“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

In Canada, a rape case with troubling implications


A must read article about the lunacy of the no means no crowd-becuse even after a woman invites you out for drinks, promises you “hot sex,” -you could be in for a wild ride, and a false rape accusation; a dogma soaked judge who belngs to the same cult as the accuser. And, most likely, they share the strange religion of Catholics and Jews, and coming to a town near you, Muslims.


I always wondered if Katherine MacKinnon ( is she dead yet? I for one hope she is. I hope it was painful cancer) and other women like her aren’t just eager and willing toilet-slaves for international patriarchy, slobberloined at the thought of cuckolding millions upon millions of men. Or that the men in their lives are such, but regardless, this bolshevik rape thing is out of control.

While women like MacKinnon and Andrea Dworkin ( the world became 400 lbs lighter when she died) and Nancy Chodorow were quite aware of their instrumentality as shapers of future generations, it is striking to see how cheaply they sold out for careers in academia. They married the police state, and birthed our current wars upon us. They subverted the law, and employed the cudgeling, graymail tactics of Nikki Craft, and Gloria Steinem in bed with the CIA.

Feminism is really just a bankster corrupted narrative, and simple mind control, as outlined by Cathy O’Brien in ‘Trance Formation.’ It is CIA culture control, in domestic form.Creating shared memories-even false ones as demonstrated by the victim above needing to consult a source in order to ascertain if she was raped?! That’s classic conditioning, but also mirroring.

So rape hysteria and ‘anchoring’ in womens minds some imaginary shared plight against a common enemy “rapist,” the boogeyman now had a gender, rather than an amorphous ( but mutual) shared feature. But, accordingbto world planners, its also great for the gene pool…

The now thoroughly debunked book “Michelle Remembers” was cleverly designed agitprop that set the stage for later abuses of childrens minds, by these feminists, whose shared goal was getting men out of the house so they could indoctrinate mothers and children. And the great irony is that these women themselves are and were ocultists themselves, hearkening to witchcraft, and secret society membership.

But the one woman that stands out most prominently to me is the pseudo-psychologist and witch hunter Kee MacFarlane, who the FBI used as a trainer in creating SRA hoaxes. Nowhere is the collusion between police authority, mysticysm and feminism more apparent as the agency conspired with feminist demands, and built the police and surveillance state we have today.

These feminists were really the incubators of modern fascism, and a continuation of Hitlers programs. 

And voila! Today, many young girls, born fatherless in America are pimped by the same feminist-state collusion of “progressivism”. It happened in Russia in 1917, Germany in 1933, and now America, and its northern cousin Canada, but they’re running out of common boogeymen-we’re down to journalists, pedophiles, and terrorists- and two of THOSE aren’t actually all that scary.
Oh- and “MRA’s” of course.


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We’re all so meta that the NSA targets our intellectual detritus.


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