“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

California police hunt Joshua Robertson and Brittany Humphrey in connection with kidnap | Daily Mail Online


UPDATE: The kids are found, and safe. The suspects are at large, and questions remain about why a two year old girl had such massive bruising on her legs while in her mothers care.

Related storyWhat 1.6 TRILLION  dollars bought America in the “global” war on terror.

Bradee, Rylee, and Joslynn are missing-have you seen them?

 Somehow, all those guys monitoring free speech advocates, non-violent protesters, and other practitioners of democracy on Twitter missed this one, two-three kid strike. They need to recalibrate their kid-catchers, because our national security appartchiks are too busy feeding at the boogieman trough to set their priorities on America.

Note in thisbphoto, the bruises on this childs legs. Not only are those bruises unusual for a two year old, but also, excessive by nearly any standard. To year olds simply aren't THAT active. What is missing in this story?

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? But what IS NOT in these pictures? 

 Here, let me paint you a picture: it never WAS about protecting children, and it never WAS about terrorism. It was ALWAYS about big money collected by states in the name of #goodguyism. The letter of some trange, secret laws, while crapping all over the spirit of those laws? Ntional security, just one big steamy diaper of good-sounding rhetoric, but totally full of shit.

But here’s some missing kids anways. Hey, everyboy! Missing kids!! Overtime paaayday.

Social media monitoring, warrantless wiretaps, see something say something, in the state that arguably has the most federal dollars flowing into it that are mis-appropriated via careerist politicians, corupt beaureaucracies,  various unconstitutional wiretapping schemes designed to shield the in-group from the out-group. 

With all those wireless shenanigans from San Francisco, to Oakland, to Riverside County, Long Beach ( hi Sepulveda!) and incestuous conservative towns like Plmdale, Bakersfield, Fresno, Monrovia, Palm Springs, and many more throughout-monitoring social media and and free speech controls- somehow they missed this one. That one: the little girl with massive bruising on her legs, and her brother and sister caught in the ‘care’ of her now dead mother.

 That makes three. Three kids you missed, while trolling snapchat from you wheelchair.

Chances are, these kids, if they’re found, will  end up in the over-crowded homes of competetive breeders practicing Virgin Cult religion, or up in a foster home where they will be raised by people to whom an extra $852.00 per month, per child is more important than if the kids are neglected, raped, indoctriated, or otherwise abused, as most foster kids are helpless against the corruption in that sytem. 

Pigs/troughs., and secrets-lots of Abrahamic religions secrets about splitting babies in two, and bathwater.

Sadly, if these kids are found, the hero who finds them will know nothing about how people who hide behind #goodguyism are the baddest of them all-and will labor under the fantasy that they ‘saved a life.’ Maybe, in fact, the murderer was saving the little bruised girl more torment at the hands of her mother and that mothers ‘others.’

Who can ever know-? Pictures aren’t the whole truth and nothing but. And certainly we know how the narrative of idealized motherhood is a complete failure.. Pure Hitler era social justice warrior-porn.

Too bad they/you missed the warning signs in their/your threat matrix analysis of guys on Twitter, or sooper #badguys on WordPress who write about law enfarcements great terrorism hoaxes in the name of the children.

Hey-you there-the #goodguy reading this as I write it-what DO they pay you for that anyways? But as usual, seems you missed this one-or, three.

Go shoot yourself in the face tonight when you get home from that Fusion Center, or your DITU lair-wherever it is you are lurking-you are what’s wrong with the system.

Afterthought: tht #oddmoment when, after writing hundreds of stories, #thatone story decides to publish itself IN DUPLICATE on WordPress….


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We’re all so meta that the NSA targets our intellectual detritus.


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