“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

The BLINDDATE from hell: NSA  “ShadowBroker” Leak  Is Real, Snowden Documents Confirm. And, you have no choice- you’re going on a SECONDDATE, whether you want to or not.


“Aug. 20 2016, 9:26 p.m.

“This was on or about the 20th of September.”
Funny, on 9/18 the first set of anthrax letters were mailed out to media organizations; the only result was the death of Bob Stevens, American Media employee. Several other media organizations received such letters, but no national panic was sparked.
Therefore, on 10/9, another set of anthrax letters was mailed out, this time to the Senate – and they were a potent formulation, such that weaponized anthrax spores that leaked out of the letters killed several post office employees, and sparked a national panic when they landed in Senator Tom Daschle’s office on 10/15/2001.
In the resulting panic, the letters were sent to Fort Detrick for analysis. Fort Detrick was a strictly analytical facility, however; they had no capacity to produce such material. They were highly alarmed, worried that the anthrax might also include smallpox, which might spark an epidemic:
See: “The Anthrax Skulls” Richard Preston, in his book, “The Demon in the Freezer”
Jahrling met Ezzell in a hallway and said, in a loud voice, “Goddamn it, John, we need to know if the powder is laced with smallpox.

Top Institute scientists were yelling in the halls about an unknown terrorist bioweapons, and the staff rallied. A technician hurried into Ezzell’s laboratory rooms and brought out two small test tubes of samples from the Daschle letter. . .

What did they find? Anthrax spores prepared in a sophisticated manner, and the only outfits in the United States with that capacity were the Dugway Utah biowarfare facility and the Battelle Memorial facility in West Jefferson, Ohio. They’d previously been contracted by CIA to produce replicas of Soviet bioweapons revealed by Soviet defectors Pasechnik and Abelikov in the early 1990s. What did this shit look like?
Geisbert twisted a knob and turned up the power of the beam to get a more crisp image. As he did, he saw the goop being to spread out of the spores. The spores were sweating something. . . He suddenly realized his boss was leaning over his shoulder. “Pete, there’s something weird going on with these spores.” . . . “Whoa.” Jahrling muttered, hunched over his eyepiece.”

A few facts are in order here – conservative outfit Judicial Watch revealed that the Cheney office had been given anthax antibiotics the day after 9/11. Now, if Cheney staff members had been loading anthrax letters before 9/18 and 10/9, they would have need such prophylactic anthrax treatments to avoid being infected themselves, right?
Not long afterward, Jahrling apparently went to the Secure Room and had the classified safe opened. He studied a document or documents with red-slashed borders that would appear to contain exact technical formulas for weapons-grade anthrax with red-slashed borders that would appear to contain exact technical formulas for various kinds of weapons-grade anthrax. In the papers, there were almost certainly secrets for making skull anthrax of the type he had just seen in the scope.
Point being, there is almost zero doubt that the anthrax letters were a deliberate false flag attack on the American public engineered by Cheney’s office – and Scooter Libby, amusingly enough, was later nicknamed “Germ Boy” – Google it. This sparked a nationwide panic and shut down the Senate Building, and it was in this atmosphere of chaos that the Patriot Act was passed, on Oct 25, 2001 – just ten days after the anthrax attacks hit the press.
The FBI investigation of this is highly curious – the first team, run by Van Harp, was shut down within a couple of months. The second team, led by Richard Lambert, went after Hatfill, but that was a complete sham; Hatfill got a multimillion dollar settlement.

