“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Gang stalking research project: Minneapolis, MN case study.

Academic research into the social “phenomenon”known as gang stalking, organized stalking, is lacking. And the lesser known subsidiary partnerships between organized gang stalkers and community liasons such as cause stalkers, multi stalkers, and other coloquial mobs cannot dismiss or discount the diect connection between the DH, the FBI, and the trickle down effect to narratives such as that of the Minneapolis areas Somali community, which is a primary hunting ground where local agents target, and possibly, create “terrorists” from whole cloth.

And, any serious research into organized stalking must necessarily connect the dots. In the online community of gang stalking, these cities and localities stand out prominently: Minneapolis, MN, London England, Brussels Belgium, Chennai City India, and more. Even a casual researcher will see, online, many postings from these areas.

In this case study, what stands out, prominently about Minneapolis, MN and its connections to gang stalking are several things. This-like the narrative of one Somali person from Britain, provides a glimpse of the workings of organized stalking, and how guilt by assoiation brings organized elements of stalkers into ones phere of influence.

1. Minnesota is currently under the social narrative control of so-called Progressives like Senator Keith Ellison, and the cohort of Jewish and Catholic, post Catholic progressives. Ellion is a classic example of a politicians progression from Catholic to Muslim, with intersession by Jewish progressives, and deals with secretive organizations. He is to be commended on his views of the Palestine apartheid, but much too late.

2. Its senators and statespersons all share a common link with AIPAC, and other Jewish progressive institutions like the Jewish Federation of Minneapolis Saint Paul, which, like many other Jewish organizations receives its piece of some 94% of DHS funds, because ‘The DHS recognizes special existential threats to the Jewish community.’

3. Immigrant communities and conflict immigrants are a large minority population, and the communications channel of that area pre-vets speakers using online harassment on social media, and special intitutional controls to limit political aspirtions of authentic community members, andvreplace them with their own speakers ( Mee Moua is one example).

Immigrants tgere are vetted from the college classroom forward, by seret society involvement, and especially vetted for pro-Israel/Jewish sentiment.

4. Social progressives derive income in this community by dividing and conquering the familial, social, religious, and cultural narratives of immigrant cultures. They use social services and ‘community philantropy’to access individuals, and cull the herd. Like the red, white, and green Hmong of years past, Somalis in that area have clan identities, Doorad, Haawiye, Isaak, and Benaadiir.

-Viet Namese

-Hmong people from Laos, Cambodia, Thailand




-Eastern bloc satellite nations

-Syrians? Coming soon.

5. Progressive politics in this locality derive federal funding by intervening, infiltrating, co-opting or otherwise mis-representing these cultures.

6. The local politics of this area are: Jewish, Catholc, Evangelical, other/atheist, but recently elected the first Somali ever elected into office

7. Jewish “cosmopolitan progressivism” dates back to before Stalin, and disaffected non-Jewish, white females were used, then as today, as primary community informants. This pattern is mostvevident in the classroom and social services, as very few white women work digging ditches or driving trucks.

8. Catholic assimilation came after Jewish ownership and political activism.It is the unholy alliance of Abrahamic religions, and Islam defines the third wing of Jewish progressivism. Keith Ellison and his pro-gay, pro-Torah stance is one example of ‘mentorship,’ by these organizations-an ‘annointed one’ who was steered into the senate by these same progressive elements, and orks at their leisure.

9. The state itself was a cultural experiment dating from 1852, and the famous Dred Scott decision In 1857, mirrored the Jewish–christian heirarchical narrative of power that, at the time drew great wealth from slavery, as it draws great federal funding today. Shepherds/sheep.

10. Minnesota was the birthplace of eugenics in Ameria, and the University of Minnesota holds the records of the Nazi human experimentation on twins fetuses and grown aults alike, born of low status indviduals such as gypsies , homosexuals and Ashkenaz Jews.

11. Amongst church group related stalking, the Catholics are a primary instigator for several reasons: high concentration of them in policing and security industry, with crossover to other institutions and especially colleges like St. Kate’s which encourages active stalking. Infragard is saturated with them as well.

Fringe churches and cults exist there as well.

12.The DFL is noted to be involved in several of the casual academic references to gang stalking available online.

13. Progressive feminists, aka militant feminism, aka  communist feminism, aka international feminism is noted to profit in Minneota, and such gain hundreds of millions in fedral funds through the domestic violence industry and its subidiary industries of pychology, counseling, womens programming, and others.

Minnesota is also notably an early adopter of the use of gang stalking and slander campaigns via te feminist teachings of Nikki Craft, who recommends that men should be talked and harassed in order for women, and groups of women to gain political advantage.

Ltly, Minnesota is fmous for womens groups organizing to control the pornography market there. Feminist scholars and their associated organizing efforts led the “porn wars” of he 1980’s. Most notably Andrea Dworkin and Catherine MacKinnon recomended violence against men.


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