especially as pertains to gang stalking.


Jonathan Zdziarski

Jul 24

Jonathan Zdziarski ‏@JZdziarski

Hahaha some conspiracy nut I blocked on Twitter thought I got hacked by the Canadian Government and wrote a blog post about it.

Meet Jonathan Zdziarski, deputized protector of the infrastructure by hacking it all day, and FBI informant the rest of the time via Infragard. Am I the only one who finds that ironic? And, maybe, a bit less than ethical….then there’shis whacky belief in the Christian sky god-you know, the one that said it’s o.k. to wage genocide on native peoples.

Yeah. That god. DAMN. The irony meter is pinging ‘Canada!!!’

Jonathan Zdziarski

Jul 24

Jonathan Zdziarski ‏@JZdziarski

Jonathan Zdziarski, an important figure in the cyber security industry, a hacker, and a key figure in the AppleVsIphone debate on Twitter in March of 2016, was subject to an attempted hack by the Canadian DoD. Tell me that joke again- that joke about ‘who’ is waging cyberwar against “us”? You know it- that  one about “the Chinese,” or “the Russians,” or  “Insert-your-favorite-#badguy-here?”

Sure. Maybe the #otherguys are targeting spies- that’s nothing new. But now, we know with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that our own guys are targeting us with daily regularity.


Jonathan Zdziarski- it’s not the Chinese or the Russians doing it- it’s your own security state infrastructure, and its minions of paid military grade trolls and hackers. Didn’t you learn ANYTHING from the grandiose confabulations of the #goodguys during AppleVsFBI?

Jonathan Zdziarski – ‏@JZdziarski

Apparently, someone from the Canadian Department of @NationalDefence tried to log into my WordPress account. pic.twitter.com/Suzq6d85c5

8:21 AM – 19 Jul 2016

While it is possible that there are other explanations, the most plausible is usually the most simple, right? But when state level actors are involved, which citizen can ever know the truth- or depend upon outdated paradigms like Occam’s razor? After all- it is “we the people” that these intelligence hackers and trolls are seeking to divide, one password, one IP address- one or several opinions, one big slice of privacy at a time.

Extra-judicial Punitive  Hacking by Intelligence Agencies

I only learned about Jonathan Zdziarski being hacked by Canadian intelligence services after the fact, as I noticed today that Zdziarski had blocked me from his feed, which was a surprise. Or, maybe not a surprise, considering that he is an InfraGard member. Infragard, after all, is a secret society vetted by the FBI itself- the secret, knighted Grand Wizards of our era.

Here’s Zdziarski’s thoughts on the subject:

  1. Jonathan Zdziarski@JZdziarski Jul 19
  2. We’re going to build a wall of Tim Hortons, and we’re going to make Canada pay for it.

    Jul 19

    1. Well, if Canada’s DoD is trying to hack my WordPress, I guess that’s a good sign they haven’t penetrated my laptop.

      1. Jul 19

        Can anyone find any information about the smaller allocation? I can’t find anything smaller than DRE-LAN3.

    1. Jul 19

    2. The date is interesting, as that was around the time I was very active in analyzing the Apple vs. FBI case.

  1. Jul 19

    Apparently, someone from the Canadian Department of tried to log into my WordPress account.

    In the growing lexicon of intimidation and the use of silencing tools and tactics used by the new world order and its emergent surveillance state, we see an interesting set of facts emerge: intelligence agencies are selectively targeting individuals who question, challenge, or contest police state narratives with a host of as yet to be documented methods of attack, under the guise of one form of plausible deniability or another.

    In this case, as of today, 07/21/2016 at 2:15 p.m., Zdziarski’s blog cannot be accessed either. Here is that web address: http://www.zdziarski.com/

    And, you can Google the title of one of his early posts from March that documented the Twitter debate about #AppleVsFBI. I used this search language and discovered his blog was down ( at least on the version of the internet that we get in America):

    Google Search: “Apple vs. FBI: Where We Are Now, and Where We’re Going” jonathan zdziarski

    While reknowned security researcher and recent Tor board member Bruce Schneier, is still online with similar posts from March of 2016:


    At the time, Zdziarski was widely seen as the go-to guy in the matter, quoted by many sources like CNET, and others, as he has the inside scoop on the inner workings of the Iphone:

    “Already, Apple’s newer phones, 2013’s 5S and later, are immune to what many believe is the most likely method for the FBI to access the iPhone 5C — creating a copy of the flash memory to prevent it from being erased. It’s sort of like saving your place in a video game so you can play the same level over and over after you die, said cybersecurity expert Jonathan Zdziarski.

    The technique won’t work in any iPhones released over the past couple of years, Zdziarski said, because they are powered by chips that contain what’s called a secure enclave. That’s the same part of the processor that keeps your financial information secure for Apple Pay and the TouchID fingerprint reader.” Source: CNET

    While on the surface, it is obvious that theoretically hostile groups and governments could be attempting to access Zdziarski’s WordPress blog, it is not likely for many reasons, not least of which is that the very timing of the event coincides with an attempt by United States government agents to not only force a corporation to do it’s bidding against the Constitutional prohibition that a governemt has the right to do so- but also because the FBI and its DITU are a wholly unaccountable entity secreted away deep within the bowels of the deep state itself, and a primary function that they have demonstrated thus far is to subvert key individuals in key dialogues all over the world.

    And we know that the Five Eyes alliance in fact is sponsored as a tool of speech suppression, as documented by Edward Snowden and others by revealing the JTRIG Psyops, and as revealed by others in discussing the US Army battalions who are tasked with EXACTLY that function.

    In other words, we know the attack on Zdziarski was not MERELY the Canadian’s, but in fact, part of a shell game of accountability that the FIVE EYES relies upon for plausible deniability. And, they rely on it in secret, while targeting key speakers online.

    UPDATE: Zdziarski Tweeted “


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