“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Twitter, Facebook, immune to prosecution because….CIA funding?

Party police are lao yeye (yayay)-old grandfather or jst yey; local police are lao shushu (shoeshoe). In street languag, situationally, they are sometimes refered to in gang terms, and so DaGe ( dah guh) or laoda ( lao dah) are consecutively Big Brother and big old boss.
China, unlike America, executes corrupt cops, but in HK there is still crosover btwn cop/gangter, hence the blurred terms.
Very interesting to see an American/western news source mention the tactics of organized stalking/gang stalking/ investigation, considering that such things are the new normal in America.
The Chinese and others, like America and Britain today, employed these Red Squads back in the great leap forward, and the Chinese-just like America and the “five eyes” nations employ entire platoons of internet harassers and online trolls that cause endless ‘disruptions’ of speakers.
In other words-dont look to China as if your own nations arent doing this and more ( JTRIG and online mind control for example).Also, most feminist and SJWs online in the west are funded by your governments, and the multiplicitos corporations and NGOs that they subdiize to destroy/redirect/censor the internet, twitter, etc.
As regards ‘why dont they just post to Youtube’-its blocked on mainland.
Here’s some more ways that Chnese nationals use language online to get around censors
Croaker Jianghu, Aug 12th, 2016 @ 10:26pm

Re:free speech zones
So…would a free speech zone on twitter be like college campuses?
’10’×10’over there, past the ashtray on the outside edge of the parking garage’as dreadlocked white feminists with seven out of wedlock kids, and six pointed nipple-star tattoos follow, and five of her cultmstes chastise you about how a lack of allegiance to uber-zionism makes you Hitler becuz, you mentioned MLKs mistresses?
Cool. I’m in. Murica, love it or lease it.
But-great idea on the platform/protocol. A couple questions though:

-if they made that change, would it inhibit Booz Allens ability to flame bait ordinary mentally ill people until they ‘radicalize?’

-would the well known Israeli hasbara/Squad8200 be able to use te inkwink Israel backdoor to reverse IP ppl it doesn’t like or cant control, and then attack them?

-would InfraGard et ass still be able to use it’s hidden networks of hackers and trolls to call the DHS when they get butthurt?

-would the FBI and its toilet slaves, the LEIU etc till be able to use dozens of phony accounts to wage questionable investigations on unsuspecting individuals during election cycles?
So many questions….

Facebook sued for material upport of terrorism: https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20160711/17443434938/facebook-sued-again-material-support-terrorism-because-hamas-uses-facebook.shtml

Twitter sued for supporting ISIS:

Phyllis Kahn was part of the notorious feminist-progressive-Jewish thing up there. Her kind are modern national ocialists-I wouuld think you would be happy getting rid of a cunt like her.
The Minnesota DFL runs extensive gang stalking networks up there, and Keith Ellison, ‘Americas first Muslim senator’ the north Minneapolis party boy, works clsely with FBI and local cops to run these elections. 
This network has virtually destroyed the meaning of fair elections over that way, mbecause the most powerful union are public sector police fire teachers. There is an extensive and constant vetting of candidates before they can even become candidates, due to organized stalking.You might have noticed tht Republicans and third party candidates dont have a chance in that district.
This is because of the backdoor blackmail and graymail that goes on up there. Also-notice that Americas political police-the FBI stepped up to the plate pretty early to put a lockdown on information about the use of Stingray cell phone signal stealers? That’s because they used them pervasively in the 2008-20013 era. And especially in that district.
The public housing you refer to is called the Cedar Riverside towers, and the Minneapolis PD as well as the FBI fill it with informants, and use it as a base in illegal spying. The coffee shops, and especially the internet cafe’s are a primary testing groung for FBI dry runs and confidential informant captures, because of the nature of the neighborhood, and the ease with which illegal surveillance tools go undetected.
Lastly, one of the centers of political organization there is Gandhi Mahal restaurant, whose owner is an FBI informant-he claims he got caught up in a mistaken name issue back in the pre-Snowden era, but likely more to the story.
Either way, that restaurant is a nexus of intel, and a honeypot that works both sides of the game-which is the ‘name of the game’in that area. From the college to the precinct house, with that restaurant in between, it is a prime confidential informant incubator.
So….I would think you would be glad that zionist bankster whore is gone now-and you get the other flavor of bankster meat to nibbble on now…


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We’re all so meta that the NSA targets our intellectual detritus.


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