“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Remember when unions were run by organized crime: Police union chief: ‘What’s the big deal?’ – Michael Fitzgerald, Stockton, CA 

In towns and townships, cities and suburbs across America, one “key” person silently targeted by one secret intimidation campaign after another, organized groups of bullies and their armed associates are bending every premise of  morals and ethics to get what they want.

The mob, the mafia-La Cosa Nostra, or the Kosher Noses-whatever racketeering, union controlling groups you have seen on tv? FUHGETTABOUTIT!

Because the police unions across America are the only strong arm rackets left!

A gray war is taking place in America: muddied up in the dirty areas and hidden blindspots of the law, the culture of impunity in policing is asserting itself every bit as aggressively as mob cultures of enforcement, insinuating itself politically, and in other ways; completely hidden from sight.

And, it’s manipulating and displacing our neighbors, billion dollar chunks of our economy, and even our petty opinions on social media-one bloated, fraudulent, fiscal, verbal, or property transaction at a time.

These campaigns are often visible-and persons visibly targeted.

In the lexicon of “gang stalking” tactics, even a casual reader in this internet genre finds references to thugs, multi stalkers, government agents, and others ” moving in next door in order to harass me.” It is a well doumented phenomenon.

These frenzied, pannicky, paranoid-sounding narratives permeate the blogs and the dialectic of organized stalking; and references to new neighbors, and questionable tenants moving in next door appear so frequently in these narratives that it is integral to these narratives.

The case of Fresno activist John Lang stands out because he not only named the groups and Iindividuals who moved next door to him shortly before his death, but he filmed them as well. And other cases talk aboutit too, as does this case in San Bernardino. There are many more.

But few cases stand out more prominently than the case of the beleaguered Stockton, CA city manager Bob  Deis, who resigned his post as Stockton city manager, after one of Americas multitudinous quasi-law enforcement agencies moved in next door to him.

It was one of thousands of faternal orders of police officers, practicing a unique tactical intimidation, and it worked.


Police union chief: ‘What’s the big deal?’

By Michael Fitzgerald 

Posted May 20, 2011 at 12:01 AM

When you lock horns with a tough union over pay cuts, you don’t expect them to buy the house next door to you. But that is happening to Stockton City Manager Bob Deis.

The Stockton Police Officer’s Association is buying the foreclosure next door to – of all places – Deis’ North Country Club Boulevard home. Deis is crying foul.

The city manager believes the SPOA is buying the house “in order to intimidate me in labor negotiations.”

Deis and the union are locked in combative negotiations over Draconian cuts to police compensation made necessary by a $37 million projected budget deficit.

There’s no love lost between the two sides….Follow the link to read more.

If you’ve been awake in class, and read the thesis: What does organized stalking look like, in practice?

And it happened to Stockton, CA city manager Bob Deis, in 2011, when he tried to resolve a nearly 40 million dollar shortfall of revenue that the city faced. That year, Forbes magazine called Stockton the “most miserable city in America,”-and it was also a banner year for an uptick in reported cases of organized stalking.

And-one year after that? The city was bankrupt.[and here]

Related Story: Stockon Mayor’s stolen gun turns up at a homicide


But it’s happening to others in other cities, towns; suburbs and townships all across America. Here below is what happened to a guy in Houston-because he wrote a single sentence on Facebook.


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