“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Who are gang stalkers? Who has the time to be a gang stalker? Start with OSINT collection, and its collectors.

In the online community of gang stalkers and targeted individuals, frequent discussion revolves around how internet connections are subverted, emails stolen, and more “electronic harassment.”

What is gang stalking?

Many victims ask the question ” how do they do it?” after they have been hacked online, or otherwise had subversive, covert activity occur in their lives. And, many mass shooters have made the claim that they are targeted individuals, who have been subjected to these same things.Strikingly, we now see that even the main stream media is beginning to report the occasional ‘official source’ and note that mass shooters and various FBI stooges reported that electronic harassment was happening to them- and that their computers were being manipulated and tampered with.

OSINT begins with the sliding scale of warrantless searches through computers connected to social media and online discussions.

Organized stalking in any form begins with the collection of “intelligence,” and the, using that intelligence, victims are targeted by “perpetrators.”Intelligence comes in many forms, but the primary form of intelligence that is used to target individuals today is online, and freely accessible without the need for warrants signed by any legal authority whatsoever. Open source means free to the public, freely available information from which facts and details of a targets life can be accessed and used to target them psychologically, or even physically depending on the agents and agencies involved.

OSINT means Open Source Intelligence

Here below are a couple of the more common logos of some of the agencies that sometimes abuse this information use, and the paths, routes, routers, and connections that information takes from the speaker, to it’s intended recipient/s of speech.


The Law Enforcement Intelligence Units are comprised of former LE’s working with current LE’s to create and/or   solve, cases. They are also alleged to participate in bending and breaking the letter and the spirit of the law


Another of the many organizations that use open source data to target people online

twitter button fa18e6ab66ee0730833bc9db8b3adf5d

Twitter is a cash cow for open source data miners, and affords plausible deniability of OSINT investigators who target, and harass people online with impunity.

OSIRA logo


The original “Anonymous?” Another LEIU logo.


MITRE is the company that John Wheeler the third was working for when he was murdered.


Booz formerly employed Edward Snowden, who implicated them in a host of nefarious and illegal, unethical practices. Most notoriously, Booz subverts and redirects Tor routing across America, sending traffic to CMI and other destinations.

As you can see, aside from day to day law enforcement across the country, there are many corporations that monitor speech and speakers online.Besides monitoring, they actively and substantially alter the nature of the communications, and the communicators themselves.

Within the gang stalking community, frequent references are made by targeted individuals to acts and actions online that restrict, or otherwise inhibit the ability of a blogger, or a Twitter user to publish their writing online. And, more frequently, targeted individuals complain that their email is tampered with, even though they did not receive a warrant, or notice.

It is likely, and provable in many cases that these OSINT groups are responsible. These organizations are sometimes referred to as the “shadow government,” or as “cowardly gang stalkers.”


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