HEAD of the FBI’s Anthrax Investigation Says the Whole Thing Was a SHAM

The third team, involving FBI agent Jeffrey Taylor, went after Bruce Ivins, and the media followed suit – but Ivins was innocent as well. Jeffrey Taylor was well rewarded – he presided over the bogus attacks on Ivin, then got a job with Raytheon, and is now a counsel for General Motors. That’s the FBI for you.
Way back then I was a graduate student with an NSF Fellowship in microbiology, who’d read Richard Preston’s Hot Zone and similar works for years – it quickly became obvious to me that this was a high-tech weaponized anthrax spore attack that had to have come from a sophisticated outfit – like Battelle Memorial Institute – and ever since then, the FBI has had its nose in my business like you wouldn’t believe. I tried calling Richard Lambert up at his Oak Ridge job, and the FBI in response emailed me a bunch of malware-loaded email attachments.
The FBI has got me kicked out of graduate school; they’ve tried to infiltrate my private life; they go around to my employers in other jobs – non-stop harrassment for over 15 years now, I kid you not. However, the best defense is a good offense, isn’t it? Which is why I keep posting things like this; these STASI shits are out of control and must be put in their place. Look at James Comey and HSBC; they’re crooks, utterly out of control.
Ask the FBI this: do you still have samples of the 9/18 and 10/9 anthrax letter samples, or have they all been destoyed? That shit walked out of programs like the CIA’s Clear Vision and the DIA’s Project Jefferson, set up in the late 1990s to replicate Soviet bioweapons advances that were revealed by Soviet defectors Pasechnik and Abelikov. Cheney and his gang attacked the American public with that shit. And if that’s not true, why don’t they fucking sue me? Goddamn Nazi shits.”

And now on to our regularly scheduled non-violent resistance:

Edward Snowden Confirms “ShadowBroker” Toolset Is Real, and ‘probably’not just a limited hangout loaded with reverse engineering exploits that target future deployments of the tools, hy unsuspectingbusers ofvsaid tools….


I was writing about the NSA’s “fake Google” redirection, and malware implantation schemes in 2011, before Edward Snowden confirmed it in 2013. In those days, I blamed the local FBI, cuz, why not? When your under attack by unknown harrassers, you slap the biggest hand at the edge of the pit, and hope the mud sticks, or they pull you out-or, that they jump in and do something about it. Turns out, they were deeply in bed with the clusterfuck .


“That trick, it seems, often involves BADDECISION and SECONDDATE, with the latter described as a “component” for the former. A series of diagrams in the “Introduction to BADDECISION” presentation show how an NSA operator “uses SECONDDATE to inject a redirection payload at [a] Target Client,” invisibly hijacking a user’s web browser as the user attempts to visit a benign website (in the example given, it’s CNN.com). Executed correctly, the file explains, a “Target Client continues normal webpage browsing, completely unaware,” lands on a malware-filled NSA server, and becomes infected with as much of that malware as possible — or as the presentation puts it, the user will be left “WHACKED!” In the other top-secret presentations, it’s put plainly: “How do we redirect the target to the FOXACID server without being noticed”? Simple: “Use NIGHTSTAND or BADDECISION.”
The sheer number of interlocking tools available to crack a computer is dizzying. In the FOXACID manual, government hackers are told an NSA hacker ought to be familiar with using SECONDDATE along with similar man-in-the-middle wi-fi attacks code-named MAGIC SQUIRREL and MAGICBEAN. A top-secret presentation on FOXACID lists further ways to redirect targets to the malware server system.”


These, above, are how they strip away the 1st, the 4th andbevery other Constitutional amendment online. These are also how they begin to target individuals for personalized psyhological attacks, and more. Der ol’ Massa’ Virginia is there, of course, in the background of all of this, waiting to take a shit into your computer as well.

Then, there’s those ‘other’ psychopaths, waiting to ‘frame’ narratives, and  who target,stalk and harass them to death-people like Dr. Bruce Ivins who was the subject of one of our governments most despicable organized character assassinations of the last two decades-the Amerithrax hoax.

I love the Intercepts comments too-all the confidential informants, agents, iinfo agents, and a host of paid NSA/FBI trolls.

And, occasionally brilliant commenters.

Like @thatguyagain! 


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We’re all so meta that the NSA targets our intellectual detritus.


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