“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Suggestive narratives, or narrative by suggestion? Ask the internet about the Satanic Ritual Abuse Hoaxes of 1980’s America.

Or better yet-DON’T ask the internet- it has it’s own mind, and artificial intelligence, spread out like tentacles, working with multiple institutions, across  agencies and technical platform, utilizing interwoven propaganda streams, and, most terrifyingly, multiple attack vectors, 24/7, with which to suggest, create, enforce, and reinforce “narratives” in ‘our’ society, AND in your personal life.

Most importantly, as a tool of population control, social engineering, social manipulation, and perception management, it is any “mind control” practitioners fantasy come true.

Population Control Has Multiple Meanings

Many online speculate about whether or not the United States with it’s cohort religions and it’s secret courtrooms composed primarily of Catholics, Jews, and Evangelical Christians is practicing genocide in the middle east. Or, is it population control? Or is it just a righteous, and necessary war?

Without answering that question here, there is this other question: what other forms of population control are waged during “wartime.”

The answer to that is Propaganda.

Because the legal process by which citizens can discuss by targeting a specific world populations with death, torture, and a host of other things that are specified as genocide in the U.N. definitions of genocide, is a complex discussion, it is far easier for any individual to ask themselves “what is happening to me?” in these times of “war.”

The answer to that, is that you are being propagandized for even more war! But how to keep you tame, and docile-compliant with state policies of endless war?

In the era of big-money terrorism mongering, with literally hundreds of billions of dollars being spent to create AND police terror, we are reminded that this has happened before. In Germany, during the rise of Hitlers version of fascism. But even Hitler’s rise was accelerated by something. And that something was stranger danger.

The Rise of the American Neocon War Machine, Domestic Violence Narratives, and the War on Strangers Who Bring Dangers!

While Hitlers rise to riches started in 1923, his control of the narrative kiked off in 1931 with a clever piece of film by propagandist Fritz Lang  called “M” which stood for MURDERER! And that murderer was no ordinary murderer- he was a killer of children! While in that era, sex wast ein verbotten topic of discussion! Murder, and particularly child murder stood in as a “safe” topic of discussion-after all, who could argue with the need to protect children from child murderers?!

So, M was a proxy-discussion for another thing: those who would or could otherwise know, influence, guide, or associate with children. In the strongest terms, to the people who flocked to theaters to speculate upon the spectacle of the outsider who could have access to their children, M worked miracles, and Hitler mobilized hundreds of millions.

Hitler also emphasized another theme in his propaganda-he noted repeatedly to his society, and specifically to the youth if his society, that it takes a whole village to raise a child. He made it implicit by authoritarian edict hat he and his badge wearing initiates from more state agencies than history had ever had before- that his Ubermen and women will guide the youth, regardless of, and despite their parents wishes! Because, ‘in time you will pass on- but the children will be left in this community’ of the Third Reich.

In Reality, it Takes Villages of Like-Minded Occultists to Raise a Child

Notoriously and ironically, Hilary Clinton used the phrase e “it takes a village to raise a child” inthe SRA hoax era mirrored, and  mobilized the next, and our current generation of American and European fascists.

Americas fascist mobilization took a similar but far more circuitous route than the Catholic-Jewish dichotomy that Hitler sought to eliminate, and on a much more massive scale: the Satanic Sexual Abuse Hoaxes, perpetrated by  feminist scholars who worked closely and clandestinely with police, became the arbiters between the two dueling sects of Abrahamic religion.

While each and nearly every single person who was accused and stood trial by a jury of their peers was found not guilty, the propaganda value of ” but also, not proven innocent” reminded many of the Salem Witch trials.

Sadly, the lives of children were destroyed by the careerism of police, prosecutors, and a psychologist ho had no degree in psychology! As if that would have mattered-because the SRA narrative became a cash cow or everyone, except the families involved, the children who were manipulated, and the communities affected.


Kee MacFarlane, the woman who started the Satanic Ritual Abuse hoaxes of the 1980’s and 90’s.  She is most famous for using psychological interrogation tactics of forced confession on children, and manipulating, bullying and coercing children on film.Her methods, which she ‘taught’ to the FBI, are now widely and universally debunked and maligned by nearly all legitimate psychologists(…).


Meet Professor Kee MacFarlane, the woman who created the “anatomically correct doll,”and a key player in the child abuse witch hunts of the 1980’s America. She is best known for bullying, coercing, and manipulating children into making false accusations of abuse, and as history has shown, she is an occultist herself.

And, MacFarlane was instrumental to both creating sex abuse hysteria, and a major contributor to the current rape hysteria, but also holds the key distinction of introducing the FBI to the tools of the dark trade of “narrative by suggestion,” which was a key tool with which an entire nation was hoodwinked by false testimony, and hysteria.

Read her courtroom testimony here.

The Propaganda Machine Runs With the Mysterious UNKNOWN as a vehicle to roll out the narrative-in towns and cities full of Catholics, Jews and Evangelicals: religious people who, despite their selective adherence to self-serving science, and select pseudo-science, but  somehow cannot seem to drop their belief in “the Devil,” which I speculate they well know is inside of them, and their occult organizations.

“Satanism Haunts Tales Of Child Sex Abuse

July 29, 1985|By John Crewdson, Chicago Tribune.

BAKERSFIELD, CALIF. — Scores of children in more than half a dozen California communities are telling authorities that they have been sexually abused by groups of adults who also forced them to take part in Satanic-type rituals, including the drinking of blood, cannibalism and the sacrificial murders of other children. The latest such case surfaced in Bakersfield 10 days ago, when the Kern County Sheriff`s Department held a press conference to confirm reports that half of the 15 victims of an alleged child sex abuse ring had made such accusations against their parents and other adults.
“We understand the initial human reaction of, `I don`t want to believe it, make it go away,` “ said Cmdr. Frank Drake, who heads the department`s detective division. “We do believe the children. But it`s not only in California. You can see cases across the United States popping up where you get these tremendously uncanny similarities.“

Evidence of similar cases in other states is sketchy at best. Questions about Satanism briefly arose, for example, when a 5-year-old boy in Niles, Mich., testified last spring that one of the teachers at the day-care center where he was sexually abused had once dressed as a witch for a Halloween ceremony.

Last month deputy sheriffs in Toledo dug up acres of suburban fields after receiving a tip that a local Satanic cult had buried as many as 75 bodies in the area. No bodies were found.

But other allegations, disturbingly similar in detail to the ones here, have been made in recent months by at least three dozen other California children, all of whom also claim to be victims of sexual abuse.”

Read more from the 1985  Chicago Tribune here



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