“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

LAPD detective is accused of intimidating and threatening her ex-boyfriend -The culture of “testilying” begins in the domecile as an incubator for deep state purposes.

A Los Angeles police detective who was being investigated by Internal Affairs had her boyfriend arrested by falsely reporting that he sexually assaulted her because he cooperated with the department’s inquiry, prosecutors said Thursday.

LAPD Det. Christine Wycoff began a relationship with the man in the summer of 2014 that lasted several months, prosecutors say. But as the relationship began to fizzle, Wycoff lashed out and “made repeated threats against the man,” who reported them to the LAPD, prosecutors said in a statement.

Things only got worse from there, they allege.

When Wycoff learned of the investigation, she told the man that if he cooperated, she would accuse him of domestic violence, officials said. She eventually filed a report with Torrance police, saying that the man sexually assaulted her. He was arrested as a result and eventually released from custody.http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-lapd-detective-threats-ex-boyfriend-20160128-story.html

The militarization of American police began with the Violence Against Women Act ( VAWA) and the myth that women do not initiate violence, or practice coercive violence in the home. Backed by the police, the culture of impunity begins with this phrase: “never ever hit a woman.”

Women should be believed-because they’re women, right?

No matter how violent, or how deceptive- how cunning and destructive, or plain sociopathic a woman is- NEVER EVER HIT A WOMAN! Because men are all big, scary, mean people, and women are fragile, gentle, soft, and utterly defenseless creatures that require a police state to intervene in every households business.


Domestic violence narratives are built upon the premise that men are dangerous, and women are vulnerable. But in fact, the narrative ensures that the state can use women as breed cows that birth a tax base, and then victimizing, incarcerating, and demonizing men who don’t fit the profiles.Image courtesy of Ghettoredhot.com

Remember kids: women never lie, especially when it comes to domestic violence, rape, relationships, or sexual violence and rape in relationships.

Unless, of course, they are trained testiliars, relying upon the full support of a police culture that always supports women; a system of policing built on the domestic violence narrative that has pre-programmed American women to be professional grade in the art of testilying.

So, fellahs, call the cops first, and call them often-that’s the house that Jill built, y’all. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy of one way, non-reciprocal violence, and it is directed at anyone who challenges the impunity of official lies; and its especially targeted at men.

Feminism has built a police state upon this narrative, and it only goes down hill from there.


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