“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

What is organized stalking? Start with the story of Justin Vacula, a well known atheist.


Meet Justin Vacula, who has been gang stalked by religious trolls, and atheists alike.


Justin Vacula, atheist, and organized stalking victim


Organized stalking often involves religion, cults, and other quasi-cult organizations and their followers. Sorting out real victims from those who masquerade online as victims can be difficult, but not impossible, because many victims of the tactics and techniques of organized stalking, aka gang stalking, multi stalking, group stalking, etc, seldom identify as victims. And many don’t even know they are targeted.

The case Justin Vacula is well known to tens of thousands of people, and his story has been told in major media and well documented all across the internet viamthe Fifth Estate of blogging.

Atheist, secularist, humanist blogger, and a target of religiously motivated hate; target of death threats, stalking, gas lighting, and more- Justin Vacula’s case fits many of the criterion of what “targeted individuals” report, as he has endured many if not all of the specific electronic harassments that these individuals report – but he has never once spoken of  his condition as that of being a targeted individual.

I was called ‘the third most hated person in Luzerne County.’ I received a tremendous amount of hate mail and threats from fellow college students (at my school), people in the Northeastern Pennsylvania area, people I went to high school with (some from those who had bullied me), a person in the military, and others.

So, complaints of organized stalking can be said to have both ‘present’ indictors as well as absent ones. 

Perhaps because he can actually name names of some of the people who have gas lighted, harassed and defamed him- people ranging from state senators, to his own Catholic ‘Aunt Lori’, to minor celebrities such as a wrestler named “Banger” who threatened him with veiled death threats, it could becsaid that his is a documented case of plain old harassment-exceptfor the feature that it is organized.

His case is so highly organized that it attracted well known pathological narcissists and petty cultish internet trolls like P.Z. Myers; cyberstalkers, and crypo-Catholic bloggers; and sexual harassers like Greg Laden, and Zionist apologists like well known cyber stalker, Stephanie Zvan from within the cloistered atheist community have participated as well.

Vacula has been confronted by armed personnel who work in government, and had the leaders of churches issue virtual edicts defaming and threatening him. And all of that, because he is an atheist, who creates real change, and expects that government uphold a simple constitutional idea. Vacula has confronted religious pomposity at it’s most entrenched levels of government and society- at the fault line between church and state.

What is known in his case has been documented, but what is unknown is if he experienced other things that he has not written about. And certainly, all of those who took it upon themselves to threaten and harass him are not done.

Here below is a piece of his story, which is well worth the read for anyone trying to get a grasp on this thing called organized stalking:

Consequences and repercussions, by Justin Vacula

As an atheist activist, I understand that there will be repercussions that may follow my actions. In 2009, while on a telephone call with some people before I went forth with my first church/state complaint [click to see all posts of mine related to this issue], I was perhaps ‘warned’ and told that severe repercussions ranging from hate mail, violence, threats of violence, death threats, and even death may follow. A friend of mine from high school also called me while crying on the phone — urging me to back down — and honestly feared that I would be killed or physically harmed by many in the community – and with good reason for her to believe so given the oppressive climate that was present.

I had the chance to ‘back out’ in 2009, but refused to – while going forward with the understanding that repercussions would follow. I — as an out atheist at a Catholic college — challenged the constitutionality of a courthouse religious holiday display. I went on local television stations, had my picture taken for the front page of newspapers in interviews which I agreed to, went on local radio shows, and much more.

I was called ‘the third most hated person in Luzerne County.’ I received a tremendous amount of hate mail and threats from fellow college students (at my school), people in the Northeastern Pennsylvania area, people I went to high school with (some from those who had bullied me), a person in the military, and others. People sent letters to my college asking for me to be expelled. The director of Residence Life made sure to call me by phone at this time and heightened the security of the undisclosed location I stayed on while on campus during the winter break. She called to check on me and made sure I was safe. It goes on.

In a very strange turn of events, I was challenged to a wrestling match by a wrestler who goes by the moniker “Banger” Ritch Howe (the guy here with the black shirt) who, as a local radio personality said, attempted to use $1000 for charity as leverage to fight me – a person who is not at all a fighter calling me Justin “Eat Me” Vacula (whatever that is about) and “Looks like Justin Vacula eats shit. $10 says we never hear his name again.” (He needs to pay up.) “Banger” then went on a radio show and said, “As far as Vacula’s concerned, I’m the damned devil,” “Oh, I’ll definitely teach that boy some manners. He’ll find God…oh, he’ll pray come January 10th,” and “I intend to do lots of brutal stuff.”

Months later, “Banger” sent me hate mail calling me an “attention whore,” calling my actions “mean-spirited and spiteful,” noted that my “personality detracts from any cause [I] may be championing,” that ‘I am far from being an actual benefit to the community,” and am a hypocrite because I challenged a psychic to a test of her abilities and failed to fight him in December. He then went on to say that I don’t believe in God because my parents failed me and this is why I am so angry and this “hardly takes a therapist to identify it.” Further, “Banger” noted, “nothing [I] will ever say will matter in the least, because [I] lack the courage to follow [my] convictions past a typing fit,” that I am “pretty convincing proof no such thing “intelligent design” exists,” and that I am “just another useless bump on the log of social ignorance” …among many other things.

Also in 2009, Roman Catholic blogger “The Rockin’ Traddy” — writing about “traditional Catholicism and today’s liberal church” from Luzerne County, the county which I lived in at the time — authored five interesting blog posts with my name as a tag. In “Hellbound Plan Next Assault,” Traddy used the following terms to describe me: “Dungeons and Dragons playing” (not the most obvious fact about myself that may have been gleaned from my Facebook profile), “girlfriendless” (a fact about myself, at the time, that had nothing to do with a church/state issue – likely gained from my Facebook profile), “living in their parents’ basement losers” (odd thing, not true) noting “Traddy has eyes everywhere. I have observed these people [referring to members of the atheist community group which I belonged and belong to].

In the post “Constitutional Scholar Vacula,” Traddy took a picture from my Facebook profile and photoshopped it with the word “LOSER” at the bottom. In this post, he took a comment I made from the — at the time — NEPA Freethought Society message board on meetup. In his post “VICTORY!” Traddy, noted a status from my Facebook feed in which I announced I would be on local radio. In “Just Because…,” Traddy, taking a photo from my meetup.com profile and posting it, encouraged readers to “Send me some Christmas cheer” listing my e-mail addresses and thanking “St. Mary’s of Dorrance Parishoner” for the information. Finally, in “Come Together,” Traddy considered giving me the “Scumbag of the Day” award.


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