“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

The Etan Patz Case – ProPublica

Coerced confessions, and decades long organized stalking of eternal suspects, like Dan Lav*** should be the arch-enemy of any law abiding prosecutor, but they’re not. And, sex crime units, working with prosecutors, and using A New York grand jury indicted Pedro Hernandez on November 14, 2012, on charges of second-degree murder and first-degree kidnapping of Etan Patz.

Creating the Perfect Patsies: police and proseutors drive social panics with fear, and occasionally, creating patsies.

The (mis) trials of Pedro Hernndez

From Wikipedia: “His lawyer has stated that Hernandez was diagnosed with schizotypal personality disorder, which includes hallucinations.[24][25] The lawyer has also said his client has a low IQ of around 70, “at the border of intellectual disability.”
I supect that Hernndez, like the claims made by Dan Lav***, has been ” cuse stalked,” and “multi-stalked” in a hidden campaign of domestic terror. That, someone, or a group of someones so convinced of Hernandez guilt, or his didposbility, waged ‘the usual suspects’ war on another mentally ill  person to create cases; or otherwise pad statitics by solving old ones with faulty evidence, in order to inflate budget requests should appall any law abiding citizen, but they don’t.

No one wants creeps on the streets, but ome seem to believe that if those creeps have noble causes, and official titles, it’s o.k.

American societies slip into fascism has been propelled by fantasies of power and revenge, and the ‘missing children’ were literally embodied by empty milk cartons, thrown into the trash. That’s some deep social engineering right there, yup, considering that it was the era here it was discovered that ‘our’ CIA had perpetrated mind control on children, and that many missing children of that era had links to government and agencies, like Cathy O’Brien’s case of TRANCE FORMATION.

And the daycare abuse witch hunts too, were all later debunked soundly, as the wild imaginings and perverted justice of sick and twisted individuals who all derived great profit from these hoaxes.

Etan Patz, then, became, for a nation, the ‘symbol’of stranger danger lurking everywhere, despite the fact that no body has ever been found ( nor, I suspect, ever will be) and no piece of evidence of any useful kind was ever gathered from where he is alleged to have disappeared.

Etan Patz is statistically as likely to have fallen into a sewer, or to have been kidnpped by the kosher nostra as collateral, as he is to have been abducted by a stranger.Maybe even moreso.

Either way, Patz is still missing, and his parents had him declared dead.If you asked why they did that, the answers are likely to be ‘closure’ or one of its derivative somber toned synonym. I would like to ask if they collected on a life insurance policy, I am that skeptical of the stranger danger narrative, but also aware tht uch a uestion briings the rabid defenders of fcism out of the woodwork, or the internet.

But what did appear with certainty- in 2012, was a mentally ill patsy, who made a strange, and unverifiable confession. And like many targeted indiiduals today, this patsy is mentally unsound. 

“Almost 36 years later, Hernandez, 18 at the time of Patz’s disappearance, is on trial for killing the boy. Out of the blue, Hernandez confessed to detectives in May 2012 that he had strangled Etan in the bodega basement in a random act of violence for which he offered no motive and next to no corroborative details. Hernandez’s lawyers have argued, both before he was indicted and across weeks of trial testimony, that Hernandez is mentally ill. They say his confession is a fantasy extracted by detectives eager to solve a case that had haunted the police department for decades.
Prosecutors, for their part, have portrayed Hernandez as a manipulative murderer. He killed the boy, put him in a box and left him on the street, they claim. And then, prosecutors have argued, he left his job at the bodega and fled to New Jersey, where he lived for the next 30 years, hoping he’d never be found out.
Over several months, Hernandez’s murder trial has produced dozens of witnesses, mountains of records, and hours of videotaped interrogations. Hernandez has recanted his confession. The memories of witnesses has often been hazy. Hernandez’s first wife has testified that he confessed years ago to having harmed a child in New York. A former federal prosecutor has testified Hernandez is not the right man, insisting that a convicted pedophile who dated a Patz babysitter is the more likely killer.
But amid all this evidence, the slim, curious DD5 of Jack Caracola is a fascinating document. If Caracola interviewed Hernandez on July 6, it would appear to undermine the prosecution’s theory of the case. Hernandez, by their telling, was supposed to have been long gone by then…Read More

I have known children who were reported missing, and later found. I myself have been reported missing, and, later, found. And like many others, I have felt the nauseating and horrifying feelings, and in utter contempt said “kill those bastards,” when I read about mothers who kill their kids, or other baby farmers and pedophiles that prey on children.

But having known both the world of teen runaways, and also, had glimpses of the sexual, physical, and mental abuse heaped on these kids of the street, I’m not naeive: officials in government, social workers, psychologists, and cops prey on these kids in ways that are as horrendous as any abuser, but worse, because they are the #goodguys. And often, I have encountered this ‘strange’ idea tht some of these kids believe they have been brain washed.

And sadly, I  have been affected by this trance formation in ways that the average person has not. In fact, the first runaway, teen prostitute that I ever knew, was, herself the child of a county sherrif, who claims all of the above truma, and more. There re mny of thm, and each one I separated from the others by the pain of their personal narratives-and the unwillingnes, or inability of the Americn narrative to address the systemic corruptive violence and poison that is the stranger danger narrative.

It’s plainly innacurate, and wholly toxic to any serious discussion of missing children.
Pro Publica overs the Etan Patz case, and the trial of Hernandez https://www.propublica.org/series/the-etan-patz-case

Missing children on milk cartons were the beginning of all social panics in 1980’s America. For Hitlers Germany, it was Fritz Lang’s movie “M” and both era’s military and brownshirt culture thrived on these bogeyman narratives.

RELATED STORY: Pouring fear over chidren at the breakfast table-One blogger recalls Etan Patz, and missing kids on milk cartons.


We raised our first two children in the early and mid 80’s. Seldom, if ever, did my bride and I allow our oldest two children to walk anywhere by themselves. We were always with them. We enjoyed trips together, we ate meals together.
And almost every morning, an unwanted visitor found a seat at our breakfast table.
With every bowl of cereal we ate, the milk carton remained on the table with images of children who were lost. Fear eventually sat at the head of our table.


